What Is Northern & Southern Shaolin? | Shaolin Kung Fu

Hi, I’m Sifu Romain, here to teach you, what
is Northern and Southern Shaolin? Shaolin is divided into two main schools. Basically, everything above the Yangtze River
and everything below the Yangtze River. Anything above the Yangtze River is considered
Northern styles. Anything below is considered Southern style. These two schools of Kung Fu actually move
slightly different and have a variety of techniques. It is said, “southern hands, northern legs.” In the Southern techniques in the southern
schools you want to be more stable to the ground and they want to deliver more powerful
strikes. If I wanted to demonstrate what a Southern
form would look like, it would look something like this. Sze! Wa! Sze! Ah! Ha! Wa! Ha! Sze! Notice the low stances. Notice that the foot moves first, the hand
moves second. Now I’ll demonstrate a Northern Shaolin form
for you. You’ll notice the longer movements and no
animal sounds. You can notice the difference in the movement. One has jumps and falls, a little bit more
kicks. The other one is much more lower to ground
and much more stable. I’m Sifu Romain, and this is Northern and
Southern Shaolin.

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  1. As always, I'm frustrated that people who haven't done much research say whatever they want to. He's showing examples of forms from both styles! A form isn't something you literally take and use in a random fight! I don't understand how people are making these judgments, or what they're based off of. "Why don't they find a real expert?" The guy was a world champion! Christ, he's just showing 2 pieces of form. 

  2. I know this guy is talented, and this is a powerful art, but who else can't stop laughing while trying not to 😛

  3. I don't know any kung fu, but he's just going through the motion. He doesn't actually put his heart into it—as cliché as that sounds.

  4. Do you have any more Nothern style forms. That form you demonstrated is actually taught in my Kung Fu class.

  5. I'm currently taking classes in the northern style, it's so cool and I think it's one of the most beautiful styles there is

  6. To me northern seems closer to shotokan style karate with it's deep stance. I wonder if it was because it influenced it

  7. Really?  You completely got it backwards.  I learned from a famous Chinese Shaolin Grandmaster and Northern never, never makes noises.  They call that.  Sothern Junk style.  Also we never NEVER kicked above the waste.  We were always, ALWAYS. stable and believed that the arms were for above the waste and mostly legs were below the waste.  Also when you kick higher your slower.I have also seen other Grandmasters teach both Northern and Sothern Springing Leg and the Sothern had high kicks.  It made me laugh.  It looked like Karate with all of the sounds..  I do think we kicked more then Sothern since Sothern Shaolin was Wing Chung but when the Shaolin Temple was attacked and the Monks spread to Sothern China they taught this junk style were they would kick high.  That is what you see in the Wu Su Show.  It's beautiful but not Shaolin.

  8. Karl! Your Tan Tui/Long Fist is showing in your Northern Form! Kind of cool since both looked pretty Northern. Which, unfortunately, brings me too this…..
    For all you people who learned from "Famous Grand Masters" and are trolling the video: They ALL put their OWN twist on their OWN Grand Styles. Every one. Also, all Kung Fu, whether Southern or Northern – it ALL originated in India, then spread. Yep, it's true. You may have to kick high or low or move your arms out or in tight or use Wing Chun or Chin Na. Southern focuses more on animal – which Karl's did, and his Northern – just was. (See 1st sentence) My own GM has put HIS own twist on his teaching, as did HIS GM. We study EVERYTHING too – Southern Shaolin, Northern Long Fist, Kali, Chin Na, Tai Chi… Why not? As for making sounds, make 'em if you need too. Karate just uses a particular sound (that Kee-Ya).
    So really, no one cares about your "pro" opinion. And Fat Man, it's spelled WING CHUN, not ChunG. I laughed! And do tell, who is your 1st Master you are descended from? The one you respectfully BOW to FIRST when you start class? Tell us.
    Oh, and "Airbender" is not an actual STYLE, even tho you DO see actual Kung Fu, and it is actually pretty cool looking. Why people are stuck on this…?

  9. I did northern shaolin for 4 years and he explained it PERFECTLY. I am doing southern (because I move to Los Angeles) and honestly I am not diggin it. Northern is more artistic and venomous. Southern is cool but its more like street fight. Anyway, its always to good to explain the between the styles rather than not know the difference between northern and southern.

  10. I train in Wuzuquan Southern Style ✌ Have been training in both Northern and Southern and both are wonderful 😍😍😍

  11. You don't look chinese. Are you really a master? Techniques are smooth and impressive but seem to lack power.

  12. I do wushu myself and did shaolin kungfu a very long time… I see here that the northern style is called in wushu styles ´changquan´ and the southern style ´nanquan´. It´s exactly the same as those movements… the Shaolin kungfu I did has other forms/taolu's. There was a nothern and southern style also, but very different movements. Sometimes people call wushu 'kungfu' and call kungfy 'wushu'. There is a difference. Well, this actually wushu they call shaolin. 'Changquan' means 'long fist' so you're right about the longer and shorter movements, but those two forms are really wushu, not shaolin kungfu.

  13. The first is a traditional hung gar form, the second is modern long boxing. The latter is too contemporary to compare to the former. Northern boxing can have just as much power as southern it is just delivered in a different way, some styles have no kicks either. Baji chaun is probably more powerful than hung gar in terms of low stances and explosive power. It is just more internal and has a closer connection to tai chi.

  14. looks like feng wei vs ling xiayou.
    although those two probably use different styles altogether but the base concept looks similar.

  15. Why he moves like a wushu???
    And i notice he dont have a good stances..
    And he have strenght to demonstrait..
    Much better if he talk and take a good video..
    By the way he forms is just a basic of chang quan and nan quan..

  16. Nice katas!!
    Is Northern style considered "hard" style and southern considered "soft"?
    I thought I sawa an interview years ago with Jet LI, I think it was him, that stated that was the main difference form N/S
    But I am in no way an expert in Kung Fu styles, just wondering
    Much Respect!

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