What is Boxing Day in the UK? 🇬🇧🎁🎄

(upbeat Christmas rock) – Hi we’re Joel and Lia! – And today’s video is
all about Boxing Day. – So, we hope you’ve enjoyed Vlogmas, can we just say, welcome to Boxing Day? It’s the 26th of December. (laughs) – December. – I’m not losing my mind.
– No. – Want to talk to you guys
about what Boxing Day is, because there might be some of you that don’t have it, where they’re from, so this video is all about that. – Mm-hmm, yeah it’s weird because again it’s something that we’ve
been brought up with. I thought it was a global
thing; I think Australia do it, maybe some other countries do too. I know America doesn’t call it Boxing Day. – Oh what might they call it? Just the Day After Christmas? – The Day After Christmas, maybe. – Just, they don’t give it a name. Or they don’t celebrate Boxing Day. Not that you wake up
going “It’s Boxing Day!” I remember growing up, I’d always be like, “Mum, is Boxing Day the
day before Christmas “or the day after Christmas?” And she’d always be like,
no it’s after Christmas. – I love that. But it helps because then
like, the 27th you’d say is the day after Boxing Day. So, “On the day after Boxing Day, “I went and did blah blah blah.” You wouldn’t say the 27th. – And then you start
getting into No Man’s Land when you go to the 28th, what’s that? – It’s like the day after the
day after Boxing Day. (laughs) – A few days before
New Year’s Eve Eve Eve. – Yeah! – It’s New Year’s Eve Eve Eve! (laughs) – But it’s good because Christmas Eve comes before Christmas Day, and Boxing Day you just naturally know
that that’s then after. Just in the same way that
you’d say Christmas Eve or Christmas Eve Eve. – Yeah I love that. – You could say Boxing Boxing Day. – “Oh I’m going home on
Christmas Eve Eve this year.” So yeah I love that.
– Yeah I love it. – Okay, so let’s get into Boxing Day. Why is it called Boxing Day? – There’s two different theories. So one of them is that it’s traditionally a time where employers would
pack up boxes full of presents and give them to their employees. – And some say it might
be called Boxing Day because you’d pack up like a box, almost a shoebox size of presents, and give them to the poor. – So no one really knows
where it comes from, there are lots of
different theories about. But that’s traditionally
what Boxing Day meant. But nowadays it just means shopping. – Yeah, in fact, the last two years you and I have both done
the shoebox for charity, which is where you fill up a box and it gets sent to like
a Third World country. And you can put in sort of like, treats; you can put in like
toothbrush, stuff like that. – Like little gifts and things. – Little gifts, practical things. – But that’s not on Boxing Day was it? – No, we do that for Christmas Day, but it just made me think
of it because it’s a box. – Yeah, yeah.
– Yeah. – But yeah nowadays it
just means shopping, like the Boxing Day sales
start on Boxing Day. And lots of Brits will leave
the house on Boxing Day, just to go shopping. – So you’ve had the chaos of Christmas. You’ve done all the cooking,
you’ve done everything. Your family’s upside down, you’ve argued, you’ve played board games
and then the next day it’s like, shopping!
– Shopping. – Get them sales in and buy people’s, people pretend they’re
going to be really prepared and buy everyone’s presents for next year; no one’s done that.
– Yeah, but you’re not. – How many people do you
speak to that you’re like, “Oh have you done all your shopping?” And they’re like, yeah
I did it a year ago? – Yeah.
– No one. – But that’s why I don’t really tend to ask for clothes for Christmas, because they’re just going
to be reduced on Boxing Day and into the January sales. So I’ve gone shopping on
