46 thoughts on “Top 5 Of Future Martial Arts Legends

  1. ok video but not one of them are legendy worthy most have even fallen out of the spotlight since early 2000s try to remake this video include movie names and maybe you might get some traction

  2. All of them have a lot of work to do before they can become a legend. None of them impressed me at all except for maybe Dennis To. And that’s a big maybe..Best of luck to all of them though.

  3. To be fair, zhang ziyi is a trained dancer, not a martial artist. She’s stunningly beautiful & could still kick my fat old bloated arse into the middle of next week, but there are others that are missed off that deserved a place.

  4. There is a big difference between acting and being real martial arts fighter the actors are in good shape

  5. U should have mentioned what movies they were in so that the people that didnt see them coild look up the movies and watch…like ip man and crouching Tiger,rush hour, or the raid…blah blah…jus say in my ninja

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