UFC 241 Countdown: Daniel Cormier vs Stipe Miocic 2

>>Narrator: The UFC’s growth
has been unrelenting since the promotion’s inception, and its top athletes have
achieved worldwide acclaim in the process.>>Anik: The most
dominant force in the game.>>Joe: The
female mma superstar. What he’s been able to do
against world-class fighters has been nothing
short of magnificent.>>Cormier: From
Olympic champion to UFC world champion.>>Anik: One in the
best in the game, period, vaulted
to superstardom.>>Joe: He’s most certainly
the biggest star in mma and by a long shot.>>Buffer: It’s time!>>Narrator: At UFC
241 on August 17th, one of those very
superstars will make his long awaited return to action.>>Buffer: Nate Diaz!>>I’m not going
anywhere, you know? I was here before those guys. All of them.>>Joe: Oh, my goodness! What a night,
ladies and gentlemen.>>I was before him and I
know I’m going to be here way after him also.>>Narrator: The
unapologetic Nate Diaz, has made his presence
known since day one.>>Diaz: We’re going to beat
your asses, that’s what’s up. I don’t give a [bleep]
what you say [bleep].>>Narrator: And after more
than a decade in the UFC…>>Joe: Spectacular with
every single aspect of the game!>>Narrator: Diaz is
finally set to throw down, with a fighter he
called out for years.>>[Diaz on radio]: I see
Anthony Pettis talking about how he’s still the best. I’ll fight your ass
tomorrow, Anthony Pettis.>>Pettis: This fight was
supposed to happen a long time ago. It’s time that me and Nate
get inside the Octagon and settle this.>>Narrator: Anthony
“Showtime” Pettis took the mma world by storm…>>Commentator: did
you just see that!>>Narrator: On his
rise to become a UFC lightweight champion. And after his recent
resurgence of 170 pounds…>>Brendan: Clean with a
big right hand and Wonderboy is out!>>Narrator: Pettis is primed
for a co-main billing with Diaz.>>Joe: He really is
the next level fighter.>>Won’t stop, I’m coming! Coming! [dramatic music] >>Narrator: The night’s
headliner will see the best two heavyweights in
UFC history go toe-to-toe for
the second time.>>Joe: Oh!>>Anik: Cormier
knocks Miocic out! History!>>Narrator: As pound for
pound great Daniel Cormier…>>Anik: Daniel Cormier is
the UFC heavyweight champion!>>Narrator: …
faces the man who seized the UFC heavyweight
title from one year ago, former champion, Stipe Miocic.>>What’s going to be
different about this rematch, is I’m going to
win the fight.>>Anik: The most decorated
heavyweight champion in UFC history.>>Stipe’s not beating me.>>Anik: Cormier
defends in style tonight!>>On August 17th I
get my hand raised.>>Narrator: Step
inside the lives of transcended
martial artists…>>Woman: Daniel,
here’s your ESPY, man.>>Narrator: …
ahead of a career defining event in Anaheim.>>Trainer: One, two, three. [Everybody saying “Hit it!] >>Narrator: This is
UFC 241: Countdown. In the souther region of
the San Francisco Bay area, the Gilroy High School summer
wrestling camp is underway. [whistle blows] >>Thank you guys
so much for coming. I’m Daniel. I’m the head coach at Gilroy
amongst a few other things.>>Narrator: Guided by
UFC heavyweight champion, Daniel Cormier, who
frequently bestows a lifetime of knowledge onto
the next generation.>>We got, probably the best
coaching staff for a clinic, Northern California has
seen for a long time.>>Cormier: Just want to
make sure that I present opportunities for the kids in
the area to learn from some of the better
mindset the sport. Zach Esposito is the