Boxing Day before, I think, or the few days in the gooch of– – In the gooch. – Of Christmas to New Year. I buy lots of clothes. – If you’ve got storage space, you can use that time of year to buy
stuff like wrapping paper, Christmas crackers, stuff that
you definitely will need– – Cheap for next year.
– For next year. Cards, if you’re someone that sends cards, you could buy all your
cards really cheaply. – But this Boxing Day
sales is kind of like our equivalent of Black Friday, like people queue on the streets, like Oxford Street in London is rammed. – Yeah, I wouldn’t go anywhere near Oxford Street on Boxing Day. I wouldn’t dream of it. You see people with like, prams, and you’re like, why are you here? – Yeah, they use it as a ramming device. – Yeah, I know, (laughs), horrific! But I don’t think ours
are as aggressive as– – No, the Black Friday shoppers. – Black Friday shoppers. Because like, we don’t really have any, like, massive fights kick off. Not that I’ve heard of or
seen on the news or anything. – No, the most dramatic
thing that happened I remember a few years
ago someone was shot on Oxford Street on Boxing Day, like when it was full of like, things. – That was horrific. – Not shot, I think he
was stabbed or something. – That’s really bad. – I remember seeing it
on the news and stuff. So bad things happen, but not that often. We’ve got a video that we’re
going to show you and react to, and it’s “Shoppers Hit Oxford
Street for Boxing Day Sales,” and it’s busy, but
there’s so much decorum. – Oh yeah? Let’s see. Let’s see the video. – This is Selfridges on Oxford Street. The queue’s around the block. – Oh, a nice orderly queue. – I love a queue. – “It’s almost free.” – Look how early it is, it’s dark. So they’re queuing at like,
probably 5 a.m., 4 a.m. – Of course they are.
– People will queue overnight. – Look at how happy they look, they’re so excited to get in. – And they’re running. – Oh they’re running, they’re running in. – But there are some walkers, and they’re literally just being
like, let in really calmly. But Black Friday shoppers were
literally like, trampling. – Yeah, there’s no one fallen over. – No, but they’re casually strolling in. – There’s a few strollers
and walkers that are like, I’m just going to go to
where I know I need to go. – And they’re all smiling,
they’re all happy. – Selfridges in particular, is
the biggest day of the year. It’s the biggest volume
across all of our stores. And this year will
absolutely be no exception. Things are definitely tighter
than you’ve seen for a while. But I think Boxing Day will
be more important than ever, because people will be
looking for bargains this year more than they’ve ever done before, so we’re anticipating that today. – Wow. People love a bargain, and that’s what is so, like, universal, about everything. Everyone loves a bargain. – But money’s an issue, that
everyone wants to save money, because no one has enough money. – Yeah no one’s ever got enough money. – No matter how much you’ve
got you’ve never got enough. – And you sell out on Boxing Day, buying stuff you probably don’t need. – I’d rather pay the extra
and go at a quieter time. – Yeah actually I’d rather pay for the peacefulness of my
shopping experience. – Yeah, I would; amazing. – And at Boxing Day
sales I’m really grateful I no longer work in a department store. – Yeah, hashtag #grateful,
hashtag #blessed. – Grateful, ’cause I– – I never used to work between Christmas and New Year anyway; I’ve always taken it off, I’ve always had, like or or two weeks off
at Christmas, New Year. But it’d be horrible to work
in retail on Boxing Day, ugh. – Oh my gosh. – My brother’s done it.
– Yeah? – He worked for Next. – And people go crazy for a Next sale. – Next is like, yeah. – Next is like, women’s wear, mostly. – No, menswear.
