Ultimate Boxer Dog Compilation NEW

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  1. I have a boxer named ginger because when we first got her in a boxer adoption center in Pennsylvania, her fur looks like the color of gingerbread. So we called her ginger❤️😋🙂

  2. You deserve more subs.
    I swear, those other channels were about to drive me crazy with their durned jingles playing in the background.

  3. Had my buddy for just about 2yrs now, can confirm I’ve seen him do almost everything in this video. Love him to bits. Def considering adding another to my pack. The best part is is that he’s deathly afraid of my 7lb 10yr female cat. He’s 75lbs, and runs like he saw a ghost when she comes around

  4. I fail to understand why people are so desperate to bathe their dogs. I've had an 11 year old boxer and never bathed her, same with the new one who's now almost 2 years of age. Could someone explain?

  5. I have a boxer and a bloodhound the bloodhound is 9 weeks old and the boxer is 1 year. The boxer will take my socks of my feet ,run around the house and play tug with the bloodhound

  6. I have a rottweiler boxer mix and its the boxer in him that makes him such a fun loving goofball, best dog ever! He whines and drools and snores, is always happy and protects me when we go hiking alone. Hes 15yrs old now dont know what I'm going to do when hes gone. Any dog mixed with boxer is a good dog.

  7. Boxers are the comedians of the dog world .they look aggressive but are gentle and soppy a beautiful breed 😍😻❤️💖🇬🇧

  8. My best friend….an 80 lbs boxer died at around 5 years old….best the vet could figure he seized….well…they didn't figure….he died in my arms…have any of you had something like this….we took him to the vet within 2 hours…got meds…and within 12 hrs he was dead… 🙁

  9. The first one is so funny and so typical of Boxers. They'll whine inexplicably… and it's SO funny. They are great dogs.

  10. It's crazy, I used to think boxer's were kind of ugly. After my family got a boxer lab mix, I came to love them more than any other type of dog.

  11. boxer and lab are the nicest breed for kids and adults ext. i have a lab and boxer mix so i have one of the nicest dogs in the world. not bragging what i’m trying to tell you is if you want a dog get a lab and boxer mix or both.

  12. This video is way awesome and way adorable at the same time .
    I love this video a ton . 🐶😀

  13. My Pebbles died in my arms 355 days ago. Not a day goes by that I dont think about her. My precious princess Pebbles. I loved you every day of your life, I will miss you every day of mine.

  14. I was born with a boxer in my family, he would be after me 24/7 trying to protect me all the time. I was like the little girl at the minute 2:00. They are big but super sweet

  15. Absolutely love boxers. When my boxer is super happy to see me, he walks towards me with his entire body bent into a u shape (head & backside facing me), the only breed I’ve ever known to do that. They are truly amazing characters!

  16. My Rottweiler busted my windshield, he was trying to get the windshield wipers my ins would not cover it, so an expensive replacement. But I love him so much he's worth it

  17. My dad had a boxer he got for me when I was little. I haven't seen him or that loveable dog in 13 years and now I'm really acheing for one! So cute!

  18. boxers are the best!!! 😜😍❤ I myself have one called Otis!! be 11 this year!!! my dad had a boxer, both my nans, mum. so we all had one!! you wouldn't swap them for the world!! Otis also grew up with two cats! ever since he was 9 weeks old!! they so funny!! if you like boxers and want to see Otis check him out look me up ethan reese lee, become a fan of Otis and press that button! 😜

  19. Haha, my boxer Marley doesn't like the bath either. But once she gets it over with, her tail goes flying and she runs around 🙂 I love her so much.

    Edit. She's no longer with us…

  20. Boxers are hands down one of the most animated breeds. Endless entertainment. Damn good breed too. Loyal, well mannered, easy to train and good with kids etc.

  21. That's our peaches at 5:16. We actually lost her to cancer last month. I'm glad she'll forever bring happiness to everyone. Also my dad is in the background too we lost him almost three years ago also to cancer.

  22. We lost our beloved fawn, Kaia, a few months ago. She was literally the greatest dog ever. I sincerely hope I get to see her again on the other side. I just want to mush her face and rub her belly one more time…

  23. Watching the dog chase the red laser pointer in a room filled with glass coffee tables and porcelain potted plants made me very anxious.

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