Tutorial: How to light a boxing scene (German with English subtitles)

Hey, are you alright? Well then, lets start with our lighting tutorial. My Name is Michael Neumann and
I am part of Die Visionauten. Today we want to show you how to light a dramatic boxing-scene. We will be talking about height, angle and the actual type of light we used and also cover topics like
light modifier such as gels and grids and the brightness we used for
every light. This scene consists of three parts. At the End we see how the fighter lies
on the floor. before that we will have a look on the way he passes from his corner to to where he got hit K.O. And the part from the beginning where we see the fighter getting ready. We will be doing this explanation in reversed order and therefore now start with the last part of the scene. Now lets have a look at the spotlight that gave us
the light for the drop of the fighter. We placed the light very high up and also used the dedolight extender arm. We used a spotlight that enabled us to cast a very hard light in a very steep angle onto the scene. This way we were able to really emphasis the dramatic of the scene. To move forward, lets help Tom to get up again. Tom your Hand please. You’re fine? Wonderfull. Also he’s on his mark. Perfect. In the wide shot, or lets say in the medium shot that we saw him in right before the
punch we have multiple lights to illuminate this part of the scene. For one and that is the important part, we used the spot light I just told you about to bring some highlights into the back set to create more depth. This way we gain a lot of depth in the image. On the other side we have our key light which happens to be a big softbox which job it is to give us the perfect exposure for Toms upper body. With the Grid we directed the light to just hit Tom where we wanted it without spilling all over the scene. By using a CTB gel we converted the tungsten light into daylight to get the cool and hard look that we wanted. Lets now take a look at the fill light. As a fill light we used a small soft box, again we are utilizing the grid to direct the light. For this light we didn’t use a CTB gel because we wanted to bring some
warmth to scene and slightly emphasize the skin color. On the left and on the right we positioned two kicker which are simply said two of the
dedolight spotlights brought up to maximum height. To get Tom separated from the
background we choose to set those lights to their max output power and let them shine directly on his back. Since sweat is something you simply can’t ignore when shooting sports, we even wanted to make it more visible in the shoot, which we also accomplished by using the spotlights in the back. to make it more visible in the shoot, which we also accomplished by using the spotlights in the back. For the very first scene we’ll turn off 4 of the 5 lights and get into position. We’ll now see the light that we used fpr the beginning of the scene and still only use the spotlight that we have positioned high up. As you can see now we have that hard
light casting shadows all over his upper body. To bring some light back into the right side of Tom and to give him a reflection into his eyes, a so called eye light, we use a reflector. This way we are able to bring some dimension into the scene. We’ve now reached the beginning of our scene and the end of this tutorial. If you have any questions put them into the comment section below. We’re looking forward to your Feedback.

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