– Menswear as well. – Oh yeah it’s equal
men’s and women’s wear. I buy loads of stuff from Next. My underwear is from Next, look at that! – Oh don’t be such a
little slut, put that away. “Don’t be such a little,”
imagine if I was like, “Guys my underwear is
from,” and got it out. – Yeah, do it. – I’d get accused of being a little slut. – Of being a slut, but
because I do it, it’s not, and they’re like, “Joel!” “Boys being boys.”
– “Joel! Boys’ll be boys.” Boy!
– Boy, boys. – Booie! – “A booie’s just being
a booie!” (laughing) – “Booie just being a booie,” brilliant. So for those of you
that don’t go shopping, you’ve got Boxing Day at home or maybe like with cousins or family that you might not see on Christmas Day. – Yeah, you’ll see them on Boxing Day. – So you can see everyone on Boxing Day, that’s like a done thing in my family, we’ll see all, like, extended
family on Boxing Day. – Also you might go for
walk, Boxing Day walk, that’s a thing.
– Yeah. – Some people do it on the
afternoon on Christmas Day, but I think, most people are like, let’s get out of the house, we’ve been in the house on Christmas Day, let’s go for a walk. – It’s lovely. Yeah, love that. And you’ve got a dog for it. – Yeah, exactly. – So Oscar must love that. – But the best part about Boxing
Day, and the upcoming days, is the food, the leftovers. – Leftovers! – It’s amazing. – Oh my gosh, I just
love cold savory food, so this is my idea of heaven! This is legit, like I’m oh
yeah I’ll just make a sandwich, out of like a bit of turkey
meat, a bit of like, cranberry, a bit of this, a bit of that. A bit of stuffing.
– Wow. – Stunning.
– You make it yourself? – Yeah!
– Oh wow. – It’s all up for grabs. – I make my dad do it all the time. “Dad get me a sandwich”!
– “Dad get me a sandwich”! – “Make me a sandwich”!
– “Make me a sandwich”! – Oh.
– Aw. – I don’t lift a finger at Christmas. – Really? Imagine when you have to cook
your own Christmas dinner. – Oh my gosh; no, that’d be awful. – The timing can be so hard. – My brother is a chef, so
he cooks Christmas Dinner with my dad. I might chop a carrot or something. – Is that it?
– That’s it, yeah. – You don’t really get involved? – No. – “Just pour the Prosecco, Joel”! – I just drink the Prosecco
and play with Oscar. – “I’ll just be in here
being the youngest sibling.” – Yeah. (laughing) – That’s good, also people
can be control freaks on Christmas Day. Like, my family they’re
like, “Get out of my space.” So I’ll try and help,
but they’ll just be like, “Just go and play on Instagram.” – Yeah, and you’re like, “Okay.” – Okay, I’ll just go
and play on Instagram. – Yeah. (laughing). Follow us on Instagram!
– Yeah. – If you want behind the
scenes content on these videos and of our life over Christmas. – Yeah I’m sure there’ll
be plenty to share. Lots of Prosecco. – Yeah, but Merry
Christmas, I hope you had a great day yesterday. We will see you next time? – Next week?
– In a few days. – We’ll see you soon. – We’re back to thrice weekly, so Vlogmas is over, very sad, but we will be back
doing three videos a week like we always used to. – And we hope you’ve had
an amazing journey with us. If you’ve just discovered us
this year through Vlogmas, welcome, stick around. And if you’re old school OG subscriber– – Stick around! (laughing) – However you do it, please stick around! See you soon guys, take care, bye! – Yeah, see you soon, bye. Christmas is over. ♪ Christmas is over now ♪ ♪ Christmas, leaves falling down ♪ ♪ Christmas, I make up the words ♪ ♪ Christmas ♪ ♪ Making our Christmas memories ♪ ♪ I’ve been working so much lately ♪ ♪ I can barely find the time to sleep ♪ ♪ Yeah I spend my time running around ♪ ♪ Keeping people pleased ♪ ♪ But this is my favorite– ♪

