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Girish @ DRG ( No…Venky…
Please leave me. You can’t escape from us l’m too tired of running.
what do you want? Your life … l don’t ask for it Your property … l don’t need it l just asked you to lend me
Rs 2000-, but you’re not ready The lender need not escape
from the borrowers l don’t want to lend you
henceforth See Mr.Venky, if you want,
l don’t mind to forget … … your old debts.
Please leave me Neither can we leave you nor can
we forget our older debts That’s why we have come to
you. – l have got no money lf you lie, you might
lose it in toto what else will happen if loan
is given to people like you ! To lend or not is your choice,
but don’t curse us on a Friday. whatever it is. l have left my
finance business long back Mr. Jeeva, why to have
unnecessary discussions? Till now, you had given
Rs.18,000 to us lf you lend us another Rs.2000,… … we will return you Rs 20,000
within two days l had given him just Rs.14,000-
He is an idiot Fool is fooled once again
– Nothing is new in it This is my last loan to you.
Always U repeat the same words Don’t waste. Money is not easy
to earn. – of course, it’s easy what? – Nothing
-Study studiously By the way, how will you earn
Rs. 20,000 out of 2000? We will think about it Mr.Jeeva always tells us that
we should come up in life But he is not aware that we
come up, till here everyday We are taking loans
from every possible person How long will
we spend time like this? As long as we have
the lenders to lend us No one is left now That’s why l always ask you to
expand our social circle But none listens to me
-No one is ready Once we are seen people
disappear within no time None is ready to lend inspite of
promising extravagant interest Because they are scared
-why to get afraid? How long will we be like this?
lt’s very disgusting Everyone is disgusted
because of us Every one completes degree
within 3 years …. … where as we took
6 yrs to complete. Then, why are we jobless still? How can we be alive with
getting neither a job nor a loan Aren’t we humans? Don’t we
have our own wishes to enjoy? lt’s not the time
to think about all this? We should think about finding a
scape goat for tomorrow Did you notice?
No one is on the road Venky, why have you come at
this hour of the night? Come on. l have a deal with you Are you very sleepy? By the way, haven’t you closed
the door to escape from us? Not at all. -Then you should
have closed the door either … … a minute before or a minute
later after we pass from here. How dare you to shut
the door on our faces? l routinely close the door
before l go to sleep. why do l need your permission
to shut the doors of my house? How dare you back answer
inspite of the mistake … … being yours. Don’t forget that
you have two teenage daughters You answer me. Do we ever
tease you? – No, sir Did you all listen? – Yes -Then
why did you close the door? why are you creating unnecessary
nuisance? Please go away what? Aunty, did l ever
disturb or troubled you? No dear! -Have you all heard?
-Yes Now tell me.
why did you close the door? None of our lenders have ever
closed their doors on our faces what do you say Mr. Jeeva?
-l agree with you Then,
why did you close the door? l am sorry. lt’s my mistake
as l have no brain in my skull That means, you admit your
mistake. lsn’t it so? Yes, l admit. – Now tell me,
what was our mistake? He is admitting his mistake.
Please forgive him W’ll you forgive us, aunty,
if we do the same to you? See Mr.Venky,
he is admitting his mistake. Forgive him and go off to sleep.
lt’s 11 p.m. now My God, l have a massive loss
because of you How am l responsible for your
loss? – of course, you are My best friend is going to Delhi
and he asked me to come to … …air port at 11’o clock to lend
me Rs. 5000- l have forgotten that
because of you who will compensate for my
loss now? – will you? None other than the culprit will
have to compensate for it Then, he will only
compensate for it Should never drink beer and
rum tgether. Head is aching Are you studying? Go ahead.
lost time is a loss forever lt is very absurd to listen this
from a person like you why should l be
bothered about you? Have you finished the ritual?
My head is aching Give me some butter milk.
You are really exceptional Every one asks for either tea
or coffee … … but you are asking for butter
milk He has crossed the levels of
tea & coffee long back lf last night’s drink has to come
down,he has to drink butter milk why are you looking down?
l have to lower my head … … as an idiot like you is my son why did you fight with
Mr. Subba Rao last night? who told you that? – Do you
want to go and fight again? He kept the doors open through
out the night because of you … … and the robbery took place as
the doors were kept open He has got nothing other than
his daughters to take away How long will you be like this?
-Not yet decided Father! – Yes dear l wanted to call my friends to
home for combined studies But none are ready to come
because of him what have l done? You were constantly
staring at them They are over estimating
themselves You mind your business l can’t stand you at all- ln my
childhood, you were very… …happily telling everyone that
l am your carbon copy. why are you changing that
statement now? l don’t discuss with idiots
-But l do You can reveal your feelings to
me-what else to reveal? lf you still continue to be a
roadside romeo, l can’t … … afford to provide food Now, As per the horoscope,
Venus is in bad position & … … Lord Saturn is looking at me
from the middle of Venus So, nothing will workout for
me right now Let Him move aside. Then, l will
do something good. Don’t worry ls this all told by that idiot
Jagadamba Chowdary? Don’t curse Mr. J. C.
You will be at loss Leave it. Everyone has their
own personal believes when will the Saturn
move aside? For Saturn to move, Jupiter has
to come into the centre when will He be in centre?
-How will we know all that? Mr. J.C. only will know
regarding this Father, please give Rs.1000- so
that l will get the doubts cleared Parents are always worried
about their daughter’s future But it is always a turmoil if
they have a son like you He will not improve
till that idiot J.C. exists Mother, you don’t worry.
Father is very nice, but that … …Saturn has concentrated his
entire powers only on me what shall we do now, son? l want money for the same
purpose but Dad is not ready why don’t you give? – l also
don’t have. The only word that… …i hate in Telugu Language is
”ledu” (Don’t have) Suresh! Go and get the ball Sorry, by mistake … …
Give the ball. Basket ball should be
played by people like us lt looks disgusting,
if played by the people like you why are you slapping? Are you
acting smart in front of girls? lf so, see how l beat you He is acting over smart
infront of the girls He disgraced us and our game He is doing the same since two
to three times, and … … unnecessarily interfering
in our business We must teach him a lesson Girls are usually kind hearted
but you are an exception You encourage the idiotic
oversmart people l will crush him in toto. W’ll l
be a hero then? W’ll l be? Won’t you give us a chance? why not? l have come
only for you You insulted my friend, without
knowing his background You have to pay for it.
-Forget about him By the way,
what about your background? Nothing special. wherever l
stand, that is my ground Are you that capable?
-Do you want to know? why are you scared? Didn’t you
enjoy,when my friend was beaten That’s how are we Mr. Suri Babu -Yes, Venki what did you feel a while ago,
when you were beaten up by him l wanted to crush him
-Go ahead How dare you insult me
infront of girls? what’s the use if you beat him
like that? He is a body builder l will show you.
lt should be like this Don’t ever try to be oversmart
with us henceforth Everyone in the world is busy
except us Shall i recommend your names to
the contractor for work? We are degree holders.
We are not labourers So what? i am a postgraduate
i have M.A., degree My God! -what happened, Venki?
-i am stunned Lady is from Srikakulam
Beauty is from Malkipuram Elegance is from Jagadamba
centre, Visakhapatnam Delicate lips are from Pithapuram
Very delicious to taste Twists of the waist are tickling She is a cunning
beauty of Tekkali She is a lady lion of Bobbili She is the heart throb of
young generation from Kirlampudi lf you want to fight with us, all
your neurons will get pierced You are a beauty with milky
complexion Body is as smooth as blossoms Cheeks are very chubby Shoulders are like coconut cake You are like a fighter cock
whenever you get angry it the teeth are lost, nothing
other than flour can be eaten You are as sweet as ripened
guavas l shall carry you in flower litter
on streets of milky silver stars As long as the rich and poor
groups exist, slaves will … … always be found by the
cunning hunters Poor can’t survive unless and
until the culprits are punished if the elders don’t try to change
this, gentlemen like me … … will have to handle the
situation by hook or crook You are an army chief. You are
the lion of Simhachalam You are unbeatable You always try for the
upliftment of others He has closed his eyes
for quite sometime. ls he sleeping by any chance? He is in meditation. He is trying
to contact someone l deeply regret to tell the truth
to you, but l have to Truth is always bitter.
-You are right, sir what is it? Your life is full of
problems till 40 yrs of Ur age They are not just problems
You have to struggle a lot For example, if you get food to
eat after a long time, … …U won’t be able to eat it as it
will be spilt with Ur own hands lf you go for asking a loan, the
door will be seen with a lock One bitter truth is that,
your wife will go away W’ll she go away alone or
with someone else? You should not laugh at
someone’s bad luck You have to bear these troubles
till U are on the right side of 40 Later on … … -You will get
habituated You may go now How are you
Mr. Venkateswara Rao? You have asked me
to come down l have good news for you what is it? -Venus has
entered your horoscope Does that mean
Saturn has gone away? You will get a job in which you
will be wearing caps daily We never expected this.
-This is nothing but the destiny Caps are worn by peons as well
as the police what will we be among them?
-Even S.l. wears the cap No one will recruit us as S.l.
for our qualification when the planets are ordering,
nothing can stop U from success You will get great publicity
and you will become very famous lt’s very nice to hear that,
Sir, what shall we do now? Don’t do anything.
Just wait and watch when the time comes, luck will
catch hold of you on it’s own You have to wait till then Weight has increased by waiting.
But, still no problem. We will definitely wait. Till
then, we will spend time with … … borrowed money. Sir, by the way what is your
opinion about loan what happened? l have been searching for you
since quite sometime what are you doing here?
