UFC 244 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 3

[traffic noises] [crowd chatter]>>That one’s cool. Man, today I had a good morning. I woke up. I went to go on a run,
then I did mix. Then I had an
hour-long interview. Then came to grab groceries. It’s been nonstop
since I woke up, but I mean, that’s
what fight week is, it’s work. It’s alright, I’m the king of
New York this week.>>What’s up, brother. I have brought these
guys, fighter brother.>>16, 20.>>Khabib! Khabib! Khabib!>>How is everything,
how you feel? How’s your shape? You good?>>I’m good, man.
I’m ready. I’m ready.>>It’s not how is he shaped. With Kelvin, you
ask how is his hair. If his hair is good,
everything is good. [laughing]>>I gotta look good doing it. Thank you, brother. Thank you, my man.>>This is very
interesting match, brother. Very interesting.>>It’ll be good, man. I’m excited.>>Knock him out.>>I’m gonna smash him,
baby. Yeah.>>Smash his face.>>Kelvin: That’s it, brother.>>Khabib: See you soon.>>Kelvin: Alright. [crowd chatter]>>Corey: Feel good, read to go. It’s my adopted town. You know, I train right
down the road at Renzo Gracie. Second time
fighting in New York. Time to do it right this time.>>So, I just had a couple
questions to go over. This is the fight week
program we have for you. On the left column, we have
the meals you’ve been getting. You just need to follow along,
so meal one, meal two. Thorne is our
supplement partner and really that relationship
was geared around providing a safe third
party-tested supplement, providing the athletes with the right supplement
at the right time rather than just a random spread
of proprietary blends, etc. So, it’s a much more
prescriptive approach to supplementation. What we have here
is that probiotic, FloraSport. Take one pill in the morning. Because it’s prescriptive, we have an individualized
approach to how we supplement, especially over fight week when we’re really pulling
back on a lot of the calories. It’s necessary
for us to provide some of the micronutrients
that they would be missing. Okay, perfect. And that’s where the supplement helps mitigate
some of the damage that our athletes have to
go through over fight week.>>To the right? Oh, man, feeling good. Ready to do this. Ready to rock and roll. Ready to get back out there. Of course, this is like a home
away from home for me, so. We’re at home. We’re at home. Camp was awesome, man. Spent a week up
with Chris Weidman. Get some good work with
those guys and Matt Serra. So, it’s been fun, man,
to be honest with you. Real easy, no injuries. Um. I’m just ready to
step back in there, man. Ready to step
back in the octagon. Have some fun, put on
a show for the fans.>>Three, two. Kelvin Gastelum, welcome. UFC 244: Fight Week. What’s your take, honestly,
on this particular matchup. This is his first
crack at middleweight.>>Yeah, yeah. But look, I mean, he’s
coming up to middleweight, eliminating that
aspect of cutting weight, and it did wonders for me. You know, my career has
blossomed pretty well at middleweight and I feel like it could end up
being the same for Darren, but his problem is he’s got
me standing in front of him and, uh, I mean,
I’m just hungry, right. After that loss, I just don’t see how anybody’s
gonna beat me right now. [sirens blaring]>>Jorge: New York, New York,
big city of dreams. What’s up, man?
>>How you doing, brother.>>Good, my brother.
>>Good to see you.>>We’re coming to
support, like we said. We’d be there on
Saturday to represent. How are you?
We got your back, bro. Can’t wait to go to
Miami to celebrate. [laughing]>>Quiet in the studio!
Hold the word, guys!>>Mike: Jorge Masvidal is
back ahead of this weekend. The huge fight: UFC
244 vs Nate Diaz. What can we expect to
see Saturday night.>>Pure violence. A baptism. Somebody’s going to
sleep for awhile. I just– I know
what I have to do. I know my part, my
role in this world, and that’s just to provide pure entertainment via violence,
so that’s it. If that’s your cup of tea, tune
in November 2nd, you know.>>Mike: What kind of
mentality will you be in when you’re actually
stepping in that time?>>Take everything from him. Give him nothing. That’s one of my mottos
that I have in my mind. Everything he has, I want it. I’m taking it all. He’s a kingdom. And I’m with my
kingdom behind me. I’m knocking at the gates and he’s gonna give me
everything he’s got, you know.>>Well done. [laughing] Go get it, my man.>>Yes, sir.
>>Go get it, good luck.>>Holy smoke.>>Five, four, three–
here we go, guys.>>Molly: You guys are
both heavy-volume strikers. What kind of fight
are you expecting.>>You got two animals. Two of the wildest
dudes in the planet getting locked up in a cage
and just going at it. We’re gonna find out
who’s a little wilder, who’s a little bit less
domesticated, you know?>>Max: Looking at
your whole look, your demeanor,
your background, the dude who you
remind me most of, Roberto Duran. Can you tell me something
about any influence he may have had on you?>>That’s the most humbling
thing anybody’s ever told me. No, my look is just me. This is how God
made me, you know. But the fighting style,
definite. A lot of my inside fighting,
a lot of my tactics, and how he likes
to break guys down and just beat them
up and torture them, I love that, man. And I definitely draw a lot
of inspiration from Mr. Duran. [clicking]>>So, what is it about Jorge
Masvidal that you’ve seen, that you thought to yourself, “I’m gonna get myself
back in here and–“>>Well, even before that, uh– when the UFC was
talking to me about people, everybody was stagnant, boring. The champions were analysts. What am I gonna do?
I don’t fight analysts. I’m not into that. So, I’m like,
what I’m gonna do, I’, gonna jump in and just fight this guy
who’s really good but no one giving
him any credit for. So, as soon as they–
they had him at 9th still, they were trying to
give the other guy credit. And then when he went out
there and how he did it, I was like, “See, that’s
what I’m talking about.” Now everybody is like,
“Now, he’s the guy.” Like, alright, now we
got a fight on our hands. Ah! G-Unit. [chatter]>>Nate: This is a way better
picture than my last fight.>>Jeff: All good, alright. Any questions or anything
you wanna talk about or we’re all good?>>No, all good.
>>All good.>>If we’re all good,
we’re all good.>>We’re all good,
we’re all good. Alright, man, have
a good week, man. Was wondering when
someone was gonna ask me why I wear my hat like that. You see pictures of
me when I’m 16 or 17, I got my hat on the same way. 244. I remember UFC 100
of doing the signing. In Vegas– was it in Vegas?>>100?>>For 100.
>>Yeah. It seemed like,
“Damn, we’re at UFC 100.”>>Doesn’t matter–>>Reporter: Tell me
your favorite memory when you were trick
or treating as a kid.>>Nate: I remember one
time we went to this house and they gave us bananas
and we felt so played. We were just real little
though and we felt so played, so we had– we had to throw
the bananas back at the house. We were just little kids though. We smashed the car
with bananas too. Ah! We don’t eat these [bleep]! Give me a banana! What the [bleep],
this is Halloween! How dare you play me. [dramatic theme music] ♪♪

