U.S. restricts exports to Chinese semiconductor firm Fujian Jinhua

in other news setting up a new front in
its trade and text tech disputes with China the US Commerce Department is
blocking a Chinese state back to semiconductor maker from importing US
products to make its chips easing Jay has more in an attempt to cut off a
Chinese state back semiconductor maker from US exports of components software
and technology goods the US Commerce Department has placed trade restrictions
on free gen Xinhua integrated circuit adding it to a list of entities that
cannot purchase such products from US firms the Commerce Department cited a
significant risk that the Chinese firms new memory chip capacity will threaten
the viability of us suppliers of chips for military systems the restriction is
similar to the Commerce Department’s move that nearly put Chinese
telecommunication equipment company ZTE Corp out of business earlier this year
after it was cut off from us suppliers ZTE had violated a deal to settle
violations of sanctions on North Korea and Iran but was allowed to resume
purchases of u.s. products after a revised settlement and a 1 billion
dollar fine observers say the latest restriction against Fujian Xinhua is
likely to spark new tensions between the two economic powerhouses since the
company is at the heart of the made in China 2025 program to develop new
high-tech industries the two countries are ready in a major tariff war with US
duties in place on 250 billion dollars worth of Chinese goods and Chinese
duties on 110 billion dollars of US goods the Chinese semiconductor maker
which is opening a new 5.7 billion dollar chip Factory in Fujian province
has been linked to the Trump administration’s accusations that China
has systematically stolen and forced the transfer of American technology US
Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said the u.s. believes the Chinese firms new
plant was likely the beneficiary of US argent technology and its additional
production would threaten the long-term viability of u.s. chip makers easing J
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14 thoughts on “U.S. restricts exports to Chinese semiconductor firm Fujian Jinhua

  1. Finally Americans have woken up! This is the first step in the Right Direction – STOP all technology transfers to China!

  2. Good! Export restrictions will be more effective than tariffs at stopping IP theft. Fujian Jinhua Integrated Circuit Company will no longer be able to purchase equipment from Applied Materials or Lam Research.

  3. From ploghuing rice fields with buffalos and rickety cycle to making 5 th generation jets US technogy and wealth was allowed to flow by greedy and lazy american . Now world is paying price by subjugation by China through Trade Debt Diplomacy of the developing and semi developed world. Painfully some American have not women up to the clear and present danger and oppose Trump.

  4. The U.S.A must be very careful how they play against China. How many moles do you think the C.C.P. has inside the U.S. government? What about in businesses, ordinary people? For all you know they've already invaded America they just didn't know it yet.

  5. Actually it is cheaper to buy from USA as these chips are low margins
    But China will be mass producing these chips late this year and the globe will be flooded by chips
    USA companies will go broke

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