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Looking for the best performance, as an athlete I´ve always trained with the goal of winning the medal or obtaining the title because that was what would grant me a place in the world, an image. When I met Sensei Nishiyama in a seminare that took place in Uruguay, he mentioned “Budo”. I said: but we had never done “Budo”.
We only practice and we are athletes. I realized that I had nothing…
I had to start all over again. “After gaining several world titles, Sensei Justo Gomez, seven times world champion, starts a journey into the depth of spirit,
in order to discover the value of life.” I believe that Karate in some way saved my life.
Or made me see life, made me understand things which I consider profound, as to support students who come to practice with me, from this place. “By the hand of a group of prestigious professionals,
we study traditional Karate and Budo´s highest concepts to understand the developing power of this legendary martial art.” Martial arts are breathing and movement´s control,
when a person has to control a movement, that person controls his or her behaviour.
-But in some critical circumstances an individual can react in a way that another wouldn´t.
-To release that bad energy, that frustration, and the depresion that a situation can generate to you…
-There not only did the child change but also the teacher didn´t get to change enough to understand the new kinds of troubles that we deal in a daily basis. To listen, to the other one´s desire, has also a consequence: and that is respect. I think that one develops better as a human being, as long as one can act commited to that which one speaks of. The “I can´t” is the resigned belief that many times comes along with “I don´t deserve it”… “A documentary as it has never been seen before about
traditional Karate, regarding different odds in current society. A tale that take us… in the way to essense.”

10 thoughts on “Trailer – Karate tradicional – Justo Gómez

  1. Oss!! Sumamente agradecido al karate, a mi primer Profesor Julio Chuquel y Sensei Justo Gomez. Sus palabras son tambien las mias. Karate es VIVIR. (Miguel Salerno)

  2. Estreno: El Sábado 13 de Septiembre se dará proyección del Documental en el Club San Fernando. la entrada es libre y gratuita.

  3. Una HISTORIA REAL  de una PERSONA AUTENTICA que ha vivido una experiencia única y la transmite a la sociedad para beneficio de ésta. 

  4. Conocì al gato Gomez en el Ateneo Popular de Versalles. Lo vi entrenar, ganar y hacer docencia. Un genio.Un ejemplo como persona.

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