Top 10: Liverpool’s best Boxing Day games | Great festive games featuring Gerrard, Firmino and more

Firmino. Emre Can. Firmino again. That’s towards Benteke! They’ve found a way through now. Oh, and that throw hit the referee, and Jari Litmanen rolls the ball
into the empty net. Nicked back, Boateng. Angel. Good drive, wouldn’t come
for Vassell – Hendrie! Berger again. Lifted in towards Smicer,
great chance to win it here maybe. Vladimir Smicer gives Liverpool the lead
for the second time this afternoon. It’s going to come to Ryan Babel here, who’s isolated McEveley one-on-one. He will run at the former Blackburn man. On towards Torres. That’s lovely from Fernando Torres,
still Torres! OH, YES! First goal away from Anfield
in the Premiership. And what a way to do it. And it might break! Goal for Derby, goal for Jay McEveley. Gerrard, now playing wide left,
where there is a wide expanse of field. Around Feilhaber, might just want to do this
on his own. This is Benayoun. Torres! Gerrard – in! He has done it again
for Liverpool Football Club. Garcia. Finnan on the overlap. Crouch, to Gerrard, real chance! Steven Gerrard, 1-0 Liverpool! Crouch with the header! And it’s crept in, has it? Lucas with the header, here’s Coutinho. That’s on, looking for Sterling,
and Raheem Sterling’s in here. He’s beaten the goalkeeper,
and he scores for Liverpool. Danny Murphy with the corner, and it’s Sami Hyypia! Oh, it’s a towering header. John Arne Riise. Time to measure a cross. Oh, what a goal! It’s a lovely header
by Florent Sinama Pongolle. Harry Kewell. Hyypia being
closely watched by Emerson Thome. The header! Oh, it’s three of the best headers,
and it’s Vladimir Smicer. This is Insua… And Gerrard’s arriving – brilliant. Agger. Aurelio. Lucas is arriving. Yossi Benayoun… delivers Liverpool what surely
now will be the three points. Off the body of Karl Henry. Mane with the first touch,
Pieters picks up the pieces. Decent ball. And it’s in, it’s Jon Walters. That’s Origi. It’s a really good ball,
has forced Mane a little wide. But he’s isolated Martins Indi.
That’s towards Lallana, who’ll go again – and score! Here’s James Milner, little bit of space. Firmino, still Firmino! It’s in, it’s Roberto Firmino for Liverpool. This is Henderson, and the ball is for Origi, and Origi across the face of goal.
It’s turned in by Gianni Imbula. Shawcross, oh, it’s a terrible ball,
here’s Daniel Sturridge for Liverpool. And his first touch, coming from the bench,
is to make it a rout for Liverpool. Liverpool lead,
Albert Riera left totally unmarked. This is Steven Gerrard, they’re backing off.
Robbie Keane’s in here… Two in two for Robbie Keane. Liverpool are not resting on their laurels, because the goalkeeper immediately
sets them off on the break. And this is Alonso, and this is Benayoun,
and this is Keane, and that is absolutely magnificent. Gerrard – great run by Riise! 17 minutes gone, Liverpool take the lead,
John Arne Riise the goalscorer. Riise. Sinama Pongolle! It’s two! This time it’s Gerrard.
It’s three, it’s another for the captain. Lovely little chip forward, and look who’s
coming in at the back post again! Antonio Nunez for Liverpool. They’re coming
in from all angles, including, inevitably…

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  2. Rafa did a lot of good things for the football club, but I will never forgive him for selling Robbie Keane in January '09, half way through our best ever chance of winning the Premier League. Scandalous decision.

  3. That Mignolet mistake against Stoke looks very similar to the one against Arsenal recently. According to Klopp, Mignolet hadn't done what he did against Arsenal ever before in his career. 3:56

  4. While Salah helps all the players to score goals no one helps him in that no one passes him and the coach gets out of the middle of the second half. Any team in the world will be better for Salah than Liverpool

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