Warrior | Season 1 | Drum Tease | Cinemax

This is a country of foreigners. No one belongs here. (ANGRY SHOUTING) This is not China.
It’s Chinatown. And our blood is cheap here. (MAN YELLS) You’d better learn to adapt. He’s very well trained. I thought
I’d bring him here first. (YELLS) -Things are changing, man.
-(DRUMS BEATING) It’s like the ground
is shifting under our feet. MAN:
It’s a sad day for our city when our citizens cannot walk
the streets without fear from our foreign,
You’re Hop Wei now. That means you can’t go back. They own you. -(GUNSHOT)

16 thoughts on “Warrior | Season 1 | Drum Tease | Cinemax

  1. I cant believe this hasn't been promoted more….its literally from the bloody hand written notes of Bruce Lee himself ffs!!!
    Also Co-written by Jonathan Trooper who penned another seris a while back called Banshee. Very obscure here in Australia but for me one of those shows you get obsessed with because the stories and characters are complex and real and the violence…mate, fair dinkum det set brutal ! and very well choreographed to point where you can read the thoughts of the fighters and understand the mind games behind the moves.
    I hope #WarriorMax has similar direction and fight coordination to #BansheeMax. If so, the froth is real people!!!

    Also, just lost my 1st comment virginity btw!!! Didn't even hurt and was romantic as shit!!
    Anyway, Enjoy life legends! Peace.

  2. Been following this shows production since the ending of Banshee. It truly has been a wait and a half and clearly it looks unreal.

    Can't wait to be entwined in this epic series. I never follow shows/series before production (besides Better Call Saul) but I knew from the very beginning this was going to be something special. Very-hyped Cinemax!

  3. Saw the pilot and it's a solid start so far. I like the story, the characters and the setting….and definitely the adult vibe of the show! Lots of potential here, for this to become one of the must see new shows, which is as well because it's arrival timing is really good as "Into The Badlands" is airing its last episodes…

  4. Why not promote the show? Wheres the trailer for episode 2? Come on cinemax u guys are already fucking up this show.

  5. Alguém pode me dizer como fazer pra abaixar o canal do Cinemax séries pra poder assistir as séries desse canal

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