100 thoughts on “Video Shows Welterweight Boxing Champion Errol Spence Jr Crashing Ferrari In Dallas

  1. Exactly… How cold hearted can u be… He damn near loses his life and the city is still looking to give him citations… Smdh… Thats right these creatures have no Heart💥💀👹

  2. I knew he had been drinking the moment I heard this news. On top of the injuries, the system is gonna do whatever it can to hold down a black man. 😖

  3. Grade A Dumbass. You have to be a professional in the ring and outside the ring, when you are a champion you are a role model for the future champions.

  4. If this guy not an athletic. For sure that kind of accident will killed him. Be responsible in driving I mean too much will kill you.. Hoping his fast Recovery's

  5. Everybody make stupid mistakes we all human dont @ me either because you did some stupid shit too that you hope nobody ever figure out

  6. He barely missed that light pole! That was God bruh. Driving while drinking was the Devil. Not his time to go at all. Too much to live for.

  7. Boxing champion? He’s the unified welterweight world champion ya lazy ass fucks. Put some respect on this mans name

  8. His boxing career most likely will be over for a long time, he's in intensive care nobody knows the extent of his injuries.

  9. Aiight Champ lots of shit coming prepare yourself. You got your stars & stripes now Don't get cought up in the fame game bruh" because all kinds are watching. It's on tape you've wrecked yourself now check yourself life ain't regular for you no more you got real hater energy everywhere that want to see the story end just like this… Come on bruh get it right!

  10. I'm glad he's still alive. He was speeding and not wearing a safety belt. Recipe for disaster, but he made it out which is amazing.

  11. Dang! Why was he speeing and not wearing a seat belt?? Stupid! He would not be in this mess now if he slowed down! Was he drunk driving??

  12. This what happens when you speed in a car you dont even know how to drive you drink along with it and you might as well sign your death certificate

  13. When a black man is down for moment the racist devilish heathens stop hiding from under there skirt show there true self . Errol made a mistake ,I'm sure he will learn from. I'm glad he is alive, and breathing for his family. Errol is a father first in and out of that ring. Boxing is his career where he makes his living but his health is more important. Without good health that millions dont mean shit!

  14. Wow young man is bless bro. Wtf u doing drinking and y u driving that fast as car man gt yourself a drive and a luxurious vehicle man slow down.

  15. DUI will sit him down for a bit and he can reflect on all of this. 9 times out of 10 this is instant death. He had an angel on his shoulder that night.

  16. No responsibility.What a surprise.Putting other people's life in danger and make this guy a victim again.Very typical.

  17. That's crazy, god has his arms around him, he better thank the most high god I've seen lesser accident n people died, man we never know when our lives can change forever, the man sitting on top of the world right now what in the heck would make drink n get in that little fast ass car, almost lost his life over doing something stupid drinking n driving, it's just not worth it, may god bring him through this and back better than ever, still my favorite boxer right now.

  18. I'm glad he his ok but the DWI is the least they could charge him with, l've been talking about his drinking for a while now l hope this is the wake up call he needs. The hurt business is undefeated when you disrespect it. As usual he is just another black man that has found away to mess up his bag! SMH 😒

  19. His Guardian Angels was with him that
    Night !!!! That was his wake up call!
    He gotta change they way he move!!!
    That coulda been his life if they didnt swoop in……

  20. He had angels watching over him. Don’t drink and drive people. Also how on earth could those people just drive past his wreckage without stopping ?? Unreal

  21. I can't believe he got in a crash right in front of a bar called KO with boxing ropes in front of it I hope he gets better as soon as possible good luck Earl Spence Jr you're my favorite

  22. If he can overcome this and become the undisputed welterweight champion of the world then he deserves MORE THAN ANYONE to be call the Miracle Man and show anyone he can go from near hair away death to becoming a Boxing Great and Boxing Legend …

    All the Best for Errol Spence Jr.. if anyone can do it is him … 👊
    He works harder than even Floyd Mayweather Jr in training and also has gotten the better of Mayweather Jr in a very famous sparring match which also made Mayweather Jr not performed at 100% vs Robert Guerrero… the fight Spence was preparing Mayweather Jr for …

  23. Wealth can't buy health Spence come on champ u gotta be smarter than that hopefully it's a lesson learned and not taken for granted.

  24. See this how know you people don't know who my god is the circumstances in man eyes only see the flesh insight but in the eye of a god you can see this was his spiritual beast being awaking see pain alows god to get your attention because flesh is selfish and blind to spiritual connection with the guidance that black people are born with the melanin is a blessing that gives you a ability to learn faster work harder your flesh heals faster now hurt felt the worst pain he could feel from flesh now he's coming back a machine mark my words heads about to get put in commas Bud getting ran threw like a slut bitch


  26. that was the custom white ferrari in episode 4 on pbc that earl jr., was driving in the build up to the porter fight. pity, oh’ well back to the volvo station wagon, it’s safer and keeps you real about life.

  27. Damn spence you too smart to be making mistakes like this so much to lose you got a second chance most dont hope he recovers from this and is stronger because of it

  28. I moved to Dallas. THE WORST drivers I've EVER been around. Angry, very reckless and dangerous. I never seen so many recks in my life. It's almost comical and you can't tell them ANYTHING about the way they drive. From Jasper and Maynard to Pooky and Ray Ray to Doctors and soccer moms, it's a deadly driving culture.

  29. I bet you his ass is won't be drinking no more. A near death experience, It's what we call a wake up call.

    Thank God he's still alive.

  30. Well glad he was drunk cuz the drunk ones usually survive, other then that just say know booze bruh n get off that hood shit cuz the hood can take u unda!

  31. Only thing positive is that no innocent lives were lost, how can you-possibly sympathise with Spence? Terrible and irresponsible behaviour from a father and high profile athlete., what would people say if this was a teacher at their child’s school?

  32. Thank God he is ok🙏🙏 learn from this young champ you are too young for this. god bless you 🇲🇽🇺🇸😮

  33. Texas falks shouldn't take ferrari ride as a pick truck…
    When yall going to learn…bruh
    Bumpy road.ferrari going to roll.

  34. If he fell out of the car where is he in the video.. I believe this is fake..no broken bones just some broken teeth..not making any sense

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