-why? Our good period is started. Has someone promised to lend
money? -No Someone has assured me
of giving us suitable jobs He is correct. Planet Venus has
started showing its effect By the way,
who is that great person? He is the one. -l feel as if the
employment exchange office … … is coming to us to shower its
blessings. Let’s go and catch him They are my friends. He is Mr. Bhagavan. -God is
present in the name itself He is in my heart as well.
l am very optimistic By the way are you
lndians or Chinese? We are pure lndians. Can’t you
make out from our faces? You act like comedians. l am
asking about the restaurant l don’t discuss anything openly why does he want to
discuss in a restaurant? what is he murmuring about? He is asking us to proceed
as per your wish Let’s go to Chinese restaurant
first. -what about next? Let’s decide it there You are into lots of troubles.
You may eat with hand Generally, l prefer chinese food
as it has low fat content. We shall follow the same
henceforth what do you prefer among steel
plant, shipyard, Asiad, Zinc, bunk Bunk …!
HPCL what to do with all these?
-For doing a job You can have a
choice among these l can’t believe. -He is mad.
-what are you whispering about? We didn’t expect that we will
have a choice to choose So, we had taken a little time
to come to normalcy Mr. J.C. has told about the job
when we’ll be wearing caps ln which post can
we wear caps among these? ln every company. Even in this
hotel as well, watchman wears… …the cap. Do you want that job? By the way
what sort of job is that? l am talking about the jobs with
tie but not with the cap We don’t know to wear a tie
-They will teach you By the way, do you want to be
a G.M. or A.G.M.? He is calling you.
Talk to him first We should ask for G.M. post.
-A.G.M. has more letters We will ask for it.
We want A.G.M post l expected that you will
ask for A.G.M. post only G.M. means General Manager and
A.G.M means Assistant G.M. Sorry sir, we want G.M. post By the way, Mr. Bhagavan, can
we wear caps and go to the job You can go as per your wish l want in Zinc -l want in
steel plant -l want in bunk Don’t confuse him.
We want to be together We will work together
-How much will be the salary? Rs 30,000- That means,
Rs. 40,000- How much will be the interest?
-lt’s salary but not a loan Don’t we have to repay it again?
-l think, he is frustrated Even if you want to repay,
they will not accept it Even we want the same.
-Not only that. You have …. … gratuity, P.F., C.F., that will
be paid every month ls B.F. also available?
-Do you want to act in that? Mr. Bhagavan, why are
you doing all this for us? Not for free of cost. W’ll my
car run without petrol just … … because l am a noble man?
-No Even l have to pay to the people.
-of course That’s why, l charge Rs.1 lakh
per every placement You have misinterpreted us.
We are not at all rich Can we four share a single job?
-l understood your poverty l will be satisfied,
if you pay Rs. 1 lakh together l don’t believe you. l will never
believe you in money matters Father, you can’t do this. By Mr.
J.C.’s recommendation Saturn … … has moved aside, Venus has
entered the centre and so … … l have got the job.
what else do we need? l have got a job as G.M. in steel
plant with Rs.30,000-salary p.m. l will be promoted every month. Along with that, P.F., C.F., G.F
B.F. will be given every month ls your education
worth all these? There is no connection with the
degree. lf at all, any exists … …it is due to the planetary
alignments and the job what nonsense is all this?
Forget about the planets why don’t you ever support him? You have spent lakhs
on his education Mom, don’t raise any new
issues. He never spent lakhs l was just saying it casually He is just asking for Rs.25,000-
why are you thinking too much? Mom, as soon as l get the
job, l will take you all to the … … steel plant.
-Shall l believe all this? lf you are doubtful, then don’t
give. -lt’s very difficult Do one thing.
l have to sell my kinetic honda l anticipated this. That’s why l
have got a party for selling it Take this. -what happened? -l
can’t believe you all You can believe us.
We never cheat anyone Count this. Rs.5,000- is less.
That should be informed to me … …from the very beginning. lt was
because of poverty. Nothing else l am not concerned. Already l
lost Rs. 3 lakhs, because of you Please change your expression.
Give that chain. Give it fast Or else, he might
lose his temper. Please take it. -No.
-Please take it. Have you cooled down?-
Actually, l can’t tolerate cheating Forget it. Tell us about our
joining date. We have to buy new clothes.
-You may proceed with your work You go to the temple early in the
morning and come down to the … … office where we met each
other initially Your appointment orders will be
ready by then We will be there
by 8.30 a.m. only. The doors will not be kept
open for you at 8.30 a.m. l can understand your eagerness Your stagnant life
will speed up now ls he there? -who? -Mr.
Bhagavan -who are you? We are his close friends.
-Ok, come inside -Move Sir, they are Bhagavan’s
close friends Ok., you may go now.
l will talk to them. ls Mr. Bhagavan your friend? We are very proud that person
like him is our friend what’s the matter? -what
else? lf we get the appointment orders,
we will go and join Today is a very auspicious day.
We have to join immediately which appointment order? -l
guess U haven’t yet got Ur share what is it? -what else? We
had given him 1 lakh altogether Mr. Bhagavan is
very kind hearted That’s why he has agreed
for such a lower rate. Are you aware of
the details of this office? We don’t want to know?
-But l have to tell Anti corruption beauro. Offering
bribe is also a crime Mr. Bhagavan is a Cheat My father scolded me very badly My father had thrashed me for
the first time in my life He took away my gold chain as
well. All this is because of you My friend told me that
he will be found here itself That’s impossible Do you want in Zinc or bunk or
steel plant or shipyard? W’ll you be able to place me
anywhere among these? l never mind. Choice is yours Do you want in Afro-asiad?
-Those are games That is in sports quota what happened sir?
-They are behind me for the jobs You be in touch. Give me
a ring later. -Ok sir All four of you have got
selected -what for? ln the physical
examination of S.l. tests But, we haven’t applied for it
-Haven’t you applied? Please don’t leave the hand. Or
else we have to touch your feet Have you passed your degree?
-Long back Ok, you can apply now.
l will manage. Prepare for the written test These are the multiple
choice questions Among the four choices, only one
will be the correct answer How will we know
the correct answer? You know ”a”,”b”,”c”,”d”.
Am l right? -of course We will close our eyes
and tick one among the four lf we are lucky enough, we will
pass and then get selected Then we will become S.l. as well lf so, unnecessarily, we struggled
a lot to complete the degree Your favourite God -Lord
Anjaneya -Write ”A” Your favourite politician
-Mr. Vajpayee l asked you to tell among a,b,c,d
Not at the national level Tell me at the state level. Then
it’s none other than ChandraBabu Ok, write ‘C’ then who is your favourite cricketer?
-Mr. Dependable who is he now?
-Don’t you know? Don’t show your intelligence
-Dravid -Write ‘D’ Your favourite actor?-Bala
krishna, in Samarasimha reddy No details please. Write ‘B’
Finally got over Every one has
to follow the same Byheart them. All of us will
have the same destiny Mr. J.C. has told that whatever
is written on Thursday by … …sitting on the staircase of the
temple will definitely come true We will do our best. Let us
leave the rest to God Even He should have some work why are you leaving so early?
-We have faith in God That’s why we are fast. They
have faith in themselves That’s why they are slow l didn’t understand. -lf you
understand our concept, … … you will land up with heart
failure. Bye Everything happened. Everything
is over as per our wish Don’t irritate me early in the
morning. who has died? None other than Ur poverty. You
are selected for the S.l. training l can’t believe .-Even l didn’t
inspite of being your father But they believed you. Dear, please open your mouth He hasn’t yet brushed his teeth Nothing is new in it.
You may proceed Mother, l am very happy. l shall
go and share this with Mr. J.C. People share their joy with
the family members None would share the joyous
occasion with idiots like J.C. Father, don’t dare to utter any
word against Mr. J.C. He is the sole person
responsible for my success Mr. Jagadamba Chowdary is an
incarnation of God -Then go … .. Then, go and thank him
-God bless you You are not an ordinary
astrologer You are an incarnation of God Your fortune forecast is
absolutely true We have got very nice jobs
-l have done nothing. lt is all because of your
planetary alignment You are responsible for the
favourable alignment of planets Dear Venky, you have an added
advantage associated with this W’ll these three lose their lives
in the train accident? Not at all. You will be introduced
to a beauty in this journey She will be your
lifemate in future All the ladies were insulting me
as l was irresponsible l was very much worried about
my marriage Thanks a lot for the good news
-what about us? You have to lead bachelor’s
for quite sometime They are not at all in a hurry.
We shall make a move now We will be in touch with you
-All the best lt’s a ladies compartment. Let us
enter inside -Wait a minute Give me the cell once. My father is against using the
cell for outgoing calls We have come to the station. Suggest us the
compartment to be entered Today is Wednesday and
Panchami. Mercury is leaving Capricon and
entering Leo Sit in the odd numbered
compartment Lady number! Are there different
male and female numbers? lt’s not a female number.
lt’s an ”odd number” l understood. But we have only
two choices. No. 4 and No.7 7 can’t be preferred as it is a
favourite number of Lord Saturn So, we shall enter
into the fourth. Venky, but seven is an odd
number -l know that l just asked to confirm it. ln
which direction shall we sit? As per your horoscope, North-
East direction would be the best Guruji doesn’t want us to enter
this compartment. Let’s go l have asked you
to get lost long back. why are you still waiting? You have given him a ticket
but not to me. why sir? l liked his face and didn’t like
yours. l have my own choice Mr. Nippu Nagaraju. Let’s go
-Get lost Good morning Mr. Nagaraju
-Do you know me? l know you very well. You have very bad fame …
Sorry, good fame He is the one. -Good morning sir
Kindly let us have a snap with U How is the snap? -That will be
known after developing Send me a copy. where are you
going? -To Hyderabad You are going to my native place.