man that runs the show, right? Associate head coach
at Oklahoma State. My right hand man right here. This is Daron Winn, one
of the best coaches and technicians you’ll
ever gonna meet. Those guys are such
phenomenal wrestlers and they have such great minds for the
sport that they can pass it on like no one else. Now let’s work, let’s be
attentive and let’s do things the right way. Alright, let’s get rolling. Go! One, two, three. [everybody claps]
[whistle blows] >>Coach: There,
use that back foot. Bam! That’s it, good. Good. Good, that’s it.>>See you’re not
deep waisting here, you got to get
that deep waist. Now– yeah, there you go. Now catch his wrist.>>Narrator: Opportunities to
learn from DC are not limited to students. Even coaches
like UFC newcomer, Deron Winn, have been impacted
by the champ’s presence.>>Let’s do the fireman,
like Coach Espo was showing. Oh, yeah. There it is, stud. Good job, buddy.>>It’s truly
inspiring for a guy like me, because I see all the things
he’s accomplished and I see all the special
things he does.>>Cormier: Now,
Jael– shuck her forward. But don’t go with her,
remember what he said, don’t go with her. Just shuck her
and let her go. Good, there you go.>>I’m just lucky to be
a part of his journey. He’s truly a special man.>>Narrator: Winn has joined
Cormier in representing the American Kickboxing Academy
on the big stage and must live up to
the AKA standard, established by its deep lineage.>>You know this gym was
known for Mike Swick and John Fitch
and Josh Koscheck. Then all of a
sudden it was Cain, myself, Luke.>>Joe: Great,
great fighters there, going at it day-after-day,
training with the best in the world.>>Cormier: When I think
about the new guys like Deron Winn.>>Joe: One of the best moves he
ever did is training with AKA.>>Cormier: Khabib as the
leader of the new generation.>>Joe: His training at AKA has
put together his entire game.>>Cormier: It just shows
you the longevity of a high level team.>>Cormier: AKA is going to
be around for as long as the sport will be.>>Narrator: Cormier one day
entered the confines of this San Jose super camp as an mma
newcomer with big dreams and embarked on an
extraordinary journey.>>Mauro Ranallo: An
Olympian now working with the all-star camp at American
Kickboxing Academy. This guy, a legitimate
heavyweight prospect.>>Ring Announcer:
Daniel Cormier!>>Narrator: A dominant
run through the Strikeforce Grant Prix
final and beyond…>>Pat Miletich: This kid
is dangerous for everybody!>>Narrator: …
saw 13 consecutive heavyweights battle
the undersized Cormier and all 13 fail to
emerge victorious.>>Joe:
Overwhelming domination.>>I’m going to be the
champion eventually. Those guys can’t get
away from me for long.>>Narrator: Then DC would
take a four year hiatus from the heavyweight division, to
capture and defend the UFC’s 205 pound title.>>Anik: DC reigns supreme
once again at 205 pounds.>>Narrator: Until he cleared
out the division and no worthy
challengers remained.>>Joe: Overwhelming,
dominant performance by Daniel Cormier.>>Buffer: And still!>>Dominick Cruz: And that just
shows where the 205 division is. This was the top man in the
division right now to face DC.>>Narrator: As light
heavyweight title holder, Cormier would next set a goal to
hold two UFC belts simultaneously, which meant
facing the best champion the heavyweight
division has ever seen, a blue collar
Cleveland powerhouse, by the name of Stipe Miocic.>>Trainer: Come on. Come on. Come on. All the way down the line.
