Video Karate Lessons : Karate Front Kick for Beginners

How are you doing? My name is Qaeem and on
behalf of Expert Village, I’m going to be demonstrating Shorin-Ryu Karate. In Shorin-Ryu
Karate, I’m going to be demonstrating today, which is the front snap kick. The front snap
kick, we’re going to do this kick from the forward stance. We do this kick from the forward
stance because it gives you more power. It also gives you more leverage and more control.
Now once again, you are going to start on in the ready position, just as low you are
in a forward stance. You’re going to step out with your left foot, step out into forward
stance, weight going to the front leg, the back leg is facing the side. Your arms are
up. Now the front snap kick, you are going to bring your knee up center, kick out, bring
it back and down. Now you are going to be kicking out with the ball of your foot. That
is where you get the power; that is where you get control and that is where you stop
yourself from injuring yourself. Therefore, kick out with the front ball of your foot.
Now you can practice this by just getting on the ball of your foot, you can just bringing
it up. Now we are going to go out to the front forward stance. Guards up, front snap kick,
legs come up, kick out, back and down. You could do this in movements, one, two, three,
four…. Now you can also do this faster when you get better and you practice it more. You
will able to put in all in one move. Now we call this is the front snap kick because when
you bring your knee up, you shoot it out like a bullet and bring it back. You don’t shoot
it out and leave it out there. Shoot it out and bring it back. Front snap, kick. That is the front snap kick. My name is Qaeem
on behalf of Expert Village, thank you for watching.

23 thoughts on “Video Karate Lessons : Karate Front Kick for Beginners

  1. Do they really think this is karate, or it's only a joke? In karate, we wear a karategi, not this thing. Secondly, we call this a mae geri (karate is japanese). If you want to know what is a real mae geri, look for Kagawa sensei's mae geri, or at least any true karate sensei.

  2. Is the mae geri always done with the rear leg? How about with the front leg? Is a front kick effective with the front foot? Is your style kyokushin?

  3. u get the power from the ball of ur foot?! ahahahahaha wtf?! I myself am a certified black belt and i bealeve that this man should not be teaching people on the internet nor his school. also its 1 move not 1,2,3,4!

  4. can i just say i have seen your coments on a few people and you have a lot to say for some one who has no vids on here may be you should show everyone how good you are ?

  5. Lots of "Experts" in here….if two guys fight and one uses a rudimentary front kick, how can you tell whether the kick is from karate, taekwondo, kungfu….basically u cant. And guess what who really gives a shit as long as it works right?

  6. @howellrod21 He sucks?No way.A black belt second dan does not "suck."He could kick you so hard and beat the living crap out of you so quickly.But because he is respectable and respects martial arts,he will only fight when being attacked.

  7. @waterattack and some clubb give black belts out for fun and i think this has bin the case here i have 4th kyus that are better thats not me being hard its the truth..

  8. The technical explanation is all wrong. 1| Power does not come from the ball of the foot. 2) He scoops his kick and that is incorrect as it is powerless for all but the groin. 3) Weigh should be 60 on the rear. Otherwise, not a bad demonstration. It is his explanations that suck.

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