Tell me the berth numbers We have come for the same. We
will sit wherever you ask us to Go and sit in S-4. -Please allot
in S-7 Mr. J.C has told us
to sit in S-7. W’ll you listen to a T.C.
or to an idiot like J.C.? He is a famous astrologer. He is
a very good fortune teller His every word is as
powerful as a decree l will take him to you once.
-Ok, go and sit in S-7 l will try my level best. -We
know Ur capability & capacity You know me very well. Go
ahead -Let’s move which is the North – East
direction in this compartment? This toilet is in the
North-East direction what happened Venky?
-Nothing sir You have asked us to sit in the
North-East direction But the toilet is in the
North-East direction Then do one thing. Sit sometimes
in the toilet and the remaining … … time, sit facing the East.
Planets will compromise Take care of the liquor bottles.
No one should know about us As it is, police department has
no reputation at all ls she the one? Not at all l will sit next to that girl She is asking something
-Mr. Nagaraju will know it ls she the one
referred by Mr.J.C.? He told that my lifemate
will be a beauty She has disgusting looks.
She can’t be. who is he? -May l know your
numbers please! -Are U the T.C. l am a passenger.
-Even we are the same why do you need our seat
numbers? That seat is reserved for me.
-You can come and sit Come down and sit l’m Gajala from Washington
-l am Venky from Vizag Sir, l am asking you casually.
May l know your berth numbers We haven’t yet decided.
-what are you talking? T.C. will decide and tell me.
& l will tell you immediately Move aside. -who is he? -what
nonsense are you talking? why are sitting on my berth?
-Can’t you see? Get lost why are you shouting?
-Come down and sit l was late because of the
traffic jam Sir, you have the reservation, so
you can come down at any time But what about the people
travelling without reservation? They enter at any time
and sit any where You are right. By the way do
you have reservation? what are you saying? l have got
my ticket reserved 20 days back l am a very planned person. l
don’t like to trouble anyone Let me introduce myself. Venky, A smart aunty is sitting
there. Let’s go and sit there why to sit among these and
harass ourselves? l don’t want to come.
You may go ahead. She might come at any time
-Let’s move then Aunty is very smart.
Her smile does steal our heart Aunty got scared l will buy it in the next station.
-ls he her husband? Father hasn’t bought
coke for me. Cool drinks contain pesticides.
why don’t you understand? lt won’t harm me. Don’t ask them.
-Mom, l want that coke Your father is telling you the
truth. lt contains poison Then why are you drinking? Can’t you give to
an innocent child? Give it Take it from him. Are you human? why are
snatching that from a kid. He will become senseless
if he drinks this Do you have anything to eat?
-Yes sir How nasty? l am asking for
something hot. My God! Time is passing.
W’ll she come or not? J.C.’s words can never go waste.
She will surely come Please give it to me.
-You …! -Myself …! You will come
to know later on Don’t worry. For the time being,
l am your co-passenger Please give it to me.
Get in My bag please. -what is your
berth number? -52 Please come. Sir, lift your leg.
Tell me the number again. -52 lt’s nothing great to talk in
English. Sit in your seat You please come. Look at that idiotic behaviour.
He is trying to impress her She is very sensible. We are leaving today itself.
Berth nos. are 52 & 53 Train has started.
Father hasn’t yet come Uncle hasn’t yet come? Don’t worry. You’ve to be sharp
& act accordingly. Just a second what is your father doing?
-He is an English lecturer l didn’t mean that. what was he
doing without boarding the train? Please come. Give me the
luggage. Give me the hand Please come. Lift your leg please ls he a passenger or a porter?
-Move aside. Please sit Nothing to worry. Everything
happens for the best Miss Sravani was worried about
you. Do you know my daughter? Not at all. But Mr. Prasada Rao,
l know her name How do you know our names?
Don’t worry. l saw the chart who pulled the chain? who is
that idiot? -He is the one Hold your tongue Are you the one?
l misjudged you. Mr. Nagaraju, why are you
feeling as if l snatched … … a gold chain from
your wife’s neck l had pulled it for him. -Yes
sir, he has done it for my father But you have to pay the fine or
else l will have to pay But sir … Miss Sravani, don’t
worry, l pulled the chain So, l will pay the fine. -No
dear, l will pay -Not at all Leave it sir. lf he wants to pay,
let him pay. -Mr. Bokka … … Dear, you please wait.
Don’t pity him. Let him pay He pulled the chain now. He
might snatch the gold chain later Mr. Nagaraju, l don’t like to
trouble anyone. Please take this l have to take it, as
it is my responsibility in my job l want that coke only.
-You should not drink this Drink the one bought
by your father Look at him sir. He wants to
drink our cool drink He is a kid.
why don’t you give? But even he has one. -why don’t
you drink that? -Get lost l want that cool drink only.
-Exchange the bottles then Kids should not drink this.
-what? Let me taste that why did you make it too strong?
-He made it strong l will come and drink this at
regular intervals. Don’t finish it off lf you finish it off, l will throw
you out- Ok sir,manage him first You drink that. Get lost
Mr.dwarf l want this only. Sravani dear, my head is aching.
l will sleep for sometime Ok father.
-Sir, Sleep on this berth. You can adjust later on.
Let him sleep. Give me that bag. -lt’s alright.
-You can give it to me -No. You can keep that
along with you and sleep why didn’t he yet come
from the bathroom? Already started? lt’s alright. l
have a good news for you all That girl has come -who?
-My would be lifemate She is continuously smiling. whole Vizag did laugh at us.
So there is nothing great Shut up! Recollect Mr.
Chowdary’s words He has told us that we will be
into good jobs and we are into That is all due to favourable
planetary alignment l can get her only with your help
-Ok, what shall we do? You should praise me
infront of her You have to bear my slangs and
slaps infront of her Please try to understand my
emotions behind all this We will be very happy
if we can help you l don’t want to give my cell
-This is nothing but co-operation Things are going on very well.
That beauty has come Don’t be happy right now. Bad planets are trying to enter
in between you and her You can succeed only if you can
get rid of them. -Sir Don’t worry. Find out the solution
Then you will get her. -Ok sir why are looking dull? -Bad
planets are playing with us ls any berth empty there?
-49 is empty l am sitting on the same berth.
Let’s go. -what for? -l will tell Rahul is going to enter. He will
enter in the next station what to do now? -Don’t worry.
We will manage. -Come here Station is empty. -He is standing
there. -ls he the one? l think he is Rahul.
-He can’t do anything. Come down. Sir, ls it the Godavari Express
-This is Visakha when will the Godavari Express
arrive?-That is Godavari Express They told me that it is the
Visakha Express You are a fool. Go and catch it Mr. Suri babu, he is coming. -Let
him come. But he won’t get in Give me the bag.
-l have got reservation. A beauty queen, my heart throb
is found after a long waiting Mr. J.C’s astrological calculations
have shown her to me in train Her elegant smile ruins the
detrimental effect of Saturn l can do anything for her smile lf her silence turns
into acceptance We shall get married in Tirupati l love you, Sravani,
you are born for me You will be with me for ever Please gift me with
your elegant pearl like smile l shall buy gold ornaments
for you Gift me with your shining beauty. l shall worship every cell of
yours with flowers l can’t tolerate this cold
Give me a sweet kiss l am flooded with your love
Give me a sweet hug Marriages are made in heaven.
Has your ear ever heard this? lf so, decorate the house and
distribute the invitations Please don’t postpone. Kindly
give me the post as your hubby Now it’s your choice. But please
don’t disappoint me Miss Sravani, these are my
friends. Mr. Suri, Mr.Ramana, … … Mr. Bujji
-Hello madam Please sit.
-You are looking like a groom Hasn’t the T.C. given you the
berth yet? -Not yet There is no guarantee that he
will allot a berth to you lt will be better for you to enter
into a general compartment Mr. Bujji …
-what do you want? Mr. Venky, why are you
in the second class? Always you prefer to come by
first class, as per my knowledge Both first class & second class
A.C. are full due to season This is not at all a season why have you shifted here?
-Have you adjusted yourselves? They haven’t, but we have
adjusted ourselves Mr. T.C., is the AC
compartment full? Not at all.
You may go if you want Get the drink. l will be there A.C. compartment is empty. You
may go if you want l won’t. l can’t leave
my friends and go l am very much affectionately
attached with them l didn’t want to be born rich.
But still l am rich They didn’t want to be born
poor. But still they are poor lt is all due to
ascending planets. l have faith in God
and Astrology l like to lead a social life.
what about you? l prefer the same.
-We do have the same opinions Both of you have nothing in
common except this opinion Do you like this
author’s novels? -Yes what about you?
-l love his novels which novel do you like the most
among his publications? Just a minute please where are you going? Myself. You don’t even have the
proper command over Telugu But still you talk about English
and English language They are born and
brought up in English Handle the situation carefully. Or else even Mr. Chowdary will
never forgive you You will be a bachelor for
life time then. Get lost Beauty is inviting you
-l have come. Don’t worry who are you?
-That’s none of your business l can dance and sing as well.
Let us start now who are you? You are looking
like a spoiled brat How dare you? Be careful !
