Courtney: I am determined this time. I always laugh, cause I love to laugh. What can I say? I’m not doing it this time. And you can take that to the bonk. Noah: To the bonk? Courtney: Don’t make me laugh. (laughs) Ian: To the bonk? *Intro music* Courtney: Ready go!
Keith: Oh.
Shayne: Try not to laugh! Try not to laugh! We’re here! You know who it is. Shayne: You know the rules.
Courtney: We have Ian today.
Ian: Hiiiii. Shayne: We got Ian from…uh…from Smosh I think.
Courtney: Yeah. The rules are: there are no rules, except no touching and he has 30 seconds to make somebody laugh. Keith: Yes, no touching Noah.
Ian: I can’t wait to make you guys not laugh.
Shayne: Yeah, you’re gonna suck. Ian: That’s- that- that is it That’s how you play the game right?
Courtney: Yes. Yeah, yeah. Try not to laugh, try not to laugh. Courtney: Try to laugh, try to laugh.
Ian: Don’t laugh
Shayne: Who’s first? Noah: You guys at home, you should put water in your mouth and stand really close to your laptop screen. See if you can do it (everyone agrees) Shayne: You can do it play along! Noah: I can go first. Courtney: Okay. Yeah Shayne: You ready?
Noah: Mmm-hmm Hey there, how’s it going? My name’s Babes Taylor. (inaudible) and today, I’m selling you uhhh lasso of truth. Here we go! We go test it up on myself cause I’m crazy. (laughs) Okay. Here we go. Ah, I find the Minions movie incredibly endearing. (Everyone laughing) *spit* (Everyone laughing) Hello. Ian: My name is Hat Man. I was bitten by a radioactive hat I was given hat powers. My face covered in hats! Subtitler: Trypophobia man geez You know my Uncle Ben once told me, when you have a lot of hats, it comes great- (laughs) great hats. (Everyone laughing) Courtney: WOOAAAHHH!!!! Subtitler: Jesus I got nothing. I don’t- I don’t know what I was gonna do. I was gonna make, like a fish smell joke about my down there. Noah: I had to swallow. I was gonna die. I just really like my friends. Like every single time, I will laugh at you guys because there’s always something. Subtitler:THIS KEITH IS ON FIRE Subtitler: Courtney Used Flash! Subtitler: Its supper effective! Shayne: What just happened? Courtney: I flashed him. Subtitler: Yeah she did Bourtney: Hello! My name’s Bourtney! I’m like Courtney, but I’m a bort. Sometimes, I like to pull fishes out of my ass. Would you like to see? Would you like to see Bourtney pull a fish out of her ass?
Courtney: Wotch her! Watch Bourtney! Oh, oh, (grunts loudly) Courtney: That’s Bourtney
Ian: You can have that one. You can have that one if you like. Would you like to eat my Bourtney assfish? Badababa Bourtney! Badbababa! I pull fish out of my ass. *mimicking guitar riff* Shayne (high-pitched): Hi, welcome to Buca di Beppo! Are you gonna be eating alone, just like everyone else here? You’re all alone here in Buca di Beppo! (laughs) Did you swallow?
Keith: (burps) Shayne: Oh my god.
Courtney: Ew It went down the wrong pipe Noah: Yeah, symptoms? Um, I guess numbness. Yeah, just mainly numbness, I don’t know. Something’s up. Yeah, no, no, no, no, no. Tuesday two o’clock will be fine. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Well, I just wanted to call because I seemed a little a little worried when I was looking in the mirror this morning. I was a little pale Okay, thank you. Alright, I’ll drink more water. Thanks, bye. Courtney: Drink more-
Noah: I was a little scared There’s nothing wrong with me Did you give up? Noah: No! No you just gave up she didn’t even call time. Courtney: She did! She did! Well then you better start shugging and jiving or something I got you back! You did get me That actually shocks me. I was like, okay, what is she gonna do? Then you were like – brought it up. I was like, ah, okay she’s getting me back. Ian almost at me, but I held on to my held on to my – I held on to my water real well. It was the voice letting at first it was everything you have to handle that But the voice was the voice came out like Michael Jackson have just died It tickled my stomach a little there wasn’t very much like it’s just soft but no I felt like you gave up brother Oh my god, that’s really rude for you to say That’s mute. Well tell you won’t tell she called time. I want to go at your call time. Yeah Saying that I’m really disappointed my friend Yeah, what up, welcome to Scottie peace karate lessons, all right now, I’m gonna break the cinder block with breaking it’s hard Yeah Alright alright You ready surprise They said it couldn’t be done they said it would never they said oh She doing the splits no, she’s breaking her back Here’s your salad, would you like some chocolate cake? Hey boo Kim FOBT Kourtney stop Welcome to channel 231 if you have DIRECTV, this is Food Network’s Little dry kind of like cinnamon candy Underneath silence is a very serious segment. Okay And now a 15-second reenactment of JFK 16 seconds before he was assassinated Hey hear that noise Welcome to buca de beber. That was our little champ Avery and after men We really like brings in the Italian sort of mood to bed. Here’s a lady. She’s fastening She might be dying. Who knows but we just bring around – she has fun All right. No. Are you ready? I’m ready fill your mouth Hey, I wonder if you could do my type before Picture on Twitter later You guys are psyched The commitment level is insane Keith’s running through you know what it wasn’t his turn just cuz you don’t see his face but his face is just like Panic Why is it like that Courtney’s commitment that first ball actually looks like it her I know it’s just a psycho Ian’s but it was really really good. I was like it hit me and I almost laughed in the first two seconds But then I was able to like hold it. Yeah, but I was like, yeah the commitment levels insane You guys are psychopaths Ian’s turn to go Yo, what’s up, dude? Oh not much dude, what’s up with you? I’m just I’m just sure thumbs chillin Oh Oh sick dude, that’s what sounds sick Yeah, it’s pretty tight What are you doing Whoa, see somebody just asked me if was I safe look at me Don’t that look safe. Look you got to look up at me do one looks like the other crazy Let me know Dude your eye does not look okay Don’t give up again. Yeah Thanks so much for watching guys. Try not to laugh. We tried really hard this time. Thanks for having me guys. Thanks to you Yeah, love you guys too. This is insane. We all heard on the inside. Yeah a little bit. I’m on the outs I felt like 40 cars. Yeah, that’s true core. You should probably see the doctor Oh see you next time. Yeah No corny corny

