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  1. I actually do all of these to an extent, but this is still very helpful. It really helps me think more on everything. Thanks man!

  2. thanks for your great video. i had a question: is it the good way to improve my speed and my reflex if i do this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydQWmZ_fxTc

  3. there are many instructional videos on youtube, but few are as good as yours. your humble attitude and clear approach to every subject is fantastic.

  4. Thank you man thank you. You are the best you helped me a lot …it's because of you I won my first fight against a experienced boxer. Thank you

  5. Hi Jason. Most of my boxing skills actually I've learned it from your head movements and footwork instructional vids. It really brought me to a new level. But the thing you missed out I think was the breathing part. I tend to gassed out and tend to hold my breath after a few sets of combos. Please enlighten me so that I can have fun and spar longer. Thanks in advanced!!

  6. Hey JT I have started practicing boxing after watching your videos.plz plz make a video on upper cut left and right complete video. I m unable do that correctly. It pains in the back near kidney. I m from India in remote village

  7. Great advice as usual. I find doing HIIT exercises has really improved my fitness in boxing as it mimics the behaviour or Tabatta type cardio.
    Also as you mentioned doubling up the lead hand or even triple (jab, corkscrew/uppercut and hook) is effective as the opponent expects you to go left/right etc.
    I do shadow but I also see massive benefits doing slow shadow with light weights/dumbbells really focusing on technique and rotation.
    Keep them coming JT. Your vids have been a massive help for me over the years ; )

  8. I see people wearing training belts when they do boxing drills I just want to know how should I wear it? do I tighten it? does it go over the bellybutton or how doe it work?

  9. I've been boxing for three months now and all your videos and advice are super relevant! Thank you for the effort and commitment.

  10. I like this guy he makes alot of since in his videos subscribed going to try a few things from this video I swim after every workout n yes it those help your cardio big time just alot of people don't like or can't swim thats my advantage in fighting I get them in the end lbs

  11. Excelente video, amigo. Como siempre un gusto ver tus enseñanzas. Y más ahora que para los latinos que no hablamos inglés. Saludos desde México 🇲🇽👊🏾

  12. I feel that is very interesting but i cant inderstund all how you say !! It will be great if you mak a fransh suptitl 😊😊😊

  13. I think being tense is one of the biggest issues. When I relax I punch a lot harder. It's a difficult habit to get out of especially when someone is throwing punches at you. I guess experience is the best lesson you can have and slowly try to break the habit.

  14. great video 👏 👍 how many punches you think should a combo be use cause throwing more than 3 combos aren't you open for opponent to counter you

  15. Hey coach I'm 14 and I have loved boxing since I had lived in Puerto Rico for a year. Trained with some good guys but your extremely in depth videos has helped me so much more then I could have thought. When I achieve my dream of becoming one of the GOAT I'll be sure to give you all the credit.

  16. In the pocket or during exchanges, am i meant to hold my breath then regain my breathing after? Or do i quick inhale exhale during exchanges?

    Also thank you so much for these videos! Its been really informative and helpful!

  17. i have a boxing match in 4 days i have been traing with your channel since last month i dont have coach moreover i have not done sparring can i give my best????without sparring

  18. 5:08 I have an odd problem with this one. I seem to keep my hands too relaxed. When the gloves are on I seem to get subconsciously lazy about really tightening my fist on impact. Especially when I start moving faster and doing longer combos, I find myself sometimes making contact with relaxed hands and hurting my hands.
    Anyone been in that boat or have thoughts on how to fix this habit? I've tried to focus on it during shadow boxing, but it's hard to catch myself.

  19. I find myself overvisualising when I shadowbox, in that I too often focus on myself as if I was sparring. Its difficult for me to only focus on my hands, for example, if im doing hand speed or just the technique, and feel I need to get used to adding head movement or footwork/stepping, and it all feels harder to focus on each individual facet. Anything on that or should I not even worry?

  20. When you are visualising youeself, it is a good idea to look at what the pros do. You can copy some of the stuff and practice it. There is a reason they are pros

  21. Visualization is amazing ,I get into a very meditative state where I complitely detach from reality and my body,I visualize and a lot of times my arms literally quickly move of the bed without me controlling it…its amazing.I just started boxing and the coach asked me if I boxed before, I really believe the visualization helped me

  22. Me ha gustado mucho este video con subtítulos, me gusta mucho este entrenador. Gracias por los subtítulos, por favor seguid haciéndolo.