Or else, l will kill you where have you come from?
See now. l will kill you. Look at him. Such a small kid
has no respect for elders why are you laughing?
l hate the people like him You just hate them. l am very
allergic to such kind of people Did you notice? We have same
kind of opinions and views Suppose, if people like them
spit on my face, l will just … … wipe it off and go away.
That’s my nature Mr. Gajala, have you noticed?
He is over smart Let us give him a small jerk so
that he will never behave … … smartly with anyone
henceforth Mr. Gajala, l am very hungry.
Shall l get down and get … … something to eat? -We need
not. l will manage Hey…-why are you furious? You
said that you have great… …respect for elders just a short
while ago That means, all those were lies.
You were trying to impress her Not at all. That was the truth.
-Go out and get something what shall l get? -Anything lf it’s tasty we will eat. lf not,
we will throw it on your face what about the money? -Don’t
you have respect for elders? Go and get.
-Let’s go Bujji Bujji, take the chips.
How much is it? Three rupees each
-Take two rupees each You can take sir. -That Gajala
is taking undue advantage whatever it is. But that girl
likes me very much Bujji, pay the money
and come down My God! She is staring Sir, this is for you
-what is this? Guavas and potato chips
-Do l look like a idiot to you Can’t you get cashew nuts?
-They are not available You eat all this on your own why are you looking at her? Software industry is experiencing
massive loss day by day lt is experiencing loss
since it is soft Shut up! what do you know
about the computer? lt’s not easy like travelling
without a ticket You can be oversmart with
ladies but not with me They are uneducated brutes.
Don’t pay attention to them Miss Sravani, do you eat
chicken? -No, l don’t Probably she is vegetarian
-Venky, why don’t you eat? Later on, you might curse us if
we finish it off why are you asking me?
Did l ever eat non-veg? l can’t withstand violence -But
raw animal doesn’t taste good Don’t you eat non-veg?
-l can’t. l consider hen to be my sisters
and sheep to be my brothers Actually, l don’t like to eat
vegetarian food as well Even the spinach plant has life.
l eat because l have to live Don’t you want?
-Didn’t you listen? She doesn’t eat non-veg.
-l do eat You said that you don’t eat
chicken just a short while ago l get rashes if l eat chicken but
l love sea food W’ll you eat atleast now? Don’t force him.
He is a strict vegetarian ls it really tasty? lf you want,
l’ll give you company if U wish You should never change your
habits for someone They are eating away everything.
l love chicken. Keep at least one Since childhood, l haven’t ever
touched the non-veg But l always wanted
to know the taste when l asked Mr. J.C., he asked
me to start in proper time You are introduced to me. No
occasion can be greater than this Shall l start? – No, No. Don’t
start. Abide to your morals You will be admired and
appreciated by the people then You are as good as a stray dog. You never listen to any one
completely That’s why you took such a long
time to complete the degree You are to marry her. You have
to spend your entire life with her And you told her that you don’t
eat non-veg. Rest of your life should be
spent with eating flora, bitter … …guard, bottle guard and all
possible leaves. Disgusting…. All of you pay attention.
Train will be here for 1/2 hr Get down and enjoy.
lt is a very beautiful place How scenic !- lsn’t it very ugly?
-That’s why,l hate to come here Let’s move.-l said that it’s
really beautiful what happened?
-lt’s jungle mosquito Sometimes we get bored in
journey and sometimes … …we do enjoy it quite a lot
lsn’t it so? lt’s very natural. when the
distant one comes near … … the nearest one appears
to be distant-l didn’t get you Even l didn’t. lt is just a saying
from the book. l thought that it would suit this
situation. So l told that lf l am wrong, please forgive me l am enjoying my journey
because of you Sir, do you want to have some
tea? -l don’t want Give me one glass of tea W’ll you drink tea?
-l take neither tea nor coffee W’ll you drink Endrine at least?
Very smart idiot Mr. Bokka, will you have some
tea? -No, thank you sir ls it tea? -Have you given
coffee instead? No sir, l have given him tea only Go to Hyderabad and drink there.
You will understand the taste lt’s not just tasty. lt’s delicious. l never start my day unless and
until l drink tea from there Miss. Sravani, My grandpa met
my grandma for the first time … … in the train. Same is the case
with my parents -ls it so? Everyone in your family has the
same background Look there! -Don’t pay attention
to his words Mr. J.C said that l will meet my
life partner in the train who is he? -You don’t know
him. He is a great astrologer His forecast never fails. -All
that is trash. lf you believe … … all this, you will land up
no-where in the life You don’t pay attention to them.
He is really great That one is a great astrologer
and this one is a brain eater Mr. Bokka, l respect elders
That’s why l am tolerating you But, please don’t talk
any absurd about Mr. J.C. Mr. Venky, do you know about
scorpio? -why not? lt’s a very good vehicle.
lt’s mileage is too good Are you planning to buy it? l am
not asking you about the car l am asking you regarding the
Zodiac sign. why are you laughing? Can’t you
answer straight questions? Do you consider scorpio to
be a car? what is your sign?
-Just a minute Sir, l am Venky.
-Yes Venky why are you sounding
differently? Forget about it. Tell me the
matter. -Sorry sir That girl … … -which girl?
-My would be life mate She is asking me something
regarding the Zodiac sign Sir, what is that?
-lt’s nothing but sunsign By the way what is her sunsign?
-She is telling me her’s to be … … scorpio but as far as l know,
it’s a car’s name lt’s not car’s name. lt’s her
sunsign. Then what about me? when were
you born? -March 24th You know it very well.
-You are an Arien why is he telling me the Ariel
washing powder’s name? Do we match each other?
You will make up a good pair Thanks a lot sir.
All this is because of you l will be in touch with you.
ls incoming free to you? why so? -Because outgoing is
also free for me How is it possible?
Cell is of Bujji Miss Sravani, you have
a very good future. You should marry an Arien
to lead happy life Are you an Arien?
-why are you concerned? But your future is very bad
-How do you know? For some people, fortune can be
forecast by looking at the face why are you bothered about
him? Let’s go and sleep Let’s change the dress and relax l will read for sometime. -You
come this side. You go away l was waiting for you near the
leafy garden l was waiting for you
through-out the night My desire has increased in the
meanwhile l shall give you the butter balls
dear Venkatesa l got the beauty of my
expectations Dear handsome, make the pillows
and blossoms ready. l like you lf you really like me, then don’t
hide your soothing beauty l will respond to your signals l will give you
my sweet virgin hug l won’t leave you even if you
don’t want me l can’t be away from your
chubby cheeks Let’s enjoy the mate’s play Come to the mango field to enjoy Young man, if you come home
you will be a son-in-law Shall l make the bed ready after
the sun set Shall l pray to the mole on your
lovely cheeks Shall l take you aside for the
works Shall l care for you and… …love you continuously You are very sharp. lf taken
care, you will be very sweet You are as good as Lord
Krishna. You are playing with me when will l be allowed to see
the curves of your waist l am losing my control now what is he doing?
-Finally he succeeded Take one more Come this side
-where? You come here first Wait a minute Congratulations.
Finally you got her. All of you are involved
in this success lt’s not sounding good.
-l didn’t mean it Do you know
what she said to me? She said that, she can’t be
alive without me Don’t delay any further.
Reveal your feelings to her No other girls will reveal
more openly than her Sister-in-law is equivalent to
mother. You should respect her Forget about him. Reveal it fast.
Or else her mood might change what are you discussing here?
-We are talking about ourselves where are you going?
-Going for this Move aside. You may go now She is discussing everything
with me from now itself This is the best time. Reveal it
now itself. -l am very tensed lf you can’t reveal now, you can
never reveal. -why so? Because, she will be
sleeping then Have a peg and then tell
-He will be unreliable then That’s true. Tell now itself
-Move aside which pesticide do you use in
general for cultivation? Miss Sravani, is everything
alright? -what? Actually l am confused
because of tension l might get confused but you
please catch the meaning Regarding what? -l am an Arien
and you are a scorpio -So what Recollect Mr. J.C.’s words?
-what did he say? Didn’t he say that an Arien & a
Scorpio will make up a good pair So what? -So, my friends feel
that it will be very nice … … if we get married. lf you
agree … … How dare you propose to my
daughter? -Sir, actually … what nonsense are you talking?
-what happened, sir? He called my daughter aside,
and proposing to her what’s wrong in it?
l like her. So l proposed Mr. Prasada Rao, don’t create
unnecessary nuisance Miss Sravani, at least you try
to convince your father You are an idiot. l shouldn’t have
spoken with a Romeo like you why do you need a cop?
We can handle him alone You are not even worth to be
their servant and you … …want to be their son-in-law Mr. Gajala, this is our problem.
Kindly don’t interfere lt’s not our problem. l have
spoken to you very casually … … and you are proposing me for
marriage. You are senseless why are you still
discussing with him? Mr. Gajala, please cool down How dare you propose to her? Please leave me.
l will see your end Venky, please cool down Venky, don’t feel bad.
We are here for you But l don’t have her. -Forget
her.We are helpless l left everything for her
including non-veg l tolerated everyone for her. l
just proposed her for the … … marriage. what’s wrong in it?
-who said so? -She said l have everything. l have
better looks than you all That’s why we should never
change our character for others Be careful. My life should
teach you a lesson what happened? why is he
crying?Has someone passed away Venky has a failed love affair.