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  1. It definitely is a shopping or returning day in US but I don’t understand why you wouldn’t give your employees there gifts for Christmas we wait until after? So basically you get 2 holidays together that’s cool

  2. I do want to say that I was surprised that I’ve learned so much from this channel about British culture. I watch other British channels and they don’t explain anything and I can tell the mix of British and American culture in a British home. You’ve done your jobs well (with fits of laughter which I enjoy). 🥂!

  3. When you wait for all of the videos of Vlogmas to be uploaded so you can spend Christmas evening and Boxing day binge watching all of their Christmas vlogs. Love Joel & Lia! ❤👍

  4. Live in Pennsylvania and ever since I was little we celebrated Boxing Day. My family and a group of other people and other family's we've known Forever that are basically family celebrate boxing day together. We go to the same people house every year and everyone even the kids rewrap and bring a gift they got on Christmas and don't like. Then everyone chooses numbers from a hat and that's the order of who chooses the gift they want first. All the gifts are wrapped under the tree with no labels. Everything is anonomys. And we just go through all the numbers until there are no more gifts. It's a fun way to get something new instead of that bad gift that everyone gets.
    It was really interesting to hear the roots of the holiday. I had no idea it had to do with shopping. I thought our version was just normal😂

  5. Most places and people are happy, excited, and joyful on Good Friday. I've never personally seen the horrible behavior that they show on the news.

  6. We have boxing day here in Canada as well and it is a statutory holiday. It is very orderly and not crazy like the American Black Friday. Please do a video of Canadian Boxing Day.

  7. Hi I have a question. I don’t mean to intrude but r u guys dating or married? If u don’t want to answer that’s totally 1000% ok. Just wondering

  8. I've heard another theory about Boxing Day: I heard it was a day people would go through their possessions and box up their old things to make room for the new stuff they got for Christmas. Then they give the old stuff away.

  9. Sorry I don't want to be rude about your holiday but because I'm American and I never celebrated Boxing Day. I just don't get it why would you have massive sales after Christmas? To me it would make more sense for the sales to be before Christmas to get a good deal on your presents?
    I mean why are you buying?
    I mean didn't you just spend a lot of money on Christmas gifts and then the next day you spend more money on more deals.
    I think boxing day is probably just an excuse for stores to have a sale and get people to buy stuff that they never intended to buy in the first place just because it's on sale No offense. I also think Black Friday is stupid in the US too so don't worry. So is Boxing Day a national holiday where people actually get off.?
    If so why what are they celebrating also Black Friday is not a Federal holiday in our us so we get mail banks are open and our government is in session.

  10. I love how Joel always corrects or amends lia’s statements for our benefit. But he does it so politely and sneaky, I appreciate it Joel, I appreciate lots of tings about you. I wanna bite your nose off!

  11. I used to think Canadians and the English celebrated boxing matches…LOL! I thought you people were crazy to celebrate men beating each other up the day after Christmas!
    Strange holiday!

  12. I always wandered what boxing day was but i do go shopping the day after christmas for the next year not just gifts but wrapping paper bags bows name tags u name it!

  13. Sooo I would like to move to uk in the next couple months but I’m having issues finding apartments and jobs that I could apply for. Would y’all have any recommendations for what I could do?

  14. That is actually how most Black Friday sales look in the US. Occasionally, you have those crazy, aggressive crowds but not as often as you would think. Some stores will only let 15 or 20 people in at a time, and as they finish, let the next group in and so on. At Kohl's department store, they get a long line going down each end of the store, and have a large number of checkers for each side. A lot of people will go in groups of two or three and, once they get the main things they came for, will have one person get in line with those items while the others go and look around for anything else, and then they trade places. It's very orderly and they usually have a lot of employees to help.
    At Walmart, they started offering different items on sale at different times. For instance, a particular TV may be on sale from 6am-8am, then a computer from 8am-10am and so on. That way people get in the individual lines for the items that they want then they get in the checkout line to pay for it. All of the lines are roped off so that people can't cut in line. When they run out of the items, they give out rainchecks for it until the sale time ends . It keeps everything nice and orderly.

  15. We do have Boxing Day in Australia, however I do my “Boxing Day” shopping the first two weeks in jan. when everyone’s getting rid of the previous years goods.

  16. Can you guys say the difference between South African and British, I mean in pronunciation? I'd be very helpful for me bc I don't know on wich sounds I should put more attention too sound more British. I'd be lovely.

  17. I had to go back to work on Boxing Day but my husband got me wrapping paper and Christmas cards for next year 50% off. And there are sales the rest of this week and through New Years. I’m planning to buy a few of the things I wanted for Christmas but didn’t get.

