Tourist gets a taught lesson in Thai Boxing at Pink Panther Bangkok

Welcome to Episode 3 of Dead Farang Drunk Tourist gets used as Thai Punching Bag Here we are at Pink Panther Bar Patpong Road 2, Bangkok. Patpong Road 2 runs parallel to Patpong Road, home of the famous night market. Patpong has changed over the years. I first visited there in 1997 as a 17 year old……..fortunate enough! Anyway, this guy decided he wanted to take on the Thai guy, so he hoped in the ring Anyone can fight the Thai guys in the ring. It’s a good idea to set out the rules before hand. Generally there is no head punching, no kicking, no knees, no elbows. Although i have seen some good fights in this Pink Panther Bar between Foreigners and Thai’s. That boxing ring there is actually a make-shift ring. That’s just the dance floor in the middle of the bar…basically. What they do is remove the seating and the dancing podiums Lay out so cushions Put down a bit of carpet and set up the ring. It’s about 2.5 meter x 2.5 meters wide. This Frenchman, he came out and i thought i was about to witness a good fight, but he failed to deliver. You can see there, he is throwing punches that wouldn’t take the skin of a rice pudding. Very disappointed. The Thai guy is just working the body. BANG! Working the kidney’s That was the only win the Frenchman had all round. The Thai guy has worked out that the Frenchman can’t really fight, he is just in there for a bit of fun. To his credit he does take alot of body blows, does not hit the canvas, and keeps his guard up most fo the time. It’s like throwing Curry Puffs at the Town Hall. BANG, in the kidney’s BANG He’s puffing! I’ve seen this Thai fighter many times over the years i’ve been visiting. One night i walked in here and saw a white guy hop in the ring. A mean looking guy! I thought here we go another exhibition fight The fight started and it was a very very serious fight. The Thai guy knew how to fight and so did the Farang and….no one was holding back. There was kicks to the head, elbows, knee’s It got to the point where the Thai guy threw the Farang out of the ring he landed on his back and head, knocked him out momentaraliy The Farang came through, woke up and realized he was in a very bad situation and discontinued the fight, rightfully. I think that was the 1st night i had ever been in The Pink Panther. Ever since i make it a priority of mine to get down there and watch some fights. Every night at 11pm they host Muay Thai fights. Generally it’s Exhibition fights, but occasiononally like tonight and my 1st night and a couple of other nights actually, you see a farang get in the ring and it’s good amusement. The Farang probably got a couple of free beers for his troubles, i’m not sure how it works. He couldn’t fight but he has more balls than me because even for the fun of it i wouldn’t get in the ring….with the Thai guy. I’d take on the Farang but not the Thai guy. You can see here they are dismantling the ring. If you continue watching the video you will see the girls up dancing in a minute or two. Pink Panther Bar is one of the very few bars that does allow recording of the Girls Within reason of course. If you have your camera out and are recording around no one will come over and demand you delete the footage. The thai guy here is asking for money I didn’t have that much on me that night so i just told him “mai mii satang” Which means i don’t have money. Call me a Cheap Charlie, Kee Neow…whatever! But i do like to spend money in Thailand. Here we go. The girls are back dancing, no time wasted. A very good work ethic by the young lady’s there. How much you give? She is saying She’s probably telling him 2000 baht bar fine A ridiculous Bangkok price. So there you have it. Pink Panther bar, Bangkok Thailand. Get down there. I do have other videos of my travels around Thailand Feel free to check them out. Like, Dislike, Share, comment on my videos, add me on facebook. Here we go…..rolling up the carpet. I hope you enjoyed this video. This has been Another Dead Farang Production

18 thoughts on “Tourist gets a taught lesson in Thai Boxing at Pink Panther Bangkok

  1. This is so stupid.  Why do these people who seem to not know how to throw a punch get in a ring with a professional boxer?  What is it they are trying to prove?  That they are a stupid-cowardly clown? O.K. yeap it most be that, he convinced me. 

  2. I would love to bring a few guys that I train with in Jiu-Jitsu and have a little fun. @Dead Farang You should train in a Muay Thai boxing camp next time you go.

  3. Great videos,Dead Farang!! I've just subscribed to your YouTube Channel and I'm looking forward to more videos! Thanks again!

  4. 1 uppercut from the thaiguy and it would be over… clearly thaidude giving a show for the money…bad for buzyness permanently hurting fat farangs

  5. Damn…. the white guy can't fight for shit. Good workout for the Thai guy though. I bet he perfectionist his left hook on that fat body, during that night.

  6. its not as if the fat fuck can even claim that "he got in there and proved he was tough". Maybe in his own mind, but all this diabetic fatty is doing is being a punching bag, showing nothing at all of any training, slow punches, and making white people look bad.

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  8. its not a fight….

    its a show.

    Thaiman keeps the westerner happy so more westernes turists will come up and pay 1000 bath to fight Orders from the owner.

  9. I cant tell if the white guy is just playfully tapping the other guy or if he is some sort of poofter and just cant even throw a punch!?

  10. Only fight in self defense . I can fight some drunk that picks a fight as I have knocked them out or made them quit but I am more interested in a young ladies tongue-fu technique 😀

  11. I were up in the ring in Pattaya and it was great fun, no injuries but we did only ordinary boxing. Came out 1-1.

  12. “Couldn’t pull the skin off a rice pudding” classic Melbourne Slang especially when talking about certain AFL players…

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