Weapons for Martial Arts Training : Sword & Martial Arts Weaponry

Hi! I’m Calab Labarda of Tae Kwon Do Unlimited
on behalf of expertvillage.com. Visit our website at tkdarizona.com. Today with me I
have Ricky Hernandez. He’s an assistant instructor here at Tae Kwon Do Limited. He’s
going to be showing us some moves with a sword. This is more of a samurai weapon, but lot
of styles have adopted the sword and used it into our system. What Ricky is showing
you right now is more traditional moves, slow basic moves for practicing and more real precise
and lot of energy. Then if you speed things we can turn into more of a modern style, and
it gets a lot faster when we use it for a lot of competition and show.

40 thoughts on “Weapons for Martial Arts Training : Sword & Martial Arts Weaponry

  1. I'm not hating but what kind of 'expert' is the guy in the video. It's not any ordinary martial art, as well as it isn't XMA. So wtf is this? Is he an expert in slow sword rotations anypone could do? I mean, if the channel is named expert village why isn't the guy expert? I just can't get the idea of this channel when it comes to swordfighting :/

  2. i think that those sword moves are for mostly slicing, if they ever try samurais' moves it wont be that affective. so it looks ns in pratice, but not in fights

  3. It will be pointles of me to explain it to you in any way. Just try to watch some other katana instructions from expert village, especially those which were uploaded by guy called Trace Two or sth like this. If you will still argue it means you are a hopeless moron.

  4. he uses a japanese katana like a chinese gim or broad sword…gud for showing off bad for staying alive

  5. Why is it the the so called expert village are really a real pile of crap.
    Who in there right mind would do that, and also it really pee's me off seeing some guy doing some freestyle shit with a sword. Get some proper lessons, and come back in 8 years when ya done. and stop waisting my bloody time. Shame on you!!!!!!!!!!

  6. no thats no how u wear it dumb fuck… who ever told u that was wrong. and just cause u have one… doesnt mean u kno shit about it

  7. Ok i got a question how the hell do you guys know how a samurai War king machine thingy would wear it.
    by the way if you really go thruw you will learn he uses it in diffrent positions and not only upside down. 😉

  8. none of that was traditional sword technique that was more stereotypical sword technique >> his stance was off and the blade spinning is not nearly tradtional

  9. excellent analystic skills! i was gonna say the same thing about the sword being upside down but its a good thing i looked for a comment like yours before!

    and also do u believe that a a korean martial art like this should not use a japanese weaponry like a samurai sword?? i find it quite disrespectful

  10. This kids got skills alright but he is showing off a bit should stick to traditional because tricks dont win fights

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