-You should be happy for that why? -lf your love is a
success, then you get married That is the end of a happy life lf it’s a failure, you will
remember it for life time l didn’t understand a word
but it is sounding good ls there anything else? -l have
many like this to tell l’m writing letter with my blood,
Don’t ignore me as l love you. why U waste your blood as you
can get another one like me. Venky loved someone
and she rejected him His heart is broken why are you creating nuisance?
-who is he? l will push you out of the train.
Sleep quietly Mr. Nagaraju, l know one Hindi
song. -Do you know Hindi? l don’t know the language, but
then l do know the song Go ahead. -Hold this l know one more song
-Go ahead Don’t you have common sense? U
are grown up, but not your brain ls there any co-relation between
your height and your words? what is the relation between
height and this? Have you slapped me? -Any
doubt -Confirmed, l shall go Wait -l am feeling sleeping
-But l am not feeling sleepy By the way, Am l responsible
for the loss in software industry why did you say? Do l have to
live a begger’s life? -No sir Are we travelling
without tickets? Did l say that? -of course, yes l might have said so. By the
way, when the T.C. asked … …you to show the person who
pulled the chain, didn’t you … … point out your finger at me?
-Actually my finger was empty How dare you? l will break your
finger now. Take out Rs. 1000- Sir, why should l pay Rs.1000-
He has charged you just Rs.500 Do you need the details?
-Please leave me. l will give Hundred or 2 hundred might be
less in that. -lt’s alright By the way, why did you
fold your tongue? lt might be the custom to be
done before slapping someone Show me once. -Sir, actually
-Show me. Show me again lt’s not like that.
You are doing it like this. Actually you should raise
your tongue a bit You should slap then. Look carefully.
ls it the proper way? Sir, l will make a move know.
Are you going to sleep? Sir, actually l am very tired. l
would like to relax for sometime You can relax later on.
Let’s sing songs and enjoy By the way, can you sing?
-l can sing old songs Don’t play dirty tricks with me.
-what did l do? l just asked you regarding
your ability to sing l didn’t ask you to differentiate Sing. -l will sing only if you
stop slapping lf you sing, l will not slap you
-l didn’t get you You will understand everything
slowly. Come and sit Don’t irritate me. Start singing
Go ahead, Mr. Gajala Dear moon, come down to listen
our wonderful story Sir. what is this? – lt’s remix
Mr. Gajji (Scabies) l am a rich husband
to a lovely wife Wedded life has
taught many lessons lt has come out very nice l shall make a move now.
-Sit for some time where is that safari? -Are
you talking about Mr. Bokka? Sir, l have something to ask you
just for the clarification why did you slap me now? Because you have respect for
Bokka (Hole) what is this nonsense & nuisance
Do they have any sense? Sir, they are calling you They can’t boss me. Aren’t you
ashamed to inform me this? The situations have
totally changed now Nothing will change. Let me go
and teach them a lesson lt will be better if you respect
me. Be careful. l am not Gajala why are you raising?
-what else will l do? Do you want to slap?
-Do l have to think for that? lt’s very simple.
Did you realise? By the way are you really in
need of wearing this safari Don’t you like it sir?
lt’s looking very absurd l will never wear it henceforth
-Take out Rs.1000- -why sir? You better give or else
he might even kick you Please leave my hands lt’s more than Rs.1000-
-lt’s alright, sing a song now Till now Mr. Gajala has
entertained us Sir, l can’t sing. what else can
you do? -l know nothing Then why did you
enter the train? Do l need to know something, if
l have to travel by train? Don’t ask stupid questions. Tell
me what can you do? l can manage to dance a bit Mr. Nagaraju, you can start You attract everyone with your
piercing looks lf hand is raised, Mr. Bokka
will be scared Mr. Bokka, you
danced really well. Mr. Gajji, it’s your
turn to dance now Sir, l can’t. My movement is not
very perfect.You might not like it lt’s not a cinema shooting. You
better dance or else … His words are also equally
painful like his slaps Mr. Nagaraju. -Yes Raja.
-Go ahead ln dark night, meet behind
the jasmine garden You will get whatever you want Sir, we shall go and rest now
-Bokka, let’s make a move now why are you in a hurry?
Sit for sometime No sir, we shall go
and have some rest My shoes are waiting to act
if you over act Since morning, she has been
torturing us in English One slap will break her
big glasess what is all this?
-You are the one remaining ls it a train or your car?
Train was on the platform … … and you are discussing
nonsense in the phone We had to risk for you. l had to
pay penalty for your mistake Pay my money back to me. -l
don’t need Ur help. You can take He is collecting
money from everyone. why are you complaining? ls he
the owner of this compartment? why did you slap me?
what do you think of yourself? Father, why to complicate the
issue? Let’s go and sleep We are spending
a sleepless night here Do you want to have a sound
sleep?-We won’t let you to have Pull the chain. Let’s throw
him out of the compartment How dare you? l just held his shirt
and you got angry This old man slapped me.
How furious will l be? By tomorrow morning, yourself
and this old man will enter … … the mortality list. lf not,
change my name ln Vizag, none of our
enemies could survive l will slit open your throat.
Be careful Kill me right now, if you can Am l your servant to kill you
as per your wish? You won’t even realise that you
have been murdered By the time you open your eyes,
you will be in hell He challanged to kill them and
fell down to the ground Father, please get up. We have
to get down in the next station Father, Father what happened, dear,
what happened? They have killed him.
Let’s wake up this girl. She will call the police at least They have murdered
this girl as well Sir, what happened?
-Are you human or the devil? You have taken
two innocent lives Venky, please get up. Someone
has killed them and they … …are blaming us. Please get up why did you do this?
-what did l do? who else will kill him other than
you? You are the culprit why are you still talking with
him? Call the police T.C., Call the police Get down fast Are we here for police training
or to kill someone? No father would tolerate a
stranger proposing his daughter You shouldn’t have killed him Don’t talk nonsense
or else l will kill you Aren’t you satisfied yet? Do you
want to kill us even? Kill us lf you keep on killing people,
you would be left alone Mr. Suribabu, don’t misunderstand
me. l didn’t kill anyone You, yourself said those words l just said those words in
l did nothing Don’t you know me? l get scared
by looking at a drop of blood That is true. We know you very
well. But took quite sometime … … to believe you. How the
public will believe you? Entire compartment hates us lf we have to escape from the
police we should go to the … … Police Academy. No one knows
about us as we haven’t done … … reservation. Mr. Ramana, your
laziness has saved us Mr. Chowdary said that our lives
will take an unexpected turn Give that cell. l will see his end Mr.J.C., U told us that our lives
will take an unexpected turn why? Haven’t your life turned
yet? -Not at all But we are running about at
every turning here You are useless. -Venky, decent
language is very important lf we come back to Vizag by
God’s grace, we will … … send you to God directly.
You are an useless absurd guy why are you repeatedly
saying ‘no’ ‘no’? Mr.Venky wants to honour me as
he has great respect for me l have rejected his offer. Even we would like to honour
you, if your word comes true Please cool down.
They are real bastards. They killed him for no reason
-who are they? -Those four what are their berth numbers?
-They don’t have reservation How did they travel then?
-T.C. is known to them So he managed.
-Get that T.C. here where are they?-who? -Those
four. -They are my fans Are you a movie hero
to have fans? Tell me the truth. -l swear.
l really don’t know why did you drink along
with them without knowing? Did he tell you that?
-Tell me the truth l swear, l don’t know.
-Take him to the station My God! Police. Police only will
be seen in the Police Academy Write your name and
address and then sign here why do you need our details?
-That is the rule who are we? -who are we?
-You will ruin us We have come here for S.l.
training. Do what l say lf you can come down tomorrow,
l will show you photos of… … some suspected criminals for
identification Your father’s belongings
are kept in that room You can collect it from there l am sending a constable along
with you for your security l guess, all of you are aware of
the purpose of coming here We are here for standing
in a straight line You have a very good
sense of humour You can enjoy all this with me
that too only for the time being Mr.Terror will be coming shortly. lf you do the same with him,
you will be shot dead what is it? -Sir, it’s a ring tone
-of which song? Enjoy in moonlight. Enjoy with the
sweet fragrance of jasmines Can you really enjoy
in the moonlight? Do you know that sunlight is
more joyous than the moonlight? Sorry sir,
l have no idea about that Then you should have
an idea about it Keep on running in the sunlight
through-out the day and … …let me know your experience
tomorrow. lf you can be obidient for three
months, you can complete your … … training. Later on you can
act as per your wish … … lf you think like that,
then you are wrong Only the deserved candidates will
complete the training what about the rest? -They will
go back to their homes You have to follow my strict
rules and regulations whoever have the confidence of
withstanding can stay back Rest can leave home lf l will throw you out, you
will be good for nothing then l will give two minutes of time
for you to think and decide l think, he is very dangerous
fellow. Let’s go back lf we go out from here,
we will be sent to jail Let’s bear that torture here
itself. He is coming Go back to your places l admire your self confidence Mr. Biksham will explain the
rules and regulations to you why didn’t you utilize
the golden opportunity? We will face everything
but we won’t go back That’s your bad luck.
Listen to the rules now You have to get up early in the
morning at 5 O’clock when are we supposed to sleep
then? -l will tell you You have to attend
the prayer at 6 O’clock. At 7 O’clock, breakfast will be
provided -what is the menu? Don’t expect fried rice and boost. You will get only a single idli
and half glass of milk what about the lunch? You will
get only a cup of rice and … …broth along with it. Cup is
not of the world cup’s size lt is even smaller than
that of a tea cup After lunch … -Shall we take
rest? -You will have lectures At 4 O’clock,
parade will be organised 5 to 6 will be the games period At 8 O’clock will be the dinner.