All the way down the line. Good job. One more to go, kid.>>Narrator: From
division one wrestler, to Golden Gloves
boxing champion, Miocic entered mixed martial
arts with one goal in mind.>>From the time
Stipe started competing, he wanted to be UFC champion. Alright, let’s get to work. It was very
strategic for him, focusing on what’s
in front of you, not looking too far down, but
kind of glancing at your goals. It’s what he did.>>Kenny Florian: Big
right hand from Stipe Miocic. He has him rocked!>>Marcus: You know he
would knock out another dude, knock out another dude.>>Ref: Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop!>>Marcus: More victories
and little by little you could see it building.>>Brian Stann:
Oh, that’s it!>>Mike: Stipe Miocic!>>Narrator: Miocic did
not merely become the UFC heavyweight
champion of the world…>>Joe: Alistair’s in
all sorts of trouble.>>Narrator: … he
brutalized legends of the sport…>>Joe: Outstanding!>>Narrator: Who dared to
challenge for his title.>>Anik: Down
goes dos Santos!>>Buffer: And still!>>Too easy! Too [bleep] easy!>>Narrator: After tying
the record for consecutive heavyweight title defenses,
Miocic arrived at the doorstep of achieving legendary status.>>Anik: Trying to
successfully defend this belt for a third time.>>Joe: No man has
ever done it three times.>>Setting the record for
consecutive title fights is pretty cool.>>Joe: All the momentum is
on the champion’s side right now.>>Miocic: I went through some
motivated guys to get there. You know, I’m not done,
I’m just getting started.>>Buffer: And still!>>Narrator: The time was
right for a super-fight with Daniel Cormier, so the UFC
set the date for a massive pay per view event,
where heavyweight and light heavyweight
champions would collide. [fans cheering “Stipe!”] >>Narrator: The UFC reserves
its International Fight Week showcase for the
biggest matchups of the year. And July of 2018
was no different.>>Anik: Never before has
a UFC light heavyweight champion moved up to
challenge the active heavyweight champion. That is a reality here and
now in Las Vegas tonight.>>Cormier: Come on, boy!>>Anik: Here is the two-time
United States Olympic wrestler, the UFC light
heavyweight champion, the future hall-of-famer,
Daniel Cormier has arrived.>>Cruz: Don’t sleep
on Daniel Cormier. He has the skill-set,
he has the mentality. He knows how to win fights
and I truly believe he has the power with
this extra weight on. I think that will help his
durability and I think it’s going to help him be able
to carry the weight and land with knockout power
at this weight class, even against Stipe.>>Anik: So here
is the no nonsense, UFC heavyweight
champion, Stipe Miocic. On paper, Joe, this is
the most accomplished UFC heavyweight champion
this Octagon has ever seen.>>Joe: Absolutely. I mean the
consensus best ever, really. I mean you think about
the guys he’s beaten, what he’s done. The fact that he’s the only
guy to ever defend the title three times. It’s a really
interesting matchup.>>Cruz: The key for
this matchup for me, is when does
Daniel Cormier clinch?>>Anik: They are all
standing inside this T- Mobile Arena in
Las Vegas tonight. Daniel Cormier trying to
leave here with a piece of unprecedented UFC history. Stipe Miocic trying to
successfully defend this belt for a 4th time. [crowd chanting “Stipe!”] >>Anik: Miocic trying to close
the distance here early.>>Joe: These are probably
some of the hardest shots he’s ever felt. That might be
shocking for DC.>>Anik: Oh.>>Joe: This is a
real heavyweight. Nice low kick by Daniel.>>Anik: Oh, nice
knee from Stipe.>>Offense! Offense! Offense, DC! Go!>>Cruz: Something that DC’s
coaches were all saying is, he’s hitting harder. So let’s see– I mean if the
power really translates for him.>>Only speed. Only speed. Only speed!>>Anik: Nice
combination from the champ.>>Joe: Oh, good
right hand over the top. Oh, he stunned
him with that jab. DC popped him a
couple of times. Oh!>>Anik: Big
one-two from Cormier!>>Joe: There’s a switch
kick to the body by DC. Oh, look at
that, one-two by DC.>>Cruz: Then he clinches. Oh, he hurt him!>>Anik: Knocks Miocic out! History! UFC history!>>Cruz: He got it done!>>Anik: Daniel Cormier!
