TYPES of KIDS – Navratri vs Normal Days | #Roleplay #Fun #Sketch #MyMissAnand

& today’s video is related to this If you want to get the God Blessings this Navratri.. you know what you need to do…. yes hit the LIKE button and get this video to 100,000 LIKES So lets enjoy the video Anantya!! get up fast. Grandma is calling you for making prayer to god Mumma I am coming after 10 minutes Anantya you’ve been sleeping for so long. come fast I need to sleep oho I need to go to Sonia Aunt place Mumma I am going to Aunty’s place lets go to eat these chicken Momos oho how can you eat Chicken Momos on Tuesday All days are same I’ve decided to eat chicken momos today lets go reciting prayer can you show me these Momos Mom want to eat some sweet have this dear wow!! its my favourite Pastry Mumma May I’ve fast for Navratri no dear its too difficult you won’t be able okk Mumma I am hungry plz give me something to eat you’ve just eaten fruits we don’t eat this much during fasts whatever Mumma I am so hungry plz give me something Mumma Can I have these biscuits in fast no dear we can’t have these during fast instead you can have this banana Mumma can I’ve this Limca instead of you can have this coconut water cover your head Reciting Prayers God!! plz fulfil my all wishes this Navratri Aunty can we play in your house?? but I need to go somewhere Aunty plz let us play for at least half an hour ok child you’ve played for too long now you need to go your house Your Mom got worried about you Aunt We already informed Mumma no dear its too late where are you going Aunty we’re going to Aunty’s place who live upstairs Aunty took so much time last year and had given only Rs. 5 what are you discussing about? Aunty just discuss whose place we’ll go next?? aunty I’ve a sister too have this halwa for your sister no Aunty plz give the money for her too ok lets save this money lets go fast Papa this chicken is too tasty its the world’s best chicken I’ve ever eat Papa what you’ve done don’t you know Navratri has started Grandma will scold us God plz forgive my Papa so have you enjoyed it me too enjoyed a lot which is your favourite scene?? let me know in the comment section mine favourite that kanjak one in which we went to Aunty place I’ve enjoyed a lot and its funny too do LIKE & SHARE this video also so SUBSCRIBE to my channel “mymissanand” & press that bell icon too Happy Navratri.. and will see you in my next video

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