Undefeated boxer “The Great Wall” Taishan Dong tries out for WWE

Here we go, let’s go. [MUSIC] My name is Taishan Dong. I’m from Beijing, China. I’m 7 feet tall, 300 pounds. I’m 29 years old. I’m professional boxer. [SOUND] [MUSIC]>>He’s amazing. He moves really well. I’m extremely impressed. If I had that height,
I would be impeccable. [SOUND] [MUSIC]

88 thoughts on “Undefeated boxer “The Great Wall” Taishan Dong tries out for WWE

  1. I want to have 500 likes in a WWE video let's find something to say…
    This guy is a legend. But he needs to retire.

  2. More giants is best for busniss, miss the times when big guys used to have excelent agilty like Mabel, Show, Nash, kane , yokuzona and some others.

  3. He has the in ring ability from what it looks like but he might have a language barrier stopping him as he will need to be good at promos as well

  4. If the wwe roster can beat this undefeated boxer, then this company is suck. if i enter wwe, i will not follow the script that wwe make. i will make all the people hurt.

  5. Maybe you should show the first trained wrestler from Russia that attented WWE tryout. I talk about Natalia Markova. How good she was at the tryout?

  6. Seems to be a trend in WWE recently….. Bring in a guy/gal that has ALL the physical capabilities of being a WWE superstar, yet has ZERO mic skills. No wonder we haven’t seen one that could step up verbally against the likes of CM Punk, Stone Cold Steve Austin, or The Rock yet.

  7. He is nicknamed "the great wall" and he is from china,i can see him becoming trump's favourite wrestler and representing him in the 2nd round of the battle of billionaires

  8. Really upset to hear about him the golden boy promotion wont or can't make fights for him cause nobody can't fight him or didnt find opponents for him. or maybe they don't gain their business from him.He could knock any heavyweights today if it could land one shot.

  9. Solo tuvo seis peleas y contra don nadies y lo ponen como imbatible en boxeo, pero si es un gigantón no esperen mucho de el

  10. Dam it I wanted to see him in with 6'7 deontay wilder,6'6 Anthony Joshua, 6'9 Tyson fury and he's only 29yrs old

  11. This guy was a kick boxer turned Pro boxer. Shouldn't have any issues with the physicality and agility of moving to pro wrestling. The mic end of things is what he's gonna need to work on and market himself.

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