UFC 244 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 2

[ambient airport noise]>>Kelvin: Yeah, we just
touched down in JFK, guys. It was a 5-hour,
5 and a half hour flight, and all I did was
watch Sunday NFL, man. It was good. My Cardinals lost
to New Orleans. And just easy little
flight over to New York. I’m just really motivated
to be on this card just because for
a lot of reasons. It’s Madison Square Garden,
in New York. I’m extremely motivated
and fired up for that. NYC, we up in here! We made it! I’m here looking
for redemption, man. I’m here for a lot of reasons. I’m here because I
lost my last fight and I want to
prove to the world that I’m still the
middleweight king and I’m here to make it right
and I’m here to make a statement and I’m here to just
prove to the world that I’m here to be on top. This is cool. [laughing] See, I was feeling
a little jet lagged and then once you
get to the city, the city fills you up
with energy, man. [traffic noises]>>Man, I need to
go to a barber shop, but it’s gonna close 8. But if I be there, I
think they can help me.>>Yeah, they’re pretty close.>>You can go there? You know where?
>>Not a problem.>>Johnny:
Amazing, you can see
the city now, little bit. Lights everywhere. Crazy, you know.
Look at that. Very good, very amazing city. A lot of big screens. I wanna play some games there. We arrived. How much? [horn beeping]>>Thank you.
Thank you, guys. Very nice, very nice. It’s closed?>>Tomorrow.>>They said closed 8. Everything’s closed. No tonight, tomorrow. [radio playing]>>The only juicing
permitted by USADA. It’s all the cowards
that got the fake muscles. Their time is coming. The truth will
find you every time. That’s why I love this fight because he is another [bleep]
like me that I firmly believe– when I saw that [bleep]
that he was on that thing, I didn’t believe it for
a second, you know? From performances,
body types, we can tell. When you been in the
system long enough, you can tell.
I stand by it. I think that dude’s clean
as it gets, you know? But to the other cowards,
them [bleep] out there just rah, rah, rah saying, “I’m clean,”
this, “I’m clean,” that. Everybody knows you ain’t clean. Somehow you’re
beating the system. The system will catch you. If not, I will. Either or will do.>>You’re gonna have fun today.>>Trying.>>Yeah, what’re you guys doing?>>He’s an Arabic pop singer.>>Oh, really.
>>Yeah.>>No cameras on me.
>>Because I’m the one–>>You’re the pop singer.>>Yes, I am actually. You might’ve heard some of
my songs if you speak Arabic.>>No.
>>No? Oh. I can teach you if you want.>>One Arabic word.>>One Arabic word? Um. Uh, well. Lahme is meat.>>Lahme?>>Lahme.>>So, nice to lahme you?>>No, like eat meat.
>>The one that you eat. [laughing]>>Not the right word.>>But it’ll do though. You can say it too. What’s another Arabic word
that we teach the young ladies.>>[speaking Arabic]>>He’s the singer. I’m just his body guard. That’s why I really
don’t know Arabic, as you can tell. [traffic noises] Oh, that’s the people I
took the picture with! Those are the people I took
the picture with yesterday from England.>>We’ll go that way.>>Yesterday, a family flew
all the way from England and they were telling me
about my last fight in England and they were like, “Man,
we were here to support you. We love it.” And we talked for
like a minute or two and we took some pictures. And then they were waving at me. At first, I thought it was
just like random people waving. And then I recognized them because there was
a whole family of them. That’s pretty crazy, the chances
that I run into them again. It’s a sign of
good luck, I think. They’re bringing that England
good luck over here, baby, woo!>>You’re a real
legit killer, bro. Keep shining.
Keep doing your thing. You’re blessed, bro. Take care of this guy,
right here. Take care on Saturday, for sure.
Take care on Saturday, for sure.>>Thank you, man.
>>You got it, man.>>Thank you.>>Where you peoples from?>>Italy.
>>Italia! Buongiorno!
Ciao! Ciao bella! [traffic noises] [radio playing]>>Johnny: Leave this
part to cut the final. I wanna cut a little bit
just to keep it straight.>>You got it. You got it.>>And fade, what
the name you call?>>Yeah, fade, you got it. [buzzing]>>You fighting Saturday?>>Yeah, yeah.>>Where, in
Madison Square Garden?>>Yeah, Madison Square.>>Just put your head there. Yeah.>>From Moscow.>>Last week?
>>Yeah.>>[speaking Russian]>>There is no kak dela?>>Yeah, but I don’t
remember what that means.>>It means, “What’s up.”>>Johnny: What’s up– kak dela.>>That’s good.>>Look at that hair.>>You know enough.>>Ooh. All done. Now I’m ready to beat Corey.>>We wish you luck, you
will knock him down. And hopefully the next
time when you come, we will have your picture here. For sure, yes, we will.>>Appreciate it.>>Thank you, good luck.>>Thank you very much.>>Thank you guys. Have a good day.>>Good luck, bye. Do svidanya.>>Do svidanya.>>Goodbye.>>Jorge: Oh, we’re
at the tailored suits. Gonna get my
people outfitted nice. Got B Hop over there. I even made the
wall myself, man. Dana made the wall.>>The winningest
heavyweight champion in the UFC.>>[unintelligible]>>He’s knocked out people.>>[Unintelligible]>>That’s why
we’re both brothers. My dad could be in a tank top, flip flops, boxer
briefs on all day. He’s the happiest
dude in the world. I kind of had to
strong-arm him to come here. But if his son is
gonna be looking fly, so is Papa Dukes.>>I would do, like, showcase.>>What about this one?>>Let’s do this–>>Let’s do this in brown. This one and this one.>>Yeah.>>Christmas came
early, I guess. So, we’ll see.
We’ll see. Looks, seems, and
sounds everything great. You’ll see.>>Alright, like this one looks
nice, look at that. Anything that catches your eye, you can just
leave it flapped up.>>I try my best. I’m not good at this. This is not my forte. Out of my wheelhouse.>>Hey, are you getting ready?>>I’m so nervous.>>Why are you nervous?>>He’s been
asking for it all day.>>Smile, smile, Mike.>>Jorge: Stop
looking at my ass, Andrei.>>Are you ready?
>>Always ready.>>You don’t ask
Andrei on a fight week. Victor, this is
not a guy you play. This is a wild tiger. Leave that tiger alone.>>I’ve seen him fight,
so I’m gonna know.>>Jorge: Yeah, but
he’s like that always. You leave that tiger alone. You see, nobody’s
sitting next to him because we all know how he is. I’ve always been a firm
model of the saying, “The man makes the clothes,
not the clothes makes the man.” I can wear anything, man.>>That looks good.>>You’re looking good so far.>>I can go out
like this to the club. Start a fashion statement. Uh, uh. Best part is ain’t
nobody can tell me [bleep]. Boop! [dramatic theme music] ♪♪

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  1. Copy and paste got me through school, work, lyfe. Until it didn’t. You guys are taking everything I worked for motherfuckers
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