Roll call will be at 9 O’clock Sometimes we take you to the
jungles and leave U in night time This is called as Field craft
-what will we do in the jungle? That is the residence
for the naxalites This can’t be justified.
what if they kill us? Police job is not an easy one.
You have to face many more One wicket has
already fallen down Name? -Bujji
-l didn’t ask you the nick name what is your original name?
-Veerabhadram what have you done?
-Sir, l can’t manage why are you laughing like that?
-Because l can’t cry Even kids eat more than this
-You are absolutely correct Mr. Suri babu, have a look there.
-lt’s a castle. -l like it We like everything except
studies. Sit quietly and eat We should visit that once.
-We will go in day time Welcome to MAA TV news.
Police are suspecting four … … youth to be the criminals
behind the yesterday’s murders … … that took place in Godavari
Express. They are from Vizag As per the evidences, they drank
heavily and did the murders The victim’s daughter Miss
Sravani has given more details My father had fought with
them because of me But we never thought that they
are so cruel Police are investigating and are
in search of those four guys We are trying our best to catch
them. We will not leave them l will blast them with bomb, if l
see them by any chance Are you from Cudappa?
-Yes, of course. -l thought so Even you have come by the same
train. Are you the culprits? lt’s very difficult
to laugh forcefully lt is a very serious issue now
-what if they come to know? But how did he come to know
it? -l told him that when did we come? -Yesterday
-No, it’s day before yesterday Venky, your brain is not in
working condition nowadays lt’s working properly now. Let’s
change the date in entry book We can escape then only
-what happened? l have no words to praise you.
-lt’s not the time for praising But entry register is
in Yogi’s room That means, we have
to enter into a lion’s den We have to take risk Don’t make noise
-Close the door Suri babu, search there.
You search here Suribabu, l got it. where is it? Some one is coming How many times did l tell you
to not to meet me directly? You were supposed to call me
after the work is done But you didn’t keep your word.
So l have come The work is not yet completed. l
have asked you to kill both … …the father and daughter. why
did you kill another innocent girl You had asked me to kill the
people on berth nos. 52 and 53 l did the same. -Can’t you
confirm? -How will l? You haven’t given me
their photos This is her photo. Her address
is flat 418, Lakdi Ka Phool… You should not miss out this
time at any cost lf you miss this time,
l won’t miss you You can see that news in
tomorrow’s news paper The most important quality of a
police is to have time sense Let’s discuss about it now.
Consider that this is a house … and l am a thief.
-Your personality suits for it what is your name?
-Suribabu -Very good name Now, consider that l am a thief.
You are police l will snatch this tape recorder.
Now learn to catch a thief who is interested?
Mr Suribabu, you may try Mr. Suribabu, you’re very sensible
with good sense of humour who am l now?
-You are a thief l am running away now.
You have to catch me Wait a minute. Aren’t U ashamed
to rob in your own house? l can do anything in my house.
who are you to ask? But l am a police- This is not
my house. l am here to rob Get lost now. -Sir, please give
me another chance Ranjit, it’s your turn now. Do you
remember everything? -Yes sir No thief will wait to listen all
this. lf he knows this sections, .. … he will become a lawyer
instead of becoming a thief lt’s enough. Get lost now.
You are useless. who else? Mr. Venkateswara Rao, you are
the most eligible cop Atleast you should do it properly Don’t doubt me. Snatch this and
run away. Run fast Stop there! How dare you
steal a tape recorder? Don’t slap. -How else will l
punish you for your nasty work? Don’t back answer me.
-Lesson is over How is it sir? -what?
-l am asking about my acting lt’s very good. -But l am not
satisfied. l can repeat if U want My God! Body is aching. This is the way to catch a thief Yes sir, we will follow it.
Do you want us to repeat again? lt’s enough for today. Tonight,
U’ll have the field craft session W’ll you leave us in the forest?
-You got the point l am very scared. l am getting
more scared because of his voice Do l have to tell you especially?
-We don’t want to get down lf you won’t, l will get you down
forcefully. We shouldn’t have come for the
police training lt’s too late to realise.
-Hell is seen in his smile You can’t sit together to chat.
You have to run 10 km from … … here and get back the flags
of your respective numbers ls it a sound of lion’s roar? -U
are right. This is a tiger zone Don’t worry. Go ahead. l will
come to pick you up tomorrow what’s the guarantee that we
will be alive till tomorrow? lf you remain alive we will take
you or else we will take your … … dead body. Go fast. -My God! why are you so scared? Carry a
torch light along with you You mind your own business Tigers may be there this side
-We will go in this direction l am more scared of snakes Tigers are more
dangerous than snakes l was very scared.
-Suribabu, l will go and come where are you going?
-Sravani is in danger We are in more danger than her.
-lf l don’t go, she will be killed But you are the culprit, as per
her. lf you go, she will inform … … to the police. -lf l don’t go
she will die. Please manage We will take care of it, in case
we remain alive. Or else you … …have to take the responsibility
of informing to our parents He will throw us into trouble Please go and get noodles
-Ok madam Don’t come near.
Or else, l will call the police Sravani, please liston to me.
Please don’t shout Listen to me. You are
in danger. Wait a minute. who are you?
where are you going? Miss Sravani, don’t worry. We
are under S.l. training This will be the safest place for
you. -Are you telling the truth? lf so, why didn’t you call the
cop?-A cop only wants to kill U l am not a kid
to believe your bluff. l am not asking you
to believe me. l want you to protect yourself
l was talking rubbish on that … …day because l was drunk. But
l haven’t … whether to believe or
not is your choice You can stay here. l will take
care of your necessities l will make a move now. Please
don’t come out at any cost Venky! -Yes mam.
-Blood -lt’s alright Call the boys. Venky hasn’t yet come.
what shall we do now? How did you come?
-Look there He has seen us what is this?
-Something has poked what is it?
-Sir, l have no idea Better to find it out. Or else, it
will be very dangerous. Go why did he come here? You wanted me to come down.
why sir? We haven’t met each other
since quite sometime So, l just wanted
to meet you casually How are things?
-lt’s a very stressful job Godavari express murder case
has become very sensational Media is targeting the police l heard that, another murder
took place last night They attacked victim’s daughter
and killed our constable what about that girl?
-Either kidnapped or ran away We are suspecting those 4 guys
to be the culprits Do you have any information
regarding those 4 guys? We are maintaining it
as a top secret. But we will definitely arrest
them in next 24 hours- How? We found a camera belonging
to those 4 guys in the train Actually sir, we want
to buy a camera where did you get it, sir? Actually, we are
new to this place. l got the information that the
camera belongs to those guys So, l gave it for developing
without revealing to anyone lt’s Aruna studio, Punjagutta
-Sir, how did you come to know You invited me for inauguarating
it as it is of your close friend Sir, may l help you? -We would
like to have a group photo You sit and read the news paper.
l will arrange the things for you Search in that. Search fast l found them.
-l am a good photographer Exchange the photographs He is coming Lighting is ready. Please come
inside. You are very fast lt should be a nice one.
We might not meet again Please stand properly.
Little this side. My D.C.P. friend has come.
l will be back within a minute why did he come so early? Are the photos ready?
-Long back. Take them Customers are waiting. l will just
click a snap and come back Click one for me also l have got an urgent work.
l will see you later. We have changed our decision
-what is it? We don’t want
to get a snap clicked Finally we are out of risk.
Sravani is also in favour of us l think Mr. J.C. is correct. l am
regretting for abusing him He is like God. He will forgive
us if we plead him -lt’s ok then l would like to have
a word with Sravani All this is because of your love
only. But you haven’t changed yet Love is full of complications.
We should not go back. Then let’s move ahead
-Let’s go Oh! Sweet heart,
you are my heart throb Do you know that your presence
is mesmerizing me? please let my dream become
true at this moment Shall i prove the truth with my
honey lips? Dear, let the happiness continue The music of the tidal waves is
murmuring in the heart Sweet voice is singing in the
heart i should meet you with rhythmic
steps like flowing river i should immerse myself in you
like a creeper My dear sweet heart, come into
my hug in proper time Shall i immerse in you? Shall i touch your delicate
forehead tenderly Let’s find a place for ourselves
among the sweet couple We shall show a way for
intimacy i am eagerly awaiting to
become yours Were you scared? We got some utmost needed
things for you We got you all the necessary
stuff for decorating your kitchen All this is not for you. We will
share whenever we come here Miss Sravani, can you cook or
shall we teach you? What happened? -it’s very
surprising that an unknown … …wants to kill me and you
are trying to save me No relation builds on any
timely basis But it needs a reason
to be strengthened You trusted us and that’s enough No one kills anyone
without reason. There is some reason behind
Mr.Yogi for doing all this That’s impossible. My father
had no enemies Then why did he kill your father
and why is behind you now? We have to find it out Give me the ball Bujji, let’s go there Give the ball Give that cell.
Take out your cell Has the number got noted? Keep it in your pocket.
-Let’s move Venky, phone.
-it might be Sravani Sravani, write down Mr.
