hey there and welcome to get indie
gaming and to this showcase of the top twenty best-looking indie games you can
play at egx London 2019 PGX is the UK’s biggest gaming event of the year taking
place this October 17 until the 20th with it showing everything from triple-a
blockbusters to hundreds of incredible indie games and much much more so
without further delay let’s get cracking with this egx 2019 rundown coming in at
number 20 and found on the main show floor we have hollow knight silk song
which most of you will already know is the sequel to the much-loved and multi
award-winning hollow Knight as before you play as the lethal Hunter Hornet
we’re here you’ll discover new lands new powers and multiple hordes of beasts and
secrets linked to your past hollow Knight will come to steam and the
switch in 2020 up next and squashing their grapes within the ever wonderful
left-field collective which is usually my highlight area of any egx hundred
days as a winemaking management sim where every decision from the grapes you
grow to the time of harvesting and everything else within the winemaking
process all influences the quality of the vino you produce rapt in nostalgia
and tradition this looks like a fine way to unwind after a long hard day at the
office it’s coming to steam some point soon at
number 18 and another one from the main show floor no straight road brings what
the developers are calling the harmony of music and video games without using a
rhythm game mechanic here they’re talking about an action game with
similar methods to devil may cry and near automata
I really have no idea how this’ll all pan out although I intend to find out
much more as soon as I can but now at Number 17 tracks the Train Set game
comes to steam this November 14th it certainly reminds me of my Brio trains
that’s when I was a boy and it comes with a variety of game modes and free
play where there’s plenty of things to keep any model railway fan happy for a
long time at number 16 and next that we have yes your grace
here is a kingdom management RPG where your decisions as king have profound
effects on your subjects everything you do and decide impacts those of your
kingdom and remember not everybody has your or your kingdoms best wishes at
heart heading on back to the left-field collective at number 15 we have Reiki
this is a minimalistic isometric puzzler which is out now on iOS here you move a
rubber ball around the level from beginning to exit while navigating logic
puzzles to progress it’s one of the better puzzle games out on mobile of
late and comes without adverts or any of the usual trash normally associated with
mobile gaming that number 14 kung fu Jesus or is it hath loosed is labeled as
a genre busting action-adventure fighting game unlike any other coming
from folks who worked on disco Elysium janila clue and crossing souls it’ll
offer an intense martial arts led experience and is set to come to home
PCs via steam at some point next year now fans of the channel will know I love
my couch co-op game and at number 13 we have moving out which can be found
within the rezzed arena reminding me something similar to overcooked here you
get involved in all manner of house moves and relocations with it coming to
steam and the switch in 2020 this all looks proper bonkers and might be one of
the show’s hidden highlights at number 12 were headed back to the main show
floor with we Gaea the work of a single developer with it coming soon to steam
and all of the major consoles this 2d pixel art game sees you pull off
devastating combos Heena it combats in a strange and mysterious
environment coming up now at number 11 across the grooves is an interactive
graphic novel here you play as Alice within an unremarkable life until one
day her ex-lover comes back into it by way of an old vinyl record when Alice
takes it for a spin on her turntable she’s taken back into her past and
forced to go over and relive old events when arriving back in the present her
reality has changed it’s a journey of self-discovery and adventure and can be
found within the left-field collective that number-10 a ton of feathers is
something I first saw back in April at the rezzed event in London I’m keen to
see more essentially you play through multiple novellas with it examining
creativity and loss and the medium of games themselves it’s the first and only
VR game to feature in this countdown and comes from the legendary bendlin Otto in
what’s being called his last planned solo project at number 9 welcome to elf
comes to steam next year where you play as Frigg a young and carpenter
travelling to the island of elk to undergo an apprenticeship she’s used to
the hectic life of a city to how she will cope in the tranquil surroundings
of the island with few young people and no internet well that’s what we’re going
to find out everyone you meet has a story to tell in what at times are dark
and harrowing experiences full of mature adult content but don’t let that put you
off I’m thinking welcome to ELQ could turn out to be something rather special
at number 8 in eldest Souls we have in what the developers themselves are
calling a pixel art Souls like RPG where the player explores our vast forgotten
Citadel in search with the imprisoned old gods stuffed full with NPCs quests
and mysteries to uncover with a fast and deadly
combat success is said to come to those favoring a bold and aggressive playstyle
at number six bird of passage is essentially a ghost story that sees you
travel around Tokyo after sunset or with indifferent taxi cabs it’s essentially a
narrative game with beautiful art style and elements of Japanese history all
written together with clever and conversational dialogue at number seven
and one of the visually most striking games on display at this year’s egx
recompile as a Metroidvania inspired hacking battle adventure where you take
control of an AI program and try to escape its deletion I got to see this at
Gamescom and found it a fun if and little frantic game in places however it
should appeal to many with its shooting on to steam next year in 2020 going into
the last five we begin with Paradise killeth which is a free-form open world
first-person exploration game you’re here to investigate the mass murder of
the island’s ruling council by assembling the evidence in any order you
wish paradise killer also comes with a fully
interactive story and features plenty of cryptic puzzles including an alien long
dead language which you need to learn sounds interesting I can’t wait to play
at number 4 in row key we have an adventure game inspired by Scandinavian
folklore with it being a dark fairy tale underpinned by a touching narrative with
an alluring art style that seems to create a feeling of menace and yet
provides enough of an atmosphere to underpin the overall exploration
you play as Tova she goes on a journey to save her family all in within a world
steeped with creatures that shouldn’t exist this comes at TBA on to home PCs
and the Nintendo switch at number three al Euler has me really
rather transfixed it’s a stargazing gardening game with
the central tenant about knowing what it means to be alone in the universe it
uses constellation based puzzles and sees you growing plants and you’ll also
be able to decorate your island into a wholesome and lush space you’ll also be
able to join a digital communist and connect your creations with others in
space and time this year’s egx best looking indie game runner up is
skatebird which comes to steam in 2020 and yes that’s right here we have a cute
looking bird in there skateboard you’ll explore plenty of bird sized skate parks
while using the simple and familiar control system while it’s clearly
nothing too serious I really love just pretty much everything about it it looks
so wonderfully silly and very perfect for playing in moments where you just
want to have some fun without having to think too deeply at number one in what
really is my most anticipated game of the show circuits superstars as a
top-down physics driven racing game out next year on Steam and all of the
console circuit superstars will offer a huge variety in motorsport antics from
60s era single-seaters to modern GT powerhouses even if you haven’t played
these type of games before as I suspect many of you will have done so this
really should be on your list to go and see at the show and if you’re not there
be sure to check out the links for this game and everything you see in this
video down in the description so that’s it for my rundown of the top 20 games
I’m looking forward to playing and seeing it this year’s egx
I’d be hugely interested to see which ones you liked and whether you’re going
to the show if you do well I might just see you there in any case let me know
down in the comments where I read everything you wonderful people post
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I’ll see you all again here soon for more in
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