Warriors Boxing: Fighting for Our People

Its been a tradition. Its been around for
a really long time and a lot of Natives
we’ve always been in it. It’s just what we’re known for.
We’re fighters, we’re warriors. We’re not quitters. We’ve been in this
since we were kids, so we are family here. The one thing that my Dad tries
to establish is that When you come here,
you don’t have to be scared, you don’t have to be nervous. He wants everybody to
see their potential and to be well minded
and good spirited. We don’t take anything away
from anybody. Everybody has their own style,
we’re all made differently. I like to be quick, nimble and elusive. Where as our heavyweight,
William Alloway, he has a lot of speed
for a big dude, and he’s very good
at blocking. My brother, Marcus,
he’s come a very long way. He stayed in it.
He’s had every opportunity to take a break or
go do what he wants to do but he wants to come back here.
I think he’s got something to prove. That’s Richard.
He comes from Flambeau. He has the same potential as me. It’s just that he’s around
different people than I am. He doesn’t have that constant
support to keep telling him to keep going, to
keep doing what’s right. But we try to be there to help
each other, push each other. You know, somebody’s struggling.
Come back and help them. When it starts, it’s like
okay here we go. This is what I’ve
been training for. It’s time to put
everything into use. Go in there, feel him out,
see what he’s gonna do. Stand your guard,
boom, boom, boom. Stay in the pocket. There you go.
[Crowd cheers] It’s always about survival,
its’ about being disciplined, and you have to
take those ways and bring them into your lifestyle too. So, when you become a smarter fighter,
you start thinking about life and it makes you more disciplined,
more relaxed. I can usually just brush things off. Where if a guy,
he get up in my face or something it’s easy for me to just walk away and say
hey, that’s not worth it. You know,
you lose your temper you lose. My goal is to show all of my people
what we’re capable of. We may not be the warriors
that were back then, But we’re still warriors
in our own way. We’re still fighters.
I box for my people. Not only Potawatomis’,
all Natives I fight for them,
I fight for my kids. I fight for my dream. I fight for a reason to
get up everyday.

7 thoughts on “Warriors Boxing: Fighting for Our People

  1. Awe my cousins look soo strong and focused!! Proud Family Member! Miss those open gym days in that building 🙂 was the good old days 🙂 proud Forest County Potawatomi Nation!

  2. I feel you my Indian brother one thing us natives got his heart and a lot of it supposedly that's what I call is Braves

  3. Much love to my cuzzin Mark Jr. wishing you much success in your career as s boxer. Potawatomi stand up ☝🏽

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