Yogendra Sharma’s number Be careful while talking
-Let’s move i am Sravani speaking… You attempted twice to kill me,
but failed. i am the same Sravani Rasool, note this number. Find out the location
and go there immediately That lady is there only Tell me what do you want i don’t want anything. i called to tell you that your
utmost needed thing is with me Look! i don’t tolerate the people
who play dirty tricks with me Give me that digital cassette Why should i give? if you don’t, you will meet
the similar fate like your father You could find me out. You could
trace my number as well i’m sure that you have a very
good idea about my attitude also it happened by my mistake.
please don’t mind Where is the girl, who called
up right now?-she went there Enough of eating. Go and sleep
Have to get up at 4 a.m. Everyone wants to become S.i. They will realise
the problems later on We should meet Sravani and ask
her about the digital cassette Why is he looking there? Has he
seen Sravani by any chance? Mr. Venkateswara Rao,
please come here Who is she? -Are you
talking about the moon? i am talking about the lady
in that building We can see the building
but not the girl What are you talking?
i can see her very clearly None of us can see.
-Then how can i see? Actually, ghosts can be seen only
by some people but not by all Are you scared? -Not at all.
i never get scared Will you escort me to my
quarters? -Are your scared? i just want you all to come for
a walk in this cold. Mr. Venkateswara Rao, do you
have any idea about ghosts? Mr. Jagadamba Chowdary knows
about them. -Who is he? He is a great scholar He is a very famous astrologer. What did he tell you
about the ghosts? They are of three types :
Sankini, Lankini and Dhakini Sankini type are outdoor ghosts.
They never enter in Lankini type reside
in old houses and arid wells They are very dangerous Dhakini type are the comedy
ones. We don’t have to bother You have seen Lankini type ghost
They are never seen by anyone Once seen, they will
never leave that person. if U tell someone, that you’ve
seen them, they won’t forgive Mr. Venkateswara Rao, do you
know something? -i don’t know i didn’t see any ghost.
i was just joking. That means you are a Dhakini
-You’ve a good sense of humour i am a scorpio. i was born on
Nov.8th. So i never get scared This is your house. Go and sleep
-i will do that By chance, if you here my loud
cry in the mid night, … … please visit me without fail
-Certainly sir Leave my hand please
-You are holding it Switch on the light.
it’s very dark here He got scared. You have
managed him very well. He considers himself
to be very brave What’s the date today?
-16th Don’t be surprised that we knew
your birthday. We are future… …policemen. We can find
out anything please come. if you don’t hurry
up, he will finish it off Why are you doing all this?-To
ensure you that U are not alone please cut it. i remembered my father. i lost my mother
in my early childhood My father didn’t
get married again He used to celebrate my
birthday at a very large scale Last year as well
i had my father but … … if U forget the past, wonderful
tomorrow is waiting for us Can’t we lit a lamp instead of
blaming the darkness? An elegant smile is the care of
address for that shining light Moon should shower the
moonlight but not the tears Even if the eyes are
reddened due to agony, The lost time can’t be
brought back Time will never stop even if the
wounds remain raw We have the earth and the sky
only for us 100 yrs of happiness is awaiting
just for us Let’s enjoy this life with
mischief My heart seeks only you at any
time, place amongst everyone You have entered my lonely life.
please be with me forever Dreams have come true
Looks have met Be together forever Let our friendship remain an
evergreen legend forever My God! Entire family of the
ghosts have shifted here Why are they seen only by me? As per his words, i feel that
the reason behind your … …father’s murder is some
cassette My father always used to carry
a digital camera Where is it right now?
-i missed it in the train if he found it, he wouldn’t have
bothered to ask you about it Let’s make a move What happened? -We were
given a holiday for a change But still you won’t let us sleep Shut up and come here
-What now? i found out the thief
of our compartment Who is he?
-Who else? it’s Gajala How do you know?
-see this snaps This girl is wearing a gold chain But it’s missing
on the dead body But he is a software engineer
-He was bluffing He is a thief. He will
definitly have that camera But where will he be? My day will never start unless &
until i have coffee in Alfa cafe Mr. Gajala, wait there.
We are coming Did i have any phone calls? You have got 4 calls from
punjagutta police station S.i. is angry with you, as you
haven’t signed for 4 days He will never change. Forget
about him. Send me 2 samosa Serve 2 samosas to Mr. Gajala Who are you, sir? -You should
not forget your co-passengers i will come later on
-sit down One slap will
make you toothless Are you a software engineer? i don’t even have an underwear
Where will i get software from? Why did you act like that?
-For earning bread and butter is there any correlation between
your action and your deeds? Not at all. Even my mother
says the same By the way where is that
camera? -Which camera? i sold it. -Where? -in Mr.
Saleem’s shop near Charminar if it comes out to be a lie,
you will no longer be alive Sir, though i am a thief,
i never lie. Why are you showing the finger?
-sorry sir -Let’s move How long back
did i order the samosa? We have given holiday to the
boys. Do you know why? So that they will relax -Not at
all. it’s for surprise checking Get lost. Shall i stay in your heart,
Bipasha? What about my heart?
-Will it be Kareena Take out all the bottles.
Tear the photos Don’t see like that, Ameesha
He is Mr. Ramana Tear that. i want both of you.
He wants both of them Look at his food.
Take them away He is mad about astrology.
He never studies Mr. Bharat. Come to the
academy immediately. Those criminals whom you are in
search of are here itself Who are they? -These four guys
are the murderers is anyone staying in that
bunglow? -sir, actually Answer properly to the question One ghost is staying
along with her family i am telling you the truth.
i have seen that ghost initially she was alone. Later on
entire family has shifted They do dance and
sing sometimes Why didn’t you tell me then? He told me that if i reveal this
to someone, she would kill me Who told you this?
-That Vizag Venkateswara Rao We searched everywhere. But we
couldn’t find Mr. Saleem’s shop Our life will change only
if we find that shop See, that is the shop
next to Mosque is it Saleem electronics?
-Can’t you see the board? it’s a ladies shopee -is there
any electronic shop near by? You will find only ladies shops
in this area. Nothing else Gajala has cheated us again
-Forget about him We have to go to the academy
now. Let’s make a move The Godavari Express murder
case has taken a new twist now The four prime accused are
under going training for Si post The director of the Academy Mr.
Yogendra Sharma said that … … they are from Vizag and
revealed their names D.C.p. Mr. Bharat told that
the accused have absconded They are also the prime accused
in a kidnapping case in a special interview given to
the Maa T.V., Mr. Sharma told … … that the accused will be
found soon & be punished Yogi might have kidnapped
Sravani. i am sure Ok. Who is it? -it’s my father They are bringing our parents to
Hyderabad for interrogation He is asking us to surrender
to the police on our own Sir, we really don’t have any
idea regarding their whereabouts Are they the parents of accused?
-Yes sir They might be acting very smart The truth will not come out if
you ask them with respect They have done 3 murders
-They won’t do that Have you come
to certify their conduct? They have defamed
our entire police department Be ashamed of yourselves if you can’t nurture your child
with care then, hang yourselves Sir, you better talk with
respect i will kill you
You don’t know about me. if they come to meet you, tell
them to come and surrender Or else, they will be at loss
You may go now Sir, why are you showing over-
zealous interest in this case? They are under my training.
So, i am ashamed Father, i will go and buy tickets
-Get something for him to eat i am not hungry at all.
You carry on, dear You haven’t eaten
anything since morning. i don’t feel like eating
anything other than poison i was very happy when he got
an offer as a trainee for Si post i was ashamed for
underestimating him But today … Brother, what is all this?
-i will tell you later First, do what i say Ok- Go… Father, i saw brother at
reservation counter i have spoken with him -i said
like that to send them away. He is coming here now. Dear, what is all this Don’t worry. i am alright
Father, i haven’t done any murder Entire media is pointing out at
you as the culprit Your director also said the same He slapped me but still
i didn’t believe him Till now i have never done
anything for you You are defamed because of me.
But i promise you that … … i will make you a proud
father. please believe me Brother, police are coming back Father, take care of
mother and sister We found no one at the
reservation counter You are in search of him but he
is not in search of you idli is getting cold. -Yes, i am
very hungry. Let us share Where is the cassette? if i am in danger, i don’t bother
about others. i’ll repress all i am Venky here. You can’t get that cassette from
her inspite of torturing her … …as that cassette is with me i understand the reason behind
your eagerness to save this girl i have what you need and you
have the one that i’m craving for Let us exchange the things
That will be the end You have the choice
to decide the place Historical place
Golkonda Fort But we don’t have that cassette.
-We know that. But he doesn’t Why are you looking there?
His era is already over Walk fast. Are you planning to kill us
together after taking the cassette You are a genius, no doubt but i
am smarter than you i don’t have any cassette Where is the cassette? Give me the cassette Just mere emotion is not
sufficient. You need technique Where is the cassette? You have no idea about my
technique. it’s emotion i can kill you right now To kill someone is very easy but
giving protection is difficult i will protect both
the girl and the truth Come down Sir, your face is fully bruised
What happened? -Nothing But sir, -Keep the file here
-Ok sir i am Gajala i am G.K. Gajala.
i am a guy -so what? i have your most wanted camera i don’t want any camera Mr. Sharma if you are a police,
i am a thief i am the one who robbed
the victim’s camera i know every detail. You can’t
bluff. You will be at loss What do you want? -How can i
say?-Give me Rs. 5 lakhs Where are U?-i’m in Alpha Cafe
next to Galaxy theatre.Come fast Where shall i kick you now?
-is there any other option? The only option is that you have
to handover the camera Give that camera
-Take this You are not keeping your word i don’t have to keep my word
with an idiot like you Do you know, why am i leaving
you with a single slap? You will understand it later Did you get the camera?
-We have to see it immediately But we have to find out
a safe place for this We shall go to my close friend’s
house. Her parents are in Delhi She is alone.
