Types Of Bo Staffs

Hey guys, today I am going to do something
a little different I am going to talk about the different kinds of Bo staffs there are. This is the first one, this is the Bo staff
I normally use for for my tutorials, as you can see it is in the open style, quite light,
and has a black grip in the middle of it. This Bo was created by XMA and bought it though
Century Martial Arts quite a long time ago, whats unique about this Bo is that it is actually
made of Graphite not wood like all of my other ones. Up next we have the Bo I typically use for
for the open style divisions at tournaments. This Bo is again done in the open style, very
light, has a grip on it – as most of my open Bos do. The difference between this one and the last
one is that this one is made up of wood, and this one is a bit more flashy. It has the two colors scheme, not just the
one. As you can see it has the silver and the blue. This one was purchased from GForce. Just to show you yet another open Bo,, this
one is again quite shiny, has the grip on it, this one just has different stuff at the
end to make it flashy. This Bo was purchased quite a while ago at
a company called Go Shikat, which has since re branded into Keshin Weapons. This is the first more traditional style Bo,
and this is the traditional Bo that I use at NASKA events. As you can see it is still tapered, like some
of the open weapons, the middle is thicker then the ends. But there is no group, and it looks like it
is made out of wood. There is no shininess or silver like the other
ones that I have that are for open events. This particular Bo was purchased through GForce. And Lastly, we have the really traditional
Bo. This Bo is similar to the last one except
there isn’t a taper and it is quite a bit thicker. Some circuits require that you use a non-tapered
Bo staffs for traditional divisions. Some also have height requirements, the Bo
has to be taller then you, or between your eyebrows and the top of your head. So always make sure you check out your circuit’s
rules before competing in a traditional weapons division. So now that I have talked about the Bo staffs,
another thing is the grips. The grip is not required to do tricks or to
have an open Bo staff. It’s more of an add-on. Typically the grip is made of one or two tennis
over grips. So you can see this Bo staff, is made of the
two, it’s a bit trickier to do but it lasts longer. This Bo staff on which the Grip is quire worn,
only has one grip there is nothing in the middle. It’s basically just a tennis over-grip wrapped
around with electrical tape on the ends. Most Bo manufactures will throw on a grip
for a little bit extra so you can see how it is done. I am going to put a link to all of the different
companies I mentioned in the description. If you liked the video please give it a like,
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