Top 5 Best Chinese Martial Arts Movies

Today I’m going to show you guys the 5 most
amazing Chinese martial arts movies that will have your blood-boiling and veins-bulging. No.5 Ip Man. This film is based on the life of the legendary
Wing Chun master Ip Man, who was actually Bruce Lee’s mentor in real life. The fighting scenes in the movie are devastatingly
awesome. Kung Fu star Donnie Yen played the role as
Ip Man, who’s a soft-spoken, kind, righteous, family-oriented and patriotic martial artist,
and a complete master when it comes to combat against invaders and challengers. The movie also reflects an interesting history
that is worth watching. There are in total four Ip Man movies, which
will definitely keep you guys entertained for hours. No.4 Fearless. The movie narrates the life of Huo Yuanjia,
one of the most famous martial artists in Chinese modern history. The story takes place at the time when the
Qing dynasty was declining and western countries were invading China. International Kung Fu star Jet Li played the
role as Huo Yuanjia, who transformed from a young wild troublemaker into an upright
patriotic Kung Fu master. The fighting scenes when Huo Yuanjia defeats
those so-called unbeatable foreign fighters are super awesome. Each fight will make your heart pump faster
and blow your mind! No.3 The Legend of Drunken Master, one of
Jackie Chan’s greatest movies. In the movie, Jackie Chan played a role as
a young martial artist of drunken boxing, who gains incredible fighting ability by drinking
alcohol. Differing from more serious fighting, Jackie
Chan’s goofy boozy antics and the majestic drunken boxing moves have brought audiences
a new fresh style of Kung Fu acting. Watching Jackie Chan practicing drunken boxing
against the villains is delectably enjoyable. So before you actually practice drunken boxing,
watch the movie and don’t get too drunk! No.2 Enter the Dragon. This actually was the last movie, as well
as one of the most well-known movies, of Bruce Lee before he passed away. In the movie, Bruce Lee demonstrated various
types of classic martial arts, which just simply gives audiences a “wow” moment. The movie itself has a clear storyline in
which Bruce Lee shows his incomprehensible fighting skills. The movie turned out to be a huge success
on various levels. The truthiness and intensity of the action
scenes in the movie are unprecedented! No.1 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon was the
most successful Chinese Kung Fu movie in Hollywood with box office sales over 128 million US
dollars. The movie was a breakthrough of Hollywood-styled
kung fu movies. It does not just illustrate the beautiful
parts of Chinese martial arts, but also reveals the human nature in scenes of affection, friendship,
and farewell in a way that fits western audiences. The movie is awesome to watch and will keep
you engaged until the final fight! So, there you have it, the top 5 Chinese martial
arts movies. Follow us and we will have more great videos
for you next time.

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