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  1. Who's BMF????
    Who's bad, who's brave?
    Who's TKOs and CHOKES
    Fill graves?
    I saw Cucuy
    put twelve men down,
    He Snatched those necks
    and wears the crown.

  2. Damn, if Nate Diaz calls someone a bully then you know that person is a true piece of SHIT! I hope Tony smashes the fuck out Khaqueef.

  3. “We felt so played, so we had to throw the bananas back at the house”. 😂 Nate cracks me up! Hoping Nate takes this fight so he can defend the BMF belt again with Diaz vs Mcgregor 3

  4. lol the golden snitch just praying he aint gonna get stockton slapped for the USADA shambles he caused hahahaa

  5. I really dont know who wins this fight. I dont even really know who i want to win. Its one of the weirdest ways I have felt about a fight, lol. I goota lean towards Nate. I really love those Diaz brothers. Even when Nick was bad mouthing the greatest fighter of all time(GSP), I still couldnt hate the guy. I just feel these guys are so real. Theres not a fake bone in their bodys. They call a spade a spade and theres no back doors. Thats exactly what I am like and it rubs some people the wrong way. But I like it because people will always know where they stand with you. Meaning people will always know if you can tolerate them or not, lol. Fake people for me are more like liars. and the diaz boys arent liars, thats for sure!! Go Nate( good luck Jorge) no disrespect. Jorge is right up there for me aswell. thats why this fight is weird for me, lol

  6. 40 years ago oretega was giving a choice, keep running into Holloway's fist or continue to be an annoying ad on youtube

  7. I don’t see how they go out and site see knowing in a few days they have to physically battle someone. It takes a lot of guts to be a fighter. I’d be in my hotel room with loads of anxiety lol

  8. Stephen – I'm training with Chris Weidman
    Me – OH NO he's gonna lose

    6:29 WTF is he saying play it cool pretend you know what he's saying

    someone needs to ask Nate at the press conference why does a grown man wear his hat like that. I DARE THEM

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