Triangle Choke Masterclass by MMA Expert Oliver Enkamp

– Hey guys, welcome to the video, I’m Oliver Enkamp,
professional MMA fighter, and black belt in Karate, and today we’re gonna go
through the triangle choke, and with me today, I have my brother Jesse
Enkamp, the karate nerd, so let’s get right into it. Say, you get down on the ground, either you got knocked down or you opponent threw you down, and he’s following you down on the ground, so the first principle
you need to know here is that you gotta make
space in between you, what most people do is this, hold on to the guy, but now I’m actually holding
his weight on top of me, which makes me more tired, this might feel safe because
he can’t punch me right, but it’s gonna make me
tired while he can rest, and the longer I’m staying
here, worse for me, so instead my first reaction
when I hit the ground should be to make space and get
my legs in between us, and if we fall down like this, my knees will be closer to my
body than my feet, obviously, so I will start getting my knees in, and then I can work my feet in, okay, from here I would just kick
him away and stand up right, but maybe you don’t have that opportunity, if he’s very strong or attached
to you with a strong grip, so let’s say I managed
to make some space here, get my legs in between, but he still keeps coming at me, so what we’re gonna here is we’re gonna work the triangle choke, because sometimes attack
is the best defense, so if he’s punching real hard from here, I might need to weather the storm so I can use legs here with
a tight guard to pull him in, and I can grab just to make
him stop punching me, right, but I can’t stay here as I said before, so as soon as I feel I’m
ready to get away and escape or maybe he breaks up, then I will open my legs, open my arms and as he reaches up to punch, on this side as see his arm go up, I will kick my leg through, this is the most important thing here, get your butt of the ground, so when I go for a triangle choke, it’s not by using my leg like, because now I need to pull him down right, so I’m what actually
doing is this movement, I’m rolling up on my shoulder blades, so a prerequisite to be
able to do this movement is to be able to do this
just in air like this, lifting your butt up and then connecting, up and connecting, so this is a good warm
up exercise you can do before practicing this series
that we’re gonna go through so you reach up and then
you connect on the way down, and really hug the heel down, up and connect, up, connect, okay, so we get down on the ground, he’s very aggressive, I’ll hold onto him, and when I let go, as soon as the first punch comes, I kick my hip up and when we land now, I’m gonna pull him in with my heel, and I grab the leg, okay. So this my anchor, okay, he’s still got this arm to punch me, so I will start moving in this
direction as soon as I can. From here, I want to connect this foot into the back of the knee, okay, so we’re gonna connect it here, and from here, I just raise my hips, squeeze my thighs and I
pull his head down, okay, so this forming a triangle, and that’s why it’s
called a triangle choke, and if you can’t make him tap here, what you might have to do, is to get this arm tied
across his throat like this, so I will simply raise my hips up, and push the elbow here, you see now it’s super tight
around all areas of his neck, and from here I can just squeeze the head. From here, I pull him in with my leg, don’t reach for him like this, because your gonna reach
into the punches, all right, so keep your guard tight, cross your legs, pull him in like this, and then from the inside, you grab, see I don’t reach from the outside because now I’m getting punched, I’m keeping a tight guard, so my arms end up on the inside of his, and now I hug from inside and out, an O rook here and grab his head here, but if he pulls out this arm to punch me, that’s when I go, that’s my timing, and when I land now, I hug my leg, okay, to make it even stronger and really get his arm across the throat, I can use this leg on the ground to create a little angle, this will also help me
if I have short legs so I might not reach the
back of my knee here, maybe I’m just coming to my calf, so to make it tighter, I can push the ground
to get a better angle, and now I would reach it, you see, so we get the triangle here, I can raise my hips and push his arm over, now it’s even tighter. (upbeat music) So let’s go through some
trouble-shooting now. If I manage to get a triangle choke, and he hugs my leg like this, you see there’s space here now, he got a pocket of air, so I won’t be able to choke him, and if I don’t have strong enough legs, maybe he’s a big muscular guy, he’s got big shoulders, he can lift me up or he
can punch with this arm, so I can still do
