This is Universal number
three. Chario, Kyunet. We’re going to step back into a Guarding
Stance. Right here, we’ll do a chop, punch, spear hand. Notice
how I’m switching my feet,
keeping my right knee bent. Right here, we’ll do a crescent kick,
kicking my hand. And again, chop, punch, spear hand. Now with my
knees switching ’em. Right here, I’m gonna do a crescent kick, kick my
hand. Right here, down block, punch. Right here,
you want to finish it slow, only being able to see my eyes.
Right here, look to the right side and chop.
You gonna do a sidekick, not stepping forward. To
the left chop, side kick. Horse Stance, we’re gonna
do a Star Block. High, in, out, touch, down, back, push down. Chario, Kyunet. That is
Universal number three.

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