We Tried The ‘Rumble’ Boxing Workout That Justin Bieber Swears By

– Rumble Boxing is the group fitness class that combines boxing
with strength training. Its popularity in the group fitness scene has grown since it first
opened its doors in 2017, and celebrities are taking notice. Walk into a Rumble class on any given day, and you just might be
throwing a few punches alongside Justin Bieber,
his wife, Hailey Bieber, maybe even David Beckham. Celebrities aren’t just working out there. They’re investing. Justin
Bieber and Rocky himself, Sylvester Stallone,
have invested in Rumble. The New York-based workout
is growing rapidly, with studio locations popping up all over, from Philly to DC to LA to San Francisco. Noah: You know you’re gonna get half the class on the bags, working traditional combinations, getting your conditioning,
getting your cardio in, and getting that all-empowering,
just, aggression out. And you know over here on these benches, you’re gonna get a strong weight workout. So you’re gonna do your
squats, your lunges, your curls, your shoulder presses, sprinkle in a little
burpees, all with, you know, under the red lights, under the black lights,
surrounded by a group of just great, like-minded people having fun and working hard. – The price of a Rumble
class is comparable to other New York
boutique fitness studios, at $36 per class. But it could vary slightly depending on which city you’re in. And if a big class
isn’t really your thing, you can also choose to work
one-on-one with a Rumble trainer to get more personalized attention. The individualized training of course includes perfecting your boxing technique plus working with weights. The private training sessions
in Manhattan start at $175, a little higher than other boxing studios, such as Overthrow or Shadowbox, which start at around $120 per session. Regardless of price, people
clearly can’t get enough of Rumble, so my colleague
Kevin and I are going to Rumble’s Upper East Side
location here in New York City to check out what the hype is all about. The class is 45 minutes and
is made up of 10 rounds, switching from the bag side to
the weight side continuously. It was nonstop movement! If we weren’t punching the
bag during the boxing rounds, we were on the floor doing sit-ups. When we were watching the instructor demonstrate the strength-training moves, we were bouncing around to
keep our heart rates up. We started on the bags,
and by the time we got to the weight section,
my muscles were on fire. But the lights, the music,
and the hyped-up instructor definitely helped me push through. From there, we moved on to the private training session with Noah. This private training option is one that celebs will often take. Noah went over the boxer stance
and the six boxing punches for us, so we can perfect our form. We then did rounds of squats, shoulder presses, and push-ups. As if our muscles weren’t already tired, we then threw punches on the bag. To say we were reaching
fatigue at this point was an understatement. Kevin: I loved the class.
It was a lot of fun. It was big, high energy. It was fun to go in there
and hit the bags on one side and then switch over to
the weights on the other. It was not like any other
class that I’ve been to, where most of the
classes are just directed at one type of thing that you’re gonna do for the entire time. And it was fun to have the options of going back and forth on this. Fabiana: I loved the high energy from the trainers, the
energy all around the room. The music was great. It was just, like, super motivating. Kevin: Even though it was really dark, and it kind of closed you
off, I did find a lot of times that I wasn’t sure
exactly what I was doing because of the lighting,
so I felt a little lost. But also that was a thing that allowed me to not worry about what
was going on around me. I don’t think it’s
overpriced for that at all. Fabiana: Right, I totally agree. I think it’s a fair price.
It’s not astronomically higher than other places, and you’re
like, what am I getting for that money?
Kevin: And you’re gonna spend the same kind of money if you’re going out for a few drinks in Manhattan, so. Fabiana: There’s something to say about the energy of a class and just having all
those people around you, and just the whole
experience of a Rumble class.

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  2. All I see here is people punching black huge rubber water droplets vigorously, shouldn’t it be like boxing or something or am I just getting confused here

  3. As a boxer I feel that people should just visit a normal boxing gym where sparring takes place, they might be more worn down but your getting 100% authenticity and the coaches there will have more experience teaching people how to throw punches with proper technique, these kinds of gyms are just pretty that’s all.

  4. Justin is still trying to prove his manhood after the embarrassing challenge to fight the paparazzi. He knows Tom Cruise is a well known action star so he beliebs this is his ticket to masculinity. When learning the art of self defense one should learn from a mature adult. I think Justin has been training with Cobra Kai.

  5. This video could be summed up in about 30s: Bieber invested in a new cross-fit and wants you to go to increase his share-price.

  6. Justin Bieber you better call Lenny Loggins because you're in the DANGER ZONE! In all seriousness why of all the people in Hollywood would you pick a fight with Tom Cruise he is such a nice guy and if you like to fight nice guys I dare you to challenge Keanu Reeves

  7. If you pay for the hype yes its overprice. Doing martial art class that you need for inner self and physique development is cheaper with almost same or better result

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