TV Antenna – Motu Patlu in Hindi – ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES! – 3D Cartoon for Kids

Patlu, what has happened to this TV? I think there is some problem with the antenna. You go up and change the direction of the antenna. From down here, I will tell you when the TV screen becomes clear. Motu, is it clear now? No, not yet. Motu now? No Patlu instead it has become worse. Hey Motu my friend, my brother, what are you doing? Don’t ask big brother due to this TV antenna. We often have trouble in watching TV. Patlu is up on the roof. Hey! Only such a small problem. Take this Motu my brother, this is a super power antenna; Just wear this helmet and just press the switch on this side. Long live! Thank you, big brother. Patlu quickly come down, we now have a special antenna of our own. Hey, who are you all? Get lost from here. Motu, who are all these people? Big brother had given a super power antenna, the TV started working fine. But I think these are the characters from the TV who have come out. Hey you all go back inside the TV. Why! We have found a new world, we will enjoy a lot. And we are feeling bored staying in the small TV. Let’s go Hello, Tata, and Bye Bye. Hey till now we have not even said hello properly. And you are saying Tata, Bye Bye; we will not let you go. We are not doing Tata, Bye Bye. These are our names, this is hello, this is Tata and this is Bye Bye. Hey my Hi, hello, Tata, Bye Bye. Please go back into the TV, we will not let you go outside. What happened tea vendor brother, what is all this? What do I tell brother? Look at these Lilliputs. Don’t know from where they have come? Hey my HI, Hello, Tata, Bye Bye. Hey, don’t go away so soon saying Tata, Bye Bye. First get rid of them. Whatever Samosas I have made from morning they have eaten up all of them. They have damaged all my utensils. Whatever you hit them, it does not affect them at all. We are not saying Tata, Bye Bye; these are their names. This Hi, this Hello, this Tata and this Bye Bye. OK! So these small troubles are with you people. Yes, tea vendor brother they are with us but we are not with them. Do you think I am a fool? Who is with whom, it does not matter. These people do not get hurt but you people will surely get hurt. Thank You. Oh, my god but who is the one who lifted the barricade. There is no one here. The name is Chingam. Whoever lifted this barricade, quickly come in front. Oh, my god! Who are you, people? Who? We are Hello, Hi, Tata, and Bye Bye. Hey stop, no Tata, Bye Bye, first tell me who are you. I swear you in the name of law, swear you on your motherland. I am Inspector Chingam; who are you? Oh, my god! Ghost. Let me run. Idli. Dosa. Sambar. Oh, my god! Chingam Sir, stop we need your help. Oh, my god. Motu – Patlu now you please help me first. Chingam Sir first you come out. First tell me whether they have left or not. Yes. Chingam sir they have left. Motu-Patlu don’t know who are these dwarfs? They have been after me for long. These are ghosts, let’s run from here. Chingam Sir. These are cartoon characters and they have come out of the TV. Together, we have to catch them. Ok, both of you together catch them, I am leaving. Hey you, Hi, Hello, Tata, and Bye Bye, if you have the strength. Then try and trouble the person who is coming from the opposite direction. He is John, a robber. Is he a robber? Yes he is a robber and he troubles everyone. He is a gangster. Yes brother yes. Hey than he is of our category, we also do the same thing. He is our leader. Leave me, who are you all? Number 1, number 2 bring me down. These are all cartoons and they have come out of the TV. Do anything to them and nothing happens to them. Motu, was there any need to tell the entire story? Two thieves are like cousins. John you never told us you have brothers. Motu, keep your mouth shut. What did you say? Nothing happens to them now it will be fun. Two are better than one, three are better than two and four are better than. How much ever it might be, together we will rob all the banks. Yes, let’s go boss What! The bank in the market got robbed. There also robbery has been committed? Oh, my god! Everywhere the robberies are happening. It is impossible to get out of Chingam’s web. Impossible. Chingam Sir come outside, we have made a nice plan. Oh, my god! Will your plan be successful? Yes, Chingam sir but you come out first. Ok then Motu-Patlu all set. Machine gun is ready? Yes sir. Tank, bombs? Yes sir, everything is ready. OK then everyone be alert. Now no one can save John from the long hands of the police. Not even those dwarf accomplices of John, Dai, Dama, Deeka, and Cheeka. Yes Chingam sir, we will arrest John. How will John escape from the police machine guns and bombs? Those dwarf cartoons will run away inside the TV But John cannot run inside the TV. Let’s go quickly Tata, Bye Bye; we have to save our boss. Hey where are you people taking me? We had to rob the bank and not kidnap me. Boss, your life is in danger. Machine guns and tank are here to catch you. What nonsense, where is the tank? I don’t want to go anywhere. Now you cannot do anything to our leader. Hey, this was our plan; there was no bombs or tank. Now this is John’s punishment. Bring me out please. Arrest me Chingam Sir, please. John now this is your punishment that you live inside the TV only. No!!

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  1. I'm patlu and motu is my best friend I'm Pakistani my name is ishaq and my best friend is wali motu and patlu is best frind

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