Ultimate Kushti Challenge ft. Rohit Saluja & Abhishek Thakur Part1

The city dudes wanted to indulge in a local sport As a result, they had to exercise to their fullest He simply challenged a champion But in return, he had to pay for it that too twice Is the water too cold? Just a little bit Hey you, we’re not making a food video If I don’t eat, how am I gonna feel energetic? But we’re going to Jhajjar to meet the wrestlers Haven’t you seen a wrestler eat before? You are uncontrollable There’s no limit as to what you eat What are you eating? Ya brother, let’s go I’ve just reached anyway It was such a long ride, I couldn’t help but fall asleep If I get one glass of Lassi, I can go back to sleep Do some work sometimes Talking about having Lassi all the time I feel like beating up our director that too with a flip flop immersed in shit Let’s get going Move fast Chill, we are getting down The wrestlers have arrived Hi Vikas, how you doing? How about you? All good I’m Abhishek How are you brother? I’m good So guys, this is Vikas He is a Junior National Level Gold Medalist and has won several national tournaments Today he will educate us about wrestling but, in an Indian style Wrestling is a very interesting game The one who practices it, lives a great life It feels really good after wrestling Your inner soul feels very happy and satisfied and you get a good night’s sleep after exercising It feels very special How old is this Jaiveer Akhada We started wrestling in this arena around 2004 There was nothing here initially The coaches who train everyone are all hardworking I started off with wrestling in this arena Do you also wanna give wrestling a shot? Yes, I do wanna wrestle But at the moment, only Abhishek is gonna wrestle here Why? Please understand, there’s a lot of sand here Even I’m scared of wrestling in this sandy arena If you’re that scared, then you should only attempt wrestling first What the hell! It’s okay, don’t bother Be a sport What will I have to do? Firstly, you have to lie in that heap of sand Can you let him talk first? Okay, you speak first Let him go first, he’s talking too much First we will dig the pit, get it ready and then you’ll be all set to wrestle your way out You need to fight with all your strength, okay? I’m a dead man today! or else, your opponent will defeat you Your turn will also come Do I have to lift this up? Oh brother, you’ll end up injuring yourself What happened? I can’t do this, this is too heavy Hey, give him another one We have to get him to wrestle What’s the difference in the other one? It’s a bit lighter than the previous one Come on Abhishek, show us what you got Now you’re talking Keep going, keep going! Dig it in a straight line at least He is a light-weight wrestler Now what do I even say He’s a little far behind the others Make him drink some milk and have loads of butter Are you finding this heavy? No no, this is not that heavy Come on, dig up using this then You mentioned that you won a gold medal in the Jr. National Level Championship Please throw some light on this I did get a Gold in the Jr. National Championships but I’m still a junior in the field of wrestling Talking about the National Level I’ve represented Haryana in the Senior Nationals as well Bro I can’t dig anymore He requires some rest now What’s the difference between wrestling on a mat v/s on this sand? The wrestling we do on the sand It’s our tradition from before We start by wrestling on the sand only especially Haryanvis But to win a medal, we need to train on a mat only To keep the art of wresting going on, you need to score a 4 while practising on a mat But, in this sandy arena you have to knock out a person Victory is determined only after your back has fully touched the ground Why do you wear a ‘langot’ while wrestling? Langot is considered to be a type of costume which is safe for wrestling It is a tradition as well Lord Bajrangbali and Hanuman also used to wear a ‘langot’ while wrestling This tradition has been carried on since then itself However, a langot is significant in wrestling There is no risk of getting hurt in this One wrestler is getting ready for you What are you saying! Anuj Take him with you and make him wrestle Oh my god! No way We’re not going to fight, teach me the techniques first Of course you’re fighting I’ll practise what I learn from here on you He picked you up whilst talking This is called ” Nakal Dav” Nakal Dav F.U This is called “Kala Sang” You’re doing very well Abhiskek You also do something now Picked him up yet again! Woah! Just apply a technique or two This was also something great! I can’t do this anymore I’m tired now Don’t ask me to do anything else Come sit Cool down a bit and then we’ll take you for a shower Ther’s a lot of mud on you now Yeah, I’m covered in mud Mosquitoes have bitten me too You must be tired Yes, I’m super tired It’s fine But I had a lot of fun Have some Almond Milk now Bottoms up, Bottoms up! Finish it, good boy! Did you like it? Looks like I’ll get a good night’s sleep His eyes are the proof of how tired he is Come on, let him go shower now, it’s time for us to take a leave now Go take a shower now, or else mosquitoes will start biting you I’m having a lot of fun! Hey, you are sleeping here? Bro, you went to wash off the mud on you or take off your makeup? I went to take a shower Didn’t you see the sand that got stuck onto me It’ll be better if you find a place and just go sleep there Really? We’ll figure out tomorrow’s plan tomorrow There are a lot of mosquitoes biting me Cool, lets just sleep then Let’s tell everyone atleast Oh yes, guys! If you loved the video, then LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE to our channel. We’re going off to sleep now, will meet tomoroow. You stay here and sleep I think only I’ll show up tomorrow Abhishek is done for the day Nothing is as fresh as this milk He is dripping in sweat and his face is red Look, he’s getting beaten up

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