We should go there Where is Mr. Gajala?
-He is sitting there Where is the cassette?
-i don’t have it How many times to tell you?
Can’t you understand? Do you want to beat me?
You can Father used to go to
indira park daily for walking He has a habit of picturising
various birds with camera Sir, please forgive me -This is
not the first time for you You have killed an innocent
student for taking your revenge i excused you inspite of knowing
this, as you are my friend The fake stamps case have
shaked the entire nation A minister was also
arrested in our state in Karnataka, many politicians
and officers have been arrested in Maharashtra, even the
encounter specialist … … Mr. Daya Naik was
also not forgiven For the first time, the F.i.R. was
written against Mr. Telgi in 1999 i found in my enquiry that you
have saved Mr.Telgi … … by not sending
the details to Nashik if i try to save you, even i will
become the culprit in this case i have done my duty as an
enquiry officer. Rest will be decided by the court
-That is true. But my entire career
will be smashed Don’t try to influence me Yogi ! what is this? -This is my
reward for your sincerity Mr. Sarath Kumar i.p.S. is shot
dead by the naxals. i am telling… …you the news in advance as U
won’t be there to see the news Venky, do you remember
that i have told you … … that i have seen him
somewhere i have seen him in our
apartment only -But when On the day of our journey … … Under which police station does
your area come? -Lakdi-ka-pool Mr. Sharma was D.C.p. for the
same area before he … … became the director for the
A.p. police academy Sravani, can you tell me the
exact sequence of the incidences My father came home with
tension on that day Father, juice is here.
Drink it -Ok i will go to the
shop and come -Ok i am Mr. prasada Rao. i am
talking from Lakdi-ka-pool i would like to talk to you
regarding the murder incident You may tell.
-i have seen the murderer Have you really seen?
-i have seen the murder when … …i was picturising the birds in
my morning walk i have recorded that incident
in my hand camera Where is the cassette now?
-it is with me Have you spoken with anyone
about this? -No sir This is a very sensitive case. Higher officials are involved in
this. Don’t discuss it with anyone None should know about it. Not even your family members
should know about it. Or else even they
will be in danger Ok sir.
-Tell me your address You be there itself Come fast. -Father, why are you
so tensed? -i will tell you later Father, what happened?
-Nothing dear Today we are going to
our native place He wanted to inform the police
and informed to the murderer He took you to the native place,
as he saw Yogindra at your flat Since he was not aware that
Yogindra is the murderer, … …he has given your berth
numbers to him Since the berth numbers have
changed, that girl lost the life We should not leave him He can’t escape as long as we
have the cassette with us But we can’t give it to the police
as D.C.p. Bharat is his friend Why can’t we meet
the Governer? What, have they really taken
Governer’s appointment? Yes sir, they have the evidence
to prove their innocence They have requested the
Governer as they have no faith… … in the police department. The
Governer has given them the … … special appointment inspite of
tomorrow being a public holiday Thank God! if we handover this
cassette to the Governer, … … we will be out of this case
and can lead a happy life Forget about the jobs. We should
go back to our native place Shall we drink? -shut up He loves to drink. But he is
scared of you -Why so? Before he drinks,
he is scared of everyone. Once he drinks, then everyone
has to be scared of him i know that
-Nothing like that. Nowadays we are facing lots of
problems. You know it very well if you permit us … … Why don’t you request her?
-please madam Ok, enjoy yourselves.
i don’t mind at all We should not drink in front of
girls.We should have our manners Don’t forget to get one wine
bottle for me along with yours We are drinking after a long
time. -i am feeling dizzy i don’t feel dizzy at all
-You are not an ordinary person Venky, drink how much ever you
want. But behave yourself How can i be normal
after drinking? He is losing the control i understand your problem.
We have come to her place So please be polite How many times to tell you?
Don’t you have common sense? Why are you talking in English?
-please understand We are in her house -so what?
Can’t she speak in Telugu? please cool down, Venky. Everyone feels it to be a fashion
Consider our T.V. anchors They are very horrible and
can’t be seen Suri, just imitate and show Hai, happy birthday to our lovely
child … from grand parents i will imitate the heroines
and show They don’t know Telugu
but still they try to speak But our heroines act as if they
don’t know Telugu if they have to say an ”apple”
They will describe it’s shape … … and structure. Then someone
will have to tell them the name Forget about them. Why should
we be bothered? Carry on with your work Ramana, a girl
should be like Sravani Every girl should have culture
and must know the tradition Dear girl, change yourself Dear sweet heart, food is ready
Do you want more Will you give
the betel nut and leaves? Will you take care of me gently? Will you come
in the evening to enjoy? My sweet heart is coming Let’s go and play in streets of
Gudivada and Guntur Don’t be very excited
i can’t withstand i will keep on watching you if a girl like me comes to be
paired, it’s amazing You are an elegant beauty.
Donate me a bit Come on, let us share Don’t waste time with mere
words Everyday you come and inspire
me but you do reject me always You never leave me once your
eyes locate me He is all in one
You are responsible for it He is a gentleman
She is a beauty You can’t differentiate. That is
the problem with you How can i leave you like that
my sweet heart? You are always welcome You are my life, and that’s what
i want Let’s enjoy it to night Don’t stop me. Let me cool down.
Don’t escape before that Don’t leave me at all. Don’t go
off to sleep You know very well that i have
saved you many times All of you are aware of the risk
associated with it Now my life is in danger. Those 4 guys and that girl are
the culprits for this They have the evidence
to prove my crime They are going to Raj Bhavan
to submit the evidence This is just an advance.
Rest will be paid later They should not enter
Raj Bhavan at any cost Mr. Yogi, don’t worry.
We will take care of it Gather our people. We should block all the ways
that leads to Raj Bhavan Do you have any sense?
You are playing Holi here They’ve blocked all the ways to
Raj Bhavan. To go is difficult They are here itself They might recognize us.
Be careful i am Srisailam. We can’t
recognize any one … … as everyone is playing Holi They are there You are very tired.
Don’t worry. We missed a deal
in Golkonda Fort You don’t deserve to be a
police officer. This is the right place
to end your career Mr. Suribabu, go and handover
this cassette to Hon’ble Governor i will take care of them Suri, give the cassette Sravani, run fast Take him to the hospital
and arrest him Now i invite Hon’ble D.G.p. … …Mr. Chandra Sekhar to say
a few words i congratulate all the officers
who proved themselves to be … … competent and eligible to
become police officers for … … the year 2003-2004 from the
A.p. police Academy i convey my special
congratulations to Mr. Venkateswara Rao,
Mr.Suribabu, Mr. Ramana and Mr. Veerabhadram who solved a
mysterious case during … … training period itself Let us honour them
by awarding medals

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  2. Mass maha raja Ravi Teja career lo all time hit Venky movie navvukunnodiki navvukuntha and Ravi Teja career best performance in this movie

  3. 鈰 鈰詮倏鈰兒倏鈰桌偏 鈰戈鈰兒 鈰桌偏 鈰鈰兒鈰 鈰鈰 fan 鈰鈰能倏鈰 flot 鈰鈰能倏鈰兒偏, 鈰鈺 鈰啤做鈰賴陘鈺鈰 鈰鈰兒鈰,芬儭

  4. . 鈰菽鈰鈰鈺 movie 鈰耜 鈰徇鈰啤鈰鈰﹤ name p v 鈰啤乾鈰 鈰鈰兒倏 鈰鈰鈰詮偏鈰啤倏 kv 鈰啤乾鈰 鈰鈺鈰芹鈰芹偏鈰啤

  5. One of the best Movie in Telgu. never get tired of watching this. Specially Gajala from Washington DC CEO Sonic Solution.

  6. My life time favorite movie I also met my wife first time in train and it went to marriage now happy with 2 kids but never forgot that golden days we went to this movie first day first show thanks to Raviteja & Srinu Vaitla

  7. I always love the energy that Ravi Teja brings with him. Makes the whole movie worth watching. The 45 minutes train scene is best in the film.

  8. 鈰兒鈰兒 6th class鈰耜 鈰鈰兒鈰兒高鈺鈰芹鈰﹤ first time 鈰 鈰詮倏鈰兒倏鈰桌偏 鈰鈺鈰詮偏
    鈰鈰芹鈰芹鈰 鈰菽偽鈰鈺 "鈰芹鈰舟鈰鈰鈺鈰﹤倏" 鈰鈰兒倏 鈰啤偏鈰詮鈰鈺鈰兒 鈰兒偏 notes鈰耜 "鈰菽鈰鈰鈺" 鈰鈰兒倏 鈰啤偏鈰能陛鈰 鈰桌鈰舟假鈺鈰芹鈰鈺鈰鈰擒馬鈺.
    鈰鈰芹鈰芹鈰 鈰兒鈰鈰﹤倏 鈰鈰芹鈰芹鈰賴做鈰啤鈺 鈰桌偽鈰賴偺鈺 鈰鈰芹鈰芹鈰賴鈺 "鈰啤做鈰賴陘鈺鈰" 鈰鈰冢倏鈰桌偏鈰兒倏鈰兒.
    鈰鈺 鈰啤做鈰賴陘鈺鈰..

  9. 鈰 鈰詮鈰兒倏鈰 鈰兒鈰兒 鈰鈰擒假鈰 鈰詮偏鈰啤鈰耜 鈰鈺鈰詮偏鈰兒 鈰鈰擒假鈰 鈰眇偏鈰鈰 鈰兒鈺鈰鈰賴鈰舟倏

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