  18. Long live jeol & lia vlogs…. addicted to your vlogs… love you guyz from moon and back… havnt missed a single vlogmas till date..
    Lahore, Pakistan

  19. Black Friday only started here in the uk about 5 years ago. It’s not that popular and sales aren’t as good as Boxing Day sales.
    I’ve always called it January sales even though it starts in December because sales usually go on throughout January too.

  20. I don't think Boxing Day would work out in the US because by the time after Christmas everyone is already broke af 😂

  21. I read that it's a day when employers who had staff that had to work on Christmas Day were given a box of left-over foods and treats and gifts and money as a thank you for their service. Sort of sounded like it was wealthier families who had maids/cooks/butlers, etc.?

  22. I would rather not go to Black Friday sales! The sale price is not worth taking a chance on being injured or getting dead! SMH!

  23. It comes from December 26 being St. Stephen's Day. He was among the first Deacons in the church (Book of Acts) and was the first martyr. His commemoration is a day that has always been set aside to care for those who are less fortunate. "Good King Wenceslas" is a great reminder of the reason for the day.

  24. I don't know if y9ou guys have seen this but I thought it would be good to react to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sbv84di-EQc

  25. Years ago, when I first heard about this, I imagined people punching each other unconscious. : )))
    For those Americans who don't know what a pram is, it's a baby buggy/stroller, depending on your age.

  26. I see in these Christmas/vlogmas video, yall are wondering what to do between Christmas/boxing day and new years, well my birthday is the 28th, yall are always welcomed to celebrate it, even if I'm not in yall's presents.

  27. This comment has nothing to do with boxing day but I want to say I just tried your suggestion for having Terry’s chocolate Orange and I have to say it was amazing. I ordered it off of Amazon and had it shipped here to Virginia. Worth every penny. Ate half of the orange in one setting and I feel so guilty. Thanks again! Brandon

  28. “Christmas crackers”. 😂 Why is that so funny?? Do you mean a “cookie”? It’s like when ppl left England 200 years ago, we aka America, said, “we are going to call everything different and do everything opposite, that will show them. Haha. Can you do a video of Kate Middleton? HRH CATHERINE DUCHESS OF CAMBRIDGE??! She’s just so lovely and seems so wonderful. Why can’t we talk about her. For a entire video?? 🤗

  29. Honestly it sounds a lot like our Black Friday. The day after Thanksgiving we eat those same types of leftovers and go shopping.

  30. Are you seriously getting up at 4:00 a.m. to stand in line in the freezing cold to save 50% on Christmas cards and wrapping paper for next year?

  31. Um at the 3:17 point you said what??? In the gooch? Wow huge difference in that saying between the US and UK. In the US that is the slang term for the Perineum. My eyes got huge when you guys said that.

  32. Dear Joel & Lia, I am sure you are nice people; however, you still come across as condescending and arrogant. Your comments are overly critical, especially about American English and culture. Also, your accent, can you further define it? I mean I miss at times about 20% of what you say, especially Lia. Also, your "insider jokes" and too much laughing in between the points you are trying to make are distracting. No hard feelings. All my best. Happy New Year!

  33. Merry Christmas and happy New Year to you both. I heard you mention Black Friday. Here in America we celebrate black Friday the day after our Thanksgiving, one month before Christmas with enormous sales. When is your Black Friday?

  34. Thanks for explaining boxing day. I always saw it on the calendar like other holidays as Boxing Day (Canada) and for the US it's just the day after Christmas and we all have to go back to work unless we took it off as a vacation day. Canada isn't far from where I live (few hours drive) BUT… that day and pretty much until New Years all the stores have all Christmas themed stuff @ 50-75% off and they have huge sales on clothes as well because they want to get rid of the most of winter type clothes to prepare for spring/summer. Although, where I live winter does hit hard until February and the winter clothes come in handy until about Aprilish when spring and the warmer weather comes. I live in New England so winter tends to drag on forever… Before Christmas started I honestly saw a bit of Valentine's Day stuff (candy) in a store and I was disgusted. Like… lets get through the current holiday first. Anyway, I hope you both enjoy your holiday!