something with this side, so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna stick
this arm to the thigh, like this, I just push it here, and I will open my legs, in
the same moment I open them, I would push his head away, and swing my legs around like this, see, I got his arm stuck tight, keep this elbow tight, okay. From here, I just take
my arm and simply sit up, now I got a shoulder lock instead so I raise my butt up and get all the pressure
on his shoulder joint, so what I’m basically
doing is taking his hand to the back of his head. We’re here, I got him tight, and he pulls up to punch me, kick through but raising my hip, when I pull down I grab my, my leg, okay, I use this foot on the ground
to create a little angle, makes this grip easier to
get and the choke tighter but he grabs my thigh, so I can’t choke him here, because he has a pocket of
air and he’s real strong, so again I will push
his head over here now, because he has this arm so it’s to the opposite side of his grip, I will open my legs, make
sure this arm doesn’t get away so I push it against my thigh, and look what happens now, when we turn, instead
of pushing, I’m pulling, so I’m just keeping the pressure with his arm against my thigh, so from pushing to pulling, you see, and this elbow needs to be tight here, now I can use this hand to sit up, and I can either go
for that shoulder lock, remember to have this 90 degrees, okay, if it’s up here, you don’t feel like it’s working, because it not real pressure
until I get very far, but if I got it here 90 degrees, look now, much faster right. (upbeat music) So that’s the combination of attacks. You’ve got the choke, and then you have the shoulder lock, it’s called an Omoplata in Portuguese, so defense next. I have him in my guard, I got a little reckless I punch and he kicked through, oh shit, if I don’t act fast, I’m
gonna get choked out, remember when there’s triangle choke, there’s always also an arm bar, he can just this leg over my head, and you see, overextends my elbow joint, so I need to bring this arm back, and I will put this in the
side of his ribs here, okay, as soon as I get my hand here, I will put the weight on my elbow, okay, so let’s go round here, now if I’m off balance like this, he can push me over and get a into mount, so as soon as my elbow comes down, I need to move legs to my arm, so I keep my base centered, I want my knees under my butt, so the free arm here, is gonna come under, and I will grab what I can get, maybe his pants or his shorts or something and I pull this in, so this hand replace this, I got this first, now I switch to this, and I pull so I can release the first arm, and hug his knee instead. So I’m climbing down
his leg more and more, now this arm is the active one, so I release the first one and I can just push his
leg away and get out, so this needs to be
practiced step by step, and be done a thousand times, before you can actually hit in sparring, so I’m stuck in triangle here, remember, the arm bar is always there, so get your hand back if you need to, you can use your other hand as help, put it in his ribs, and then put all the weight on the elbow, and follow with your knees, okay, so now I have a little pocket of air here, but it’s still pretty
tight around the throat, so I will take my free arm, I will grab what I can from underneath, you see like this, as far as I can, and I pull, now release the first arm, cup the knee and put my weight on it, and then I can release this arm, and wiggle it in here to create space, or push here, and I can get my head out, and now just go forward. (upbeat music) So that’s the escape step by step, so always when you practice a submission, first get to know the
movement just in thin air, so you know how to use your own body, then you add your partner, and do the attacks, then you troubleshoot,
what can go wrong here, and how do I counter his counters, and then lastly the escapes, if you’re the one doing the attacks so we got the whole kinda complete package of every technique and you don’t want to
many options in my opinion because then you might get paralyzed when get there in sparring, okay which way should I go now because you know three, four,
five different alternatives, if you have the same
path to go all the time, you have your A, B, C, you will do that instantly
without even thinking because it’s the only thing you practiced, and if A, doesn’t work you can go to B, if you don’t get the triangle choke, you go to the Omoplata, if you don’t get the
Omoplata you stand up, okay, so you have your A, B, C but don’t spread your focus too much and just practice these
till they become automatic so you can use them in a free scenario like a sparring or a grappling match. Yeah, that’s it, thanks for watching, see you next time.

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