Karate is a tradition. Karate is a journey. Karate can be a source of strength. Karate is so much
more than just a way to get in shape. Use karate to better yourself. Never use it
to show off. Never use it just because you’re angry. Self-defense is not
violence. Karate is a martial art. It’s a tool for
learning about yourself – for building mental toughness and discipline. Karate
has taught me discipline and self-control.
Your emotions and your mind are harder to control than your fists. Karate has taught
me how to take challenges as opportunities to grow. Karate is peace of
mind. Use karate to believe in yourself. It’s something
you’ll always have if you decide to keep it. Karate is what I do. Karate is
what I do. Karate is what I do.

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