VLOG/Растяжка стоп/Stretching feet

Let’s do some good work. you need to swim on the carpet How to ski Do not tear off your feet from the carpet. Press on the thumb. holds thumb Knees You can bend a little I think she forgot how to walk. Do not step but slide. Like this, slide on the floor. Squat a little. Come hold on to the stairs. crouched and went Press on the big toe. squat on the knee Do they just hurt me they must be sick correctly jump don’t stand two talkers we pull the shoulder blades together Neck back chin up. belly retract They sat back stretched out and sit. we are getting used to we sit beautifully and pulled our feet Veleslava pull your feet Good fellow clever beautiful feet need to be pulled Need to pull the foot. stretch your feet So here and sit with such feet you have a good lift but you still need to strengthen it Do not break my foot. legs stretched forward feet Knees down foot up. Stop chatting feet pull Where did you go? Need to ask. sat up straight and extended their backs We got up on the half-fingers and twisted the hoop before looking at you Velislava come here twist the hoop change hand Everything should be on the machine. Now alternate hands. Now over your head. alternate hands don’t bend your head They took a hoop from below and connected their legs. high half-fingers throwing crouched and pulled the hoop up hold bottom and knees help throw and catch And who will be on the floor of the fingers. throw and catch Look at me. Throw up and catch back. Now I’ll write it down in your group’s notebook. August We will take it. ankle walking hoop rotation in front of you and above your head still throw up and catch back And another element is to put the hoop on your leg and roll back. Do you understand everything? And so it will be every day all month and then we will learn new elements. or new item or new exercise

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