>>Cruz: He got it done.>>Daniel Cormier is the
UFC heavyweight champion!>>Joe: Out of nowhere.>>Anik: One of the
greatest of all-time. Daniel Cormier! Unprecedented, rarified air!>>Joe: The fact that
he won by knockout!>>Cruz: Incredible. >>Buffer: And new!>>Anik: Stipe Miocic set
a new standard for this division and Daniel put
all of that to bed tonight.>>It’s heavyweight,
anything can happen. I felt i was the
better fighter, I felt like I was
winning the fight. He just caught me
with a good punch. Sometimes you win the lottery. >>Narrator: Although his
shocking loss to Cormier last year, proved to be one of
the most trying times of his life. Miocic would embrace
the rewarding period that immediately followed, by
celebrating the birth of his first child.>>Miocic: The last year of
my life has been absolutely amazing. Resting, recharging– I get
to hang out with my daughter.>>Woman: Come get it. No, you have to get it.>>Yea, there it is. That’s a power jump. Every morning, she
needs to be changed, she needs to be fed, burped. I take her to swimming. I take her for a walk. We just do fun
stuff all the time, but always looking for me
for something you know? Life definitely
changed a lot, but so much for the better.>>Woman: Three!>>Yea! [clapping] >>Woman: One, two, three. Under, turn up.>>Go! [clapping] >>Yea! I just want to be there for
all time to show her that hard work pays off no matter
what the cards deal you, if you keep working hard,
good things will happen.>>Goodbye. Nice to see you today. Bye-bye.>>Yay.>>Woman: It was
nice to see you today.>>Narrator: The time
raising his newborn daughter, Miocic would not
compete inside the Octagon.>>Man: Go to 12.>>Narrator: His 13 month
absence was foreshadowed at the conclusion of
his last fight…>>Man: Zipped in here.>>Narrator: … when another
former UFC heavyweight champion, shockingly entered the fray.>>Hey, listen to DC! There’s a guy I never
thought I would fight him, but Brock Lesnar
get your ass in here! [crowd cheers] >>Joe: Whoa. Whoa. Whoa.>>Push me now! You go to sleep later!>>Let me tell you something,
DC I’m coming for you [bleep].>>Narrator: A high profile
bout between Daniel Cormier and pro wrestling
superstar, Brock Lesnar began to materialize.>>Man: 30 percent.>>Narrator:
Which made the pursuit of a rematch
with Cormier…>>Man: Alright, what
do you take it up to?>>25.>>Narrator: All the more
challenging for Miocic.>>[Man on radio]: Brock Lesnar
is actually now eligible to come back.>>Brett Okamoto: Daniel
Cormier versus Brock Lesnar, that is the next fight at
the heavyweight division?>>Should be.>>[Joe on radio]: Is Stipe
going to get another shot? He should, huh? I mean he became the most
accomplished heavyweight of all-time.[man singing] ♪ What’s
wrong with your head boy ♪
♪ Don’t you dare
boy priorities wrong ♪
>>Reporter: If Stipe wants
a rematch are you going to give it to him?>>Uh– I don’t know, I think
I’m going to fight Brock Lesnar.>>[man singing] ♪ Yes I got
my reasons I won’t drop it ♪
♪ It will come to me
hands in my pocket ♪
>>The whole soap
opera, I’m not into that. I don’t know why you
would want to fight a guy who hasn’t fought in three
years, a money fight, but whatever.[man singing] ♪ Watch it ♪>>[man on radio]: UFC
Madison Square Garden, a new main event, heavyweight
title fight between Daniel Cormier
and Derrick Lewis.>>Joe: And the only one who
has any complaint about it at all is Stipe Miocic.>>[Miocic on radio]: I wish I
would have gotten to talk. I want a rematch. I better get it.>>Joe: And I
sympathize with Stipe, but this is a fight to make. People want to see this
fight that no one can deny. But here’s the thing, that
man he’s about to fight, that’s an
enormous human being.>>Paul Felder: Let’s see
what happens right here, this is going to say a whole
lot about how this fight is going to go.>>Joe: The
level of wrestling, it’s almost unreachable.>>Felder: He can’t just
