42 thoughts on “What Is Aikido? | Aikido Lessons

  1. I'm a beginner at Ki Aikido and have been doing it for a few months. It is such a beautiful art when my Sensai does it!

  2. It is quite impressive how long one can dance around the phrase "Beating to a Pulp" without saying it.

  3. To all those who are skeptical about Aikido's effectiveness, ask youself one question: Would you want to risk attacking a 1st degree blackbelt Aikido master?

  4. From an aikidoka's perspective, I'd like to say how much of a spiritual aspect Aikido can have for you. Ever since taking it, I've noticed that I'm calmer, more in-tune with my body, and happier in general. Mike Jones explained what aikido is very well.

  5. I only want to learn Aikido coz I don't had strength to punch like in karate,Only strength to slam someone…….That was easy though ^_^

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