[MUSIC] No, KO, looking to take it high-risk. Will it pay off?>>Shane’s on the ladder! Shane’s on the ladder! Kevin Owens on the top rope with
Shane McMahon out on the ladder! [NOISE] And a frog splash threw
Shane through the ladder. [SOUND]
>>This city only has one king and it sure as hell is not LeBron James.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Is that what you think?>>Yeah, that’s exactly-
>>It doesn’t matter what you think!>>[APPLAUSE] [SOUND]
>>Reigns able to fight out. Superman punch!>>But wait a minute,
here comes Luke Harper.>>Bang, what a clothesline by Harper!>>And this is still all legal. No disqualification in a lumberjack match.>>Daniel Bryan takes out
Harper with a running knee. And now it’s Erick Rowan. And a spear by Reigns. Cover.>>Two, three.>>Reigns wins. [SOUND]>>Here is your winner, Roman Reigns.>>Classic Charlotte as she
takes out Sasha and Bayley.>>Never afraid to sacrifice her
own body to take down a foe.>>Charlotte takes down Bayley! Bayley with nowhere to go. Charlotte setting up first with
the figure four made famous by her dad. Now she bridges into
the figure eight submission hold of the Smackdown Women Champion,
Bayley taps out.>>Here are your winners by submission the Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch and
Charlotte Flair. [SOUND]
>>And now Strowman>>Uh-oh.>>Scooping up Ziggler
slamming him to the mat. And here’s the cover. Pull on the leg on Dolph and
Strowman and Company with the win.>>Here are your winners, heavy machinery,
The Miz and Braun Strowman.>>Pretty impressive victory for
Strowman and company. [MUSIC]>>Woah, wait a minute.>>Wait a minute, where’s Fury going?>>This isn’t your world Fury.>>[NOISE] Well, massive security not
allowing Tyson Fury to get to the ring and Braun Strowman. Fury was livid with what
happened earlier tonight. [NOISE] [MUSIC] My God from behind The Fiend. [SOUND]
[MUSIC]>>The Fiend Bray Wyatt just
threw Rollins off the stage. [SOUND]
>>One last gasp for KO.>>No no no no no no.>>My God, Shane trying to hang on for
dear life. Power bomb under the ladder.>>Can Kevin Owens unclip it? He does. [SOUND] Shane McMahon’s terminated.>>Here is your winner, Kevin Owens.>>I can’t believe it. [MUSIC]>>Hey Shane, [COUGH] You’re fired.>>[APPLAUSE] [MUSIC] [SOUND]
>>And Brock Lesnar,
quickly with Kofi Kingston and an F5. An F5 by Lesnar, here’s the cover. We got a new champion. We have a new champion.>>Here is your winner, and the new WWE Champion, Brock Lesnar.>>Sudden impact by the beast.>>No.
>>Rock and Becky going right after Corbin. Becky and The Rock working in tandem.>>And The Man getting it involved,
with her patented leg drop. And here it comes! The most electrifying move in all of entertainment, the people’s elbow! Followed up by the rock bottom.>>[APPLAUSE] [MUSIC] Luke, that’s not, my god it is! [APPLAUSE]
>>Brock Lesnar has seen a ghost and that ghost’s name is Cain Velasquez.>>Lesnar right now reliving a first
round TKO courtesy of this man.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>It is on.>>Velasquez, Delray take down and
Velasquez down with the rights and lefts to the face.>>Lesnar just covering up
>>Lesnar trying to get away. Lesnar trying to retreat.>>When the hell was the last time
you saw Brock Lesnar retreat? [MUSIC]

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