keep giving his back up to get up like that. Eventually DC will find a way
to get his arm around your neck.>>Joe: He’s got the neck.>>Anik: Looks like
DC’s under that chin.>>Joe: He’s got it.>>Anik: There’s the tap! A quick night at the office!>>Buffer: And still!>>Let’s go, Brock! Bring that belt with you
if you come to my house!>>Stipe: DC-Brock is
like being built I guess, right? Which I have no idea how you
give a guy a title shot when he hasn’t done anything. I still want a rematch.>>Let’s go!>>[Cormier on radio]: He
deserves a rematch if I don’t get to fight Brock. I just don’t like that I’ve
fought again and he still hasn’t fought. Go beat somebody.>>[man on radio] Brock Lesnar
retiring from mma officially. He’s not coming back, so that
fight with Daniel Cormier not going to happen.>>[man on radio #2]: Daniel
Cormier will be defending his title against Stipe
Miocic at UFC 241. [grunting]
>>Coach: Overhand.>>[Michael Bisping on radio]:
Stipe you know, he stuck to his guns. He said, “No, I want my
[bleep] fight and I’m willing to sit out until I get it.” And It worked out.>>Trainer: Uppercut-cross,
duck the left hook. [grunting] >>Trainer: Snap-cross. That’s it.>>Cormier: Stipe was
upset about me and Brock, but reality is
like you didn’t win, so you’re mad. [grunting]
>>Trainer: Cross. Good. He misses being the champion. You know, he was the baddest
man on the planet and to have it taken away so
quick like that, he’s got sour grapes. Overhead. [grunting] >>He’ll get his rematch now
and I’m going to put it on him again.>>Trainer: That’s
the way to do it. Stay nice and
relaxed, nice and relaxed. Moving the head and all
of a sudden you explode.>>For him to be sitting on
the sidelines for a year, just rubbed me the wrong way.>>Trainer: But if you get
too tight and you explode, they see it coming. Beautiful. Nice.>>Cormier: I just don’t
like people acting entitled. There was no reason for that. He could have beat somebody
else and then people would be more interested of him
and I fighting again. Because their last memory is
him sleeping on the floor of the Octagon and me
standing on top of him.>>Trainer:
Relaxation. Relaxation. Level change.>>Stipe, you’re in trouble.>>Trainer: Good job.>>Narrator: The Buckeye
State is a haven for some of the most devout fan
bases in American sports, and former UFC
heavyweight champion, Stipe Miocic has spent a
lifetime cheering for his hometown heroes. Now a Cleveland
professional athlete himself, Miocic enjoys every opportunity
to share in the spotlight.>>Miocic: Being a successful
fighter from Cleveland, it’s amazing honestly. I get to do cool things, like
throw out the first pitch at Progressive Field
for the Indians. Everyone is so nice
there; the coaches, the players. They’re good people,
that’s how we do it here in Cleveland. So I get to hang out on
Sunday and Monday I do the media stuff.>>Do you want to check out the
arena and stuff like that?>>No.>>No big need,
it’s the same?>>It’s an Octagon,
I’m fighting in a cage. The coach of the
Indians is awesome. He’s a good dude. He always talks
about fighting. I talk about how he’s doing.>>Good luck, man. I’ll be pulling for you.>>Thank you, sir.
I appreciate you.>>I hope you kick
his [bleep] ass.>>Of course, I
promise you that.>>Good to see, man.
>>You too, sir. Good luck tonight.
>>Thanks.>>I haven’t
seen him in awhile, but it’s like we
don’t miss a beat. He’s like the greatest, I
want him to coach me one day. [National Anthem playing
in background] [crowd cheers]>>[Stadium Announcer
over PA]: Please welcome, Ohio native, Stipe Miocic.>>Looks so much farther
there out there than I thought it was. My love is always Cleveland
and it always will be, no one else. Born and raised
here, I still live here, I sill train here. I get to do all these cool
things and meet cool people and eventually it’s not
going to be that one day, so live it up now. Thx, homie.
>>Good luck.>>Hey, man. Appreciate it.>>Have a quiet night.