  35. Boxing day here bring back all the things that didn't fit and eclxchange it or things you didn't like and get store credit to get what you actually like

  36. Why do people always think the sport? Think about it. Why would there be a holiday for that? That makes no sense! It winds me up every year!

    Years ago, the BBC used to observe a specific rule which the church does, where if Christmas Day is on a Saturday, then the 26th is called Christmas Sunday, and Monday 27th is Boxing Day instead. It confused me seeing one of those old programme menus on YouTube and thinking 'when's Christmas Sunday?'

    I mentioned before that the boys v girls quiz is on for us. The boys won this year, but I think they cheated. Boys will be boys, eh?

  37. Love the Posh Pinky finger while you drink your tea Lia…ha ha Just kidding I think its an automatic thin g that most people do.

  38. Idk I know St. Nicholas day was on December 6th. That is when St. Nicholas would give coins to the poor and things. It really helped bring the giving season its whole giving thing. Idk how to say that lol.

  39. Before watching this, I thought Boxing Day was the day you Brits boxed up all your Christmas decorations and put them back in storage. Seriously. LOL!

  40. Christmas Adam is the 23rd. Adam came before Eve.
    We do after Christmas sales on your Boxing day. I start my Christmas shopping on that day. I finish up my Christmas shopping through out the year and just put it back. Everyone has their own storage tub I stuff it back through out the year. By the time Christmas gets here, I have it all done.

  41. We don't have Boxing Day in Brazil. But some brazilians associate it to english football lol When we can spend the whole day watching the Pr. Le. lol

  42. in the usa the day after we run out and all the stuff they didn't sell before xmas sell it for almost nothing and we call that the after Christmas sales

  43. In Australia, boxing day was giving stuff to the poor. My kids and I use to do it and we would do it again when we can afford to have Christmas ourselves. We haven't had Christmas for a few years now but things will get better.

  44. It’s the day after Christmas so I always thought it was where you box up things and get rid of extra stuff or throw away all the boxes from Christmas gifts. I feel really dumb now

  45. I've heard of Boxing Day! I was telling the landlady and maintenance man of this apartment (flat) house. And the maintenance man thought it was about prize fighting!😄😄😄

  46. at least your country respects the workers. In the US, Black Friday now starts on Thanksgiving around five in the evening because all the stores are competing.

  47. I did Black Friday one time and that was the last time. I have many medical problems and I have whats called a port a cath that is in my upper chest for my IV meds. When I went to Black Friday to get some deals, people were nuts. I had my IV pulled out and I had to go to the ER to have it sewn back into place. I have always thought Boxing Day was something to do with hunting because of I think last year or this year Prince George go to go on a hunt. So, I thought it was something like hunting or game oriented.

  48. It is because Dec 26 is St Stevens Day and the churches would open the poor box and hand out the change to the poor. On a big a estate the lord would have a feast for his workers and hand out boxes that had half the years agreed payment in supplies like salt and flour and some tools and sewing supplies for the men and women to keep them working

    This video explains it all


  49. I've never given boxing day a thought, until December 26, 2004…. Now that day sticks out like a sore thumb since then. Boxing day = tsunami

  50. The first time I heard of Boxing Day without knowing what it meant, I thought it had something to do with the sport of boxing.

  51. And all these years I thought Boxing Day was about the sport – I thought British people would sit down and watch a boxing match on tv! XD

  52. The theory I have heard is that the upper class households with lots of servants did not allow the servants to relax or have any fun on Christmas Day itself. They were to be in the background helping the master's parties go smoothly. therefore, it was not until Boxing Day until the servants could relax. I heard it was also the tradition that the master did not give the servants their presents until Boxing Day.

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