Turn on the captions for subtitles /CADBURY GEMS SURPRISE GIFT 🎁/REVIEW/KUNGFU PANDA/

HEY GUYS TODAY’S REVIEW IS ALL ABOUT CADBURY GEMS SURPRISE Kung fu Panda might be eagerly waiting inside for us Ingredients,Mfd units are given ALLERGEN INFORMATION-CONTAINS MILK ,WHEAT AND SUlPHITES (please avoid this product if you guys are allergic to these given ingredients) This product is best before 11 months from packaging (PKD .10/19) Storage conditions -store in a cool,hygienic and dry place There is an enquiry number along with email to contact . Net wt-17.8g+1 toy I bought this product for Rs 40 ,but its real price is Rs 45 Let me open this … My Rating for packaging -8/10 ball …..ball..ball Twist to open There is a Kungfu Panda sticker inside Gems Candies are my favourite of all time . NOTE -NOT TO BE SOLD WITHOUT THE OUTER PACK 20 GEMS IN TOTAL My Rating for Gems -10/10 Its a dancing warrior KUNGFU PANDA FAM Step 1………….. Mission completed Step 2 …………. Mission 2 completed DANCING WARRIOR IS ALL DONE My Rating for the toy -5/10 overall rating -7.5 /10 Thanks For Watching . If You Guys Like This Video Please Dont Forget To Like,Subscribe And Share…. Please Do Comment …..See you guys next time

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