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Today, we’re in Baltimore, Maryland at a boxing gym that also serves as a safe haven for neighborhood kids. Let’s see how one man saves lives one boxer at a time. My mission here at Upton Boxing is bigger than boxing. I’m trying to have a safe haven place where kids come to us where we can actually find their true talents. I had one foot in the gym and one foot in the street. I wasn’t all the way in the gym. Coach Kenny and Coach Calvin they sat me down and said “Malik, I’m not trying to scare you or anything, but you’re going you are going to die in them streets.” Growing up in Baltimore is definitely hard. When I was coming up, right, you know you couldn’t just stand on the corner and just get what you want. You had to have some type of respect. You know, then you walk on the corner and it makes you scared. Malik: Coming to the gym has definitely saved my life because he knows what’s out there and he’s not trying to let us go down that path. When I got locked up I started boxing a lot inside. And somebody said you should box when you get home. I don’t wanna see a kid have to go to prison just to learn something. If I didn’t go through the things that I went through I can’t share with the roughnecks ‘cuz that’s who caters to you get what I’m saying to give them experience on life at its realest. Calvin: Tank, he’s seen from their tragedy. He learned from it and it kept him focused. If somebody is there to guide them and giving them that look and giving them that speech hopefully they can gravitate to it and move on. People don’t understand how serious and how hard, why we’re working. You know, because I always tell them that y’all had the same privileges as anybody else. You just gotta go get it. And they’re gonna go get it. For more information on Coach Calvin Ford and Upton Boxing, please visit Uproxx.com.

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  1. If you like this, you'll love the original article that Uproxx used to make it. I wrote it: http://www.baltimoremagazine.net/2016/12/6/young-baltimore-boxers-find-a-safe-haven-in-the-ring

    Happy for Calvin, Gervonta, Malik and the gym, but disappointed not so much as a link to the original story.

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