>>It’s all good. I appreciate it though. Enjoy your night, bro.>>Narrator: An afternoon spent
with the Cleveland faithful is a far cry from
the distractions Miocic grew accustomed to, when he was an active champion with a constant media presence. But the now refreshed contender
is on the comeback trail, following the longest
layoff of his entire career. [switch flipped on] >>Miocic: Taking the
year off was a good thing. I was getting pulled in
different directions and doing of a lot of stuff. I think I got
burned out a little bit. But we’re still training.>>He’s been in the
gym the entire time, working on things and
getting him better. That’s the way he’s always
been his entire career and he’s going to be
the champ again. Ready? Okay.>>Narrator: Miocic concludes
his absence with a return to action at UFC 241 and a headlining title bout with
the last man he faced. The man who took his
belt 13 months ago.>>Joe: Oh, he hurt him!>>Anik: He
knocks Miocic out! UFC history! Narrator:
Heavyweight champion, Daniel Cormier.>>Joe: The fact that
he won by knockout! Who would have expected that!>>It’s very different
preparing for a rematch. You don’t want to completely
focus on the last fight, but make improvements to
make sure you get the “W.”>>One-two-three-four. Jab-right hand-left
hook- right uppercut. Two-two.>>Miocic: He definitely
caught me on the button. It is what it is, but it
ain’t gonna happen again.>>Alex: One-two.>>Miocic: I’m not going to
let him do what he wants and dictate where it goes. Smash him.>>Alex: Nicely done. Nicely done.>>Narrator: Ahead of
the rematch with Miocic, Daniel Cormier welcomes
a momentary recess from training camp, to attend
the ESPY awards in the City of Angels.>>How you doing, Hannah?
Daniel. Nice to see you again.>>How are you? Nice to see you.>>Narrator: The heavyweight
champ is nominated for mma fighter of the year and is
taken back by the celebrity lifestyle he know
frequently enjoys.>>Cormier: I
can’t get them all. Boys, I got to go. Alright, let’s walk.
Let’s walk. Let’s walk. We got to walk. I could have never imagined
when I started this that this would be my life. Fighting for the thousands
and thousands of people, make a ton of money. Reach these levels that I
never thought possible. It’s amazing.>>The best mma
fighter goes to…>>Daniel Cormier.>>Alright! Daniel, here’s
your ESPY, man. Congratulations!>>Thank you so much. Um, yeah it’s exciting. I can’t believe
I have an ESPY. I just won an ESPY. I mean this is crazy. I’m a kid from the north side of
Lafayette, Louisiana. We ain’t got much over there
and now I’m standing on the red carpet
and I won an ESPY. It’s a massive honor for me. Sometimes we take
things for granted, it’s human nature. I think I had that moment
where I’m now kind of living in everything that I’m doing. See you later,
yep, thank you. [music] >>Narrator: The
multiple time, multi division
UFC champion…>>Trainer: You ready, DC? Go.>Narrator: Is well
recognized as one the greatest to ever compete.>>Trainer: Change
levels, go the body too. Don’t just head hunt. Beautiful.>>Narrator: And as Cormier
continues an undefeated heavyweight campaign, rivals like former champ, Stipe Miocic can
appreciate DC’s greatness.>>He’s a good fighter. He’s a two time champ. Has something that is mine.>>Narrator: Before
relinquishing the heavyweight belt to Cormier…>>Joe: Oh, he’s out! He’s out! Outstanding! Miocic consecutively defended
it more times than any man in history.>>Anik: The most decorated
heavyweight champion in UFC champion.>>Narrator: …
And on August 17th in Anaheim, he’s coming to take it back.>>Joe: Oh, he
stunned him with that jab.>>Miocic: What’s going to
be different in this rematch, is that I’m going to win
the fight and walking out with my belt.>>August 17th, I
beat Stipe Miocic again.>>Joe: Oh!>>Anik: Big
one-two from Cormier!>>Cormier: And this time,
I not only beat him in the fight, but I ruin him. Woo! This one is really going to
stick with him for the rest of his career.>>Joe: What we’re seeing
is the best of the best.>>I’m going to go
out there and smash. And new.>>Buffer: Heavyweight
champion of the world!

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