Hello and welcome to karate-blog.net, clear and net karate. I’m Bruno BANDELIER. And today I’ll talk about a movement which is used widely in competition or fighting in general. This is Tsugy-ashi. Tsugi-ashi: it is not hunted. I’ll show you. It’s stupid. You’ll see. You are in a position where such a Zenkutsu Dashi. and you’ll put your back foot level with the front foot and then you go along. When you are facing. It looks like this. Stepping back in Kokutsu example. In fact, it is the foot that lead there and just chase the foot that is ahead. It’s not that. That is: I come, I put my foot and I advance. I start for normal movement guli-ashi, except I do not turn. In fact, I push on my leg and I just put it there. I push on my leg for initiating movement. I push. I push. My body begins to move. I put the leg in the middle and I finished. We will try. The better I think than I speak and I will explain. Is that we work together. So, we are getting ready. We will work online. Yoi hidari kamae Ichi So we advance Ayumi Ashi Dashi zenkutsu. The arms remain in custody. It does nothing for now. I just put my foot here. That is not here. I just lay there. I seek to go forward. I am not trying to shift me. My opponent is before me. My center of gravity remains in the lineup. I just put my foot here and I advance. go ahead Ichi Be careful not to do that. Hips at the same level. The full body at the same level. one Two Mawate People turn Ichi Ni San Mawate We try to accelerate. Ichi Ni San Mawate Ichi Ni San Mawate What you must have is the feeling that the belly pulls you. As if someone shoots you. I’ll put a little in that direction. Ichi Ni San Mawate Ichi Ni San Mawate Ichi Ni San Mawate You did see. I do not especially lean forward. I still really upper body on the balance basin. I only move my pelvis with legs and upper body stays on. I do not do ; I will not stoop; a neck forward. I do not do it. go ahead Ichi Ni San Mawate Ichi Ni San Yame Yasme In fact, I told you it is used a lot in fighting in competition because it can adapt its distance to the opponent. When you’re in combat, very often, is to adapt its distance without changing guard. If you want to advance to the opponent and you do that, there, you change guard. Sometimes we do not feel like it, we do not want change of guard. So it adapts its distance by Yori Ashi. We have already seen. But Tsugi-Ashi, one does it quite often. You have an attack, hop! hop! we go back, we advance, it is often enough. Now we’ll do it backwards in kokutsu dashi. When you put Kokutsu Dashi, turn around to see the zenkutsu videos, Kokutsu to coat them. Then we start in Kokutsu Dashi on the back leg. Here such, I come back that leg and I push one behind. Mawate Ichi Ni San Shi Go Mawate Ichi Ni San Shi Mawate Ichi Or San Shi Mawate So when we do that what comes is that we realize the usefulness of Kokutsu which serves many to be approved. And then when you do that, it feels that kokutsu used to receive, to receive an attack. That’s why the Kokutsu is likened to a defensive position. You receive the attack. There, I give. There I receive. Okay. Then we can give Kokutsu attacks, but it is more a defensive position. That’s Tsugy-Ashi. I will not go further. I will soon make you a really video of Kihon training, Tsugy-Ashi, the fist sequences and all that … You will see that it will interest you. I hope you like this video. See you next time on karate-blog.net, clear and net karate. Thank you and good bye.

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