Ultra Instinct Kung Fu Panda

Looks like they’re going to perform a satanic ritual. The hell? They must be now. Looks like Tigress is joining this ritual. I WILL JOIN THIS RITUAL CUCKS. Oh yes, the ritual must continue. Poor Po, he’s going to be petrified into jade. I’d love to be a statue though and be in a rich man’s house. I love you Po. Po, you were fat and that was my fault or maybe not. SCREW YOU MAN, I’M GOING ULTRA INSTINCT NOW. WHAT THE HELL?! ULTRA INSTINCT NOW! I’m going to the Tournament of Power after this! Oh yes I will, but after I unleash the power on YOU. I’m so sexy, you’re going to die. Embrace the epic dancing of the Jack Black, what is he dancing around? Dragon jizz? OH YES! ULTRA INSTINCT AT ITS MAX POTENTIAL! PREPARE YOURSELF KID! WOO YEAH MAN! WOO YEAH! Okay, your retarded closed captions end here.

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