Unbelievable  history of Awamori and Karate |3 min Trailer| English Sub | Okinawa

The origin of Karate and Ryukyu Awamori,okinawa’s distilled spirits,dates back to the 15th century. As a martial arts or an important gift,they both served peace and prosperity of the Ryukyu KIngdom by representing its peaceful spirits for more than 400 years. nowdays,Karate and Ryukyu Awamori has became important and unique culture of Okinawa. If you use the word “Awamori” That means the world made by craftsman who was properly approved by the royal government There is a big difference between those awamori and “home made” awamori which made in other provinces The quality level is different You don’t call them even”Awamori” So,Awamori is kind of “official drink” Originaly,yes,and then,spread out It was only Awamori that has been so refined with history Such a small “Ochoko(small cup)”,right? I think you’ve seen it though People used to drink awamori little bit by little bit with such a small cup It used to be such a world Must be so valuable Yes,a precious stuff It didn’t mean to be drunk a lot in a time Among the people of three villeges who was manufacturing awamori Many people maybe doing karate Also regionally overlaped Basicaly,karate is Samurai’s martial arts to train their bodies It was preponderantly samurai rank people There was only 40 people manufacturing awamori The craftsman approved by the royal government were only 40 So only those 40 people were maiking awamori I don’t know how much they’re making In the period of Ryukyu kingdom Awamori was manufactured by three villeges of Shuri Akata,Toirihori,Sakiyama Only those three villege was approved So it’s precious Were common people able to drink awamori? In Ryukyu kingdom period,the royal government didn’t permit it Some of them maybe unofficially making awamori by themself Awamori has 600 years history so It’s recent years that common people could have awamori An old legend has been told;During the kingdom era, Ryukyu Awamori was so precious that the kingdom strictly controlled making the spirits. Some karate masters in the capital acted as the guardian of the spirits. Karate and Ryukyu Awamori have historical and spiritual ties. Tasting Ryukyu Awamori…might mean sharing the “spirits”of Karate. So in kingdom,only limitted people in Syuri or Naha choud drink It means awamori is so precious I don’t think that awamori was priced and go to market Only high class people were relating to awamori It was a drink for the royal family Originaly,yes the royal family and religious services Such a thing

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