championship triple header for the UFC
225 in Las Vegas so as I look at this court ladies and gentlemen when I tell
you that I might as well go ahead and get my predictions and stuff all not the
way so ya can know that no zeros he knows no but she’s talking about okay
knowing that I watched this stuff and it’s the real deal okay okay so the
first the first people that’s on this car this owes me in commenting who’s man
I know for a fact that he’s going to knock Kovac Overton’s out now let’s get
that straight I don’t care what any of you have to say
y’all might be mad at me yeah I might give me a thumbs down yeah
I might unsubscribe but guess what I still love you though let’s move it
along Holloway versus Alexander okay and I
know if y’all been following me and y’all been with me since day one
y’all know that if they have a tough last name I’m I don’t I don’t get paid
for this yet so Alexander whatever his last name is he got volka he got vodka
in his name you know I’m saying it’s all my name him falker Holloway against
Volker aim Holloway I know how the way it’s gonna get into lockers ass you know
I’m saying okay Nunez the runner me okay so they
for the fight and this would be their second time fighting because I see a
number two behind here so let’s let’s get into this let’s get into this UFC
final pay-per-view event of 2019 will feature three blockbusters world
championship bouts in a highly anticipated welterweight championship
grudge match curl mousse man defends against number two ranked contender Kobe
Colton featherweight champion and for seven ranked pound-for-pound fighter
mechs Holloway would go for his forces and food defense against powerhouse
number one contender Alexander Volkov women’s bets away in featherweight
championship as well as number five ranked pound for pound fighter a method
Nunez looked to continue building her historic legacy as she put her 135 pound
belt on the line in a rematch with former women’s featherweight title Hall
the number one ranked bounce away Jermaine
so you guys so this fight takes place Saturday December the 14th at t-mobile
arena and will be streamed live nationally on pay-per-view exclusively
through ESPN Plus in the UFC around about 10:00 p.m. Eastern Time 7:00 p.m.
Pt and both English and Spanish ESPN plus is exclusive provider for all
you see pay-per-view of hands to the fans in the US as part of the agreement
announced in March and continue through 2025 premiere will every fights where
nationally in in English and ESPN so the winner of The Ultimate Fighter season 21
is 15 at one fighting out of Dallas Texas by way of I’m chuchi Nigeria is
unbeaten since joining the UFC roster in 2015 he ascended the 170 pound ring with
impressive plans against Rafael dos Anjos Leon Edwards and has long and has
last outing saw him dominate tyron woodley to capture their went away
championship and March whose men now looks to take out his most heated rival
to hurt his first successful title defense former UFC interim welterweight
champion Kovac Overton is 15 and 1 so as you guys can see that they’re their
ranking is identical cause it’s an offense
and huisman is 15 and one fighting out of Fort Lauderdale Florida is poised to
prove he’s the best in the world and 170 pounds and I’m saying in a blog I don’t
know if you guys start applause but you’re one a day chant came out and said
that she hopes booze man beat the hell out of Coca Cola’s here so I noticed my
girl weight we on the same page so among the most dominant champions on the UFC
roster Holloway 21:04 fighting Hollow Hawaii has beaten the who’s who of the
Federative division over the course of his career he scored dominant win over
the UFC title holders Frankie and Jose Aldo twice and Anthony Pettis as well as
top contender Brian Ortega the Hawaiian now looks like having out of one of
those divisions most dangerous contenders for the fourth successful
title defense so unbeaten for over six years
Valka which is 20 and weren’t fighting out of wingding New South Wales
Australia aims to be the next Australian athlete to capture a world championship
the former rugby player has been on a tear since joining the USC roster in
late 2016 so carrying impressive victories over Aldo Chapman des Dern
Elkins Jeremy Kennedy and mzee to Peralta Valka
now has his sights on to throw me all the way to hand the Hawaiians first by
the weight loss since 2000 t so you guys comment below let me know
what you guys think in the comment section
why do you think it’s much when your results you know your on predictions let
me know who you think is gonna win between germane or
a matter Nunez who you think who you think you know I’m saying but I know
it’s gonna be a fight it’s gonna be a fight you


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