What is the difference between Karate and MMA? – Fred Mergen

The difference between MMA and American Kenpo
is quite a difference. American Kenpo is more for self defense, MMA is more for sports,
get in the cage. If you have something on your bucket list you say hey I want to fight
one fight before I kick the bucket, you know you would want to do MMA to learn how to get
in the cage and fight. American Kenpo is more for self defense. Somebody
comes up, grabs you you get to chop them, poke them, kick them you know, where as MMA
is more for Annihilating your opponent in the ring cause believe it or not in MMA they
still have rules. There is no biting, no kicking to the groin, no gouging the eyes which we
all do in American Kenpo. So the way I teach it is we have a class just
for American Kenpo where you learn how to defend yourself and then we also have a class
for MMA where if you want to get into the ring and I have some students that actually
do both and they know how to separate both. For more information on the MMA and the American
Kenpo, check out our website.

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  1. very good video sr. i also teach a seperate clase for american kenpo, and another for kickboxing. in the end it all ads up to the need of each individual, i have people who wanna lear self defense so kenpo is a fair choice, other just want to compete in the ring so kickboxing is form them, both systems work for self defense but american kenpo is far superior do to the nature of the technniques.

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