  23. Thanks alot for your hard work and how much you explain in detail this life of boxing. To add to #1 if you had a fight or a few and lost them. It's good to use that as a scene for practice and development. The fighter experiences those fights to be ready for the next encounters. You actually helped me conjure that by how your explaining your angle thank you and blessings to you and your work. 💪🏿💯

  24. I train Muay thai and we spar every single class. Its EXTREMELY similar to boxing, except kicks and knees and extended clinching are all allowed, in addition to punches(and our punches are boxing punches and boxing tactics when it comes to punches offense and defense).

    Our warm up and drilling is so intense that by the time it comes to spar, Im ready to spar at my best(usually). On thursday I cornered two of my opponents in two separate sparring matches and let landed multiple hooks and it felt good. Thought against one of them, during the first half of the match before I was able to take over, he gave my legs a battering with side kicks landing with the heel to my thighs, multiples of those; I had to move laterally and move in a neutral stance for awhile to shake off the pain and get my lead leg capable of moving quickly again. Also one of my other opponents stomped on my foot and then leaned on it to pin me to a spot for a split second; and my foot still hurts where it got stomped. But he wasnt able to land anything when he had my foot pinned. I blocked his punches.

    Your videos REALLY help Precision Striking, they help us guys who train Muay Thai as well as those who train boxing only. Because of the variety of attacks in Muay Thai its a good idea for everyone who has less than 3 years experience to focus on defense. My coach says I have both the best hooks hes ever seen, and the best guard/most effective blocking(for head shots) hes seen. Makes me feel good but I do focus on these things. I made sure to master the technique of all the things I do(whether its hooks, jabs, crosses, roundhouse kicks, teeps/front kicks, shield block, defending against all of the above, footwork, movement, ect). The only thing Im not good at and havent been able to find as much use for is extreme head movement boxing style. Because in muay thai if you F up your head movement you could very easily get caught by a kick to the head/face, or a knee strike to the head, both of which can knock you out easy even in sparring where we pull our punches(and kicks/knees). Short head movement like slips against punches are still usable though. Ive been training Muay thai, consistently, twice a week(sometimes once a week during extremely busy weeks, but mostly twice a week) for 1 year and 11 months now. I did jiu jitsu for a full year before joining muay thai. I must say I love it, I enjoy muay thai/striking much more than I did grappling/jiu jitsu. Lotta cowards in jiu jitsu. And the atmosphere in muay thai kickboxing is much more friendly, way less/zero showoffs like there was in jiu jitsu, because your gonna get punched and kicked if you talk a big game and yet suck at fighting, instead of just dominated in wrestling and submitted with a chokehold like in jiu jitsu. I think everyone should join Muay thai(or Boxing) for that reason, it would make for a better, nicer population.

  25. I bough a heavy bag to work out with at home a couple years ago and downloaded your app and used your videos to work out and after your videos I have been inspired and joined a boxing gym

  26. Hey JT! Thanks for this! You are the best.
    Got a question on your second bonus tip. I got this tip from other sources to, but i find it very hard to incorporate it. The reason why it happens is that i have spent too much time on my 1-2 and trying to close that gap as much as possible! Now my right hand just comes instinctively after the jab. Whenever, i am trying to get a 1-1 or 1-3 combo, I get stuck. What should i do?

  27. I think the first piece of advice was one of the best I've heard. The reason why I think it's great is it applies to almost in sport or skill to an extent.

  28. I agree. Hands down best YouTube channel for boxing….I learn more from this guy…he's intelligent has the best strategies

  29. Hoe does pendulum step helps you move in and out?Cz we do bouncing only in training not in fights.And i never saw manny to get in an out…So why u say that?

  30. Why you don’t have millions of followers here is confusing, you are giving away gems that cost lots of money from a trainer that isn’t half as good as you. 👍🏻 thank you for helping me become a better boxer.

  31. I have seen your videos for a while, this video is absolutely fantastic.
    Thank you for, helping in improving our boxing… from a self taught boxer.

  32. Man, excellent video. Great advice. This guy knows exactly what he's talking about. It's rare to get this quality/quantity, inside information without joining a gym. Priceless.

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