What is the best martial art for kids? – Fred Mergen

What is the best martial arts for kids is
another question. Well if you ask any instructor what is the
best martial arts for kids, they are all going to tell you that theirs is the best. Mine’s
the best. Thing is you want to make sure it is something that teaches them self discipline,
courtesy, respect, it’s not more karate based but you want to have the life skills in there
that is one of the most important things. So which karate is the best? They are all
the best. As long as they are learning martial arts there is nothing wrong. But only as long
as they learn courtesy, respect, self discipline, self confidence and all the mental benefits
then that is what you want your child to have. That is what I want my child to have. I wouldn’t care if they could kick the highest
or break 5 boards, but if I say “honey I want you to do this” and they say “yes Dad right
away” that’s exactly what we all want. So remember it doesn’t really matter what
style of martial arts they are taking just as long as you cover the life skills which
are the most important. And that is the best martial art out there.

7 thoughts on “What is the best martial art for kids? – Fred Mergen

  1. This is an incomplete answer. The answer to the question of which art is best for your kid would be: "This depends. What are your goals"? if you want to teach your kid courtesy, respect, discipline, etc, then traditional karate or whatever would be fine if you find the right school or coach. Soccer or football would be fine too. But if your kid is getting beat up and bullied at school, and your goal is to teach him/her how to fight, then you must choose an MMA club that teaches Gracie GJJ (NOT sport BJJ) and some basic stand up and distance management. Personally I teach all my kids GJJ, boxing and kick boxing.

  2. I see the kids class and it's a glorified daycare. And it's really unfair to the kids who do want to put in the time and effort to learn. Sometimes, a kid or two will ask me about a technique and I'm only a blue belt but I really try to give them something useful to hang on to. I have a feeling that a lot of them don't really care about being there and are just doing it because their parents needed somewhere to put them after school and it's a real shame because I didn't have BJJ as a kid and I wish I did!

  3. great advice nice to hear hopefully a child will join that dojo or any dojo to gain skills that will help them throughout life

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