TRAIN KUNG FU IN CHINA | Shaolin Legends Camp

What’s up everyone my name is Philip Sahagun I’m a seven-time national and three-time international martial arts champion. In my career, I’ve been featured on major projects with the likes of Jackie Chan Donnie Yen Tina Turner and Cirque Du Soleil both as an artist and a martial arts coach. This summer, I would like to invite you to journey to the heart of China, to study traditional Shaolin Temple Kung Fu. I designed this training camp to be a total immersion live in martial arts experience where, each practitioner will study for seven days inside an authentic martial arts academy. As well as journey to the world famous Shaolin Temple of China. For me, it is of the upmost importance that each person who joins our training camp gets exactly what they are looking for. Because when I took my first trip to
China over 10 years ago it completely changed my life and deeply impacted me as a martial artist. So for those you who like to get more information or who would like to register please visit and I hope to see you in 2018

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