Was erwartet dich in Level 1 unseres Shaolin Kung Fu in Wien?

Hello and a hearty welcome! I’m Sifu Leo of Shaolin Wahnam Vienna,
the school with the smile from the heart. Great that you’re here. Let’s have a look at what
awaits you in level 1 of 12 of our syllabus
for Shaolin Kung Fu We take time for the basics, because at the beginning of your
training, we’re building the foundation for your later growth. Therefore, it’s important to learn
how to stand correctly first. When you’ve internalized the
various stances, you can do half of every Kung Fu technique,
namely to lower half. You stand firmly on the ground
and you’re well guarded. With the stance training,
we also begin with the cultivation of internal force. Afterwards,
comes the training of footwork. You learn how to move harmoniously
and flowingly in these stances To assure that your legs are not
only strong, but also agile, we practice the Art of Flexibilty, consisting
of five gentle Qi Gong exercises. In Level 1 you learn the
8 Shaolin Basic Hand Techniques, consisting of 4 classical attacks
and their defence techniques. You also learn their application
and first principle of combat. Safety-First is always our
formost principle in training, for yourself,
as well as for your training partners. Right from the start,
we learn to control our body and to hold back punches,
to prevent injuries. In training and as well in a real
fight, which will hopefully never occur. Instead of waiting ’til
the end of your education to learn the rare internal
aspects of Shaolin Kung Fu too, right in the beginning, you start
cultivating your Qi, your energy, and training your mind. Chi Flow,
the hallmark of Shaolin Wahnam, helps you clear blockages,
let go of old emotions and promote your health. At the end of level 1, you already
learn one of our greatest treasures: One Finger Shooting Zen. You develop a lot of energy with it
and you start the internal training of Dim Mak and the tiger claw. In the other levels of our syllabus,
you learn increasingly complex techniques like kicks, throws and gripping. And, of course,
how to defend against them. In level 8 we add in traditional weapons. In the last levels we add combat
against multiple opponents, unarmed and armed. Then, your basic training is
completed and you can call yourself a Shaolin Wahnam
Kung Fu Practitioner. Afterwards, we have tons of material
to deepen various skills and for specialization. A huge selection of
classical Kung Fu sets and weapon forms. You never stop learning. I wish you a lot of fun and
success on your journey! See you soon!
All the best to you!

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