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  1. Olivia was doing super fun stuff in China when we shot this, but she'll be back in the next one. Who else should we invite on in the future?!

  2. Every try not to laugh that shayne is the one in the chair in the end he says

    “You guys are physcos” littarly always 😂

  3. Keith is cheering because he has a very little amount of water in is mouth and the others fill their mouths

  4. Nobody:

    Actually no one:

    Shayne: you guys are psycopaths. (In almost every try nt to laugh , he says that state ment)

  5. 3:19 Are we just gonna ignore what happened cause that was hilarious.

    Keith: swallows water
    Shayne: “Did you swallow?”
    Keith: burps
    Keith: water magically pours from his mouth

  6. I just like to say that I say ‘take that to the bonk’ all the time now courtesy of Courtney Miller. Thank you.

  7. Try using carbonated water instead of normal water so that it's harder not to spit out the water edit: it's a suggestion, it's gonna make it way harder

  8. At 0:47 seconds I put water in my mouth and then I grabbed my iPad and I put on my face I’m stupid…😂😂😅😅😅

  9. Courtney: Help send help..) Me: Okay. calls the popo I explain) Popo: This happend years ago goodbye, *hangs up) Me: SCREEEEEEeeeeEeeeEeeEEEEE

    Jafar: don’t touch anything only the lamp when you get it give it to me😈

  11. I had milk in my mouth and in the beginning of the vid Shane made me spit my milk all over my dog Lego he a yorkie

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