Top 10 Friday Night SmackDown moments: WWE Top 10, October 11, 2019

>>And the power of Seth Rollins here. Roman Reigns Buckle Bomb into the corner. Superman Punch! Cover by Roman to win the matchup and
a first pick of the draft for SmackDown. But Rollins able to kick out.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Uh-oh, what’s Woods got in mind?>>Woods gonna fly,
takes out Anderson and Gallows.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Corbin trying to make it to the bottom rope. Gable pulls him back to
the middle of the ring. Nowhere for Corbin to go,
able to roll on his back now. Jackknife cover by Gable, shoulders down,
almost had him, kick out by Corbin.>>[NOISE]
>>And Gable walked right into the End of Days.>>[NOISE]
>>And King Corbin with a hard-fought
victory tonight.>>Reigns fired up,
he’s got Rollins in his sights.>>Ooh!>>Reigns went for the spear, Rollins with
a counter, what a counter by Rollins. Cover on Reigns to win the matchup, and Roman just gets the shoulder up at two and
a half.>>[NOISE]
>>Beautiful balance by Kingston, pow!>>Trouble in Paradise, cover on Styles.>>One, two,
>>Kofi sends Styles and company packing to Monday Night Raw.>>Here are your winners, The New Day. [NOISE]
>>What on Earth? [NOISE] Bayley is slaughtering the Inflatable people, her trademark.>>Yeah, and something that’s defined Bayley
throughout her entire career here in WWE. And what Bayley’s all about,
that fun-loving persona.>>[NOISE]
>>It seems to me that it was more than
a temper tantrum after losing the title. Bayley’s undergone some
sort of metamorphosis.>>My client, Brock Lesnar, will conquer the nighmare of his past. Because, on October 31st at Crown Jewel, Brock Lesnar will conquer Cain Velasquez.>>I’ll beat you again. [FOREIGN]
>>He said, at Crown Jewel, he’s gonna give you a matching scar
on the other side of your face.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>[SOUND]>>And now, for the first pick of the first round, headed to Monday Night RAW,
The Man, Becky Lynch.>>So the Raw Women’s Champion,
the woman who beat Ronda Rousey, stays on Monday nights.>>Well,
this isn’t exactly a shock here in WWE. The Man, Becky Lynch, has been as dominant of a superstar
as we’ve had on the entire roster. [MUSIC]>>[NOISE]
>>The question is can the Big Dog do a, my god.>>The Fiend Bray Wyatt.>>In through the ring.>>[SOUND]>>[MUSIC]>>He’s dragging Rollins to Hell!>>[SOUND]>>Are you sure? Are you sure?>>And Charlotte with a Natural Selection!>>Looking to take advantage of
Bayley screaming at the official. Once again, Bayley though, rolls Charlotte
over, pins the shoulders, got her! [SOUND] Bayley win the title.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Here is your winner and the new SmackDown Women’s Champion,

100 thoughts on “Top 10 Friday Night SmackDown moments: WWE Top 10, October 11, 2019

  1. Heel Bayley is the best heel for 2019.Also I can't wait for the moment that Charlotte will takes her tittle back and becomes 11 times champion

  2. we all know bailey have to turn heel one day but her heel it bad i mean now she had no theme juat like short hair bailey not any huge and buddies any more .

  3. Can anyone provide some assistance or who I can reach out to regarding how to use the WWE Network? I find the Search command borderline unusable, especially the way I want to use it.

    I like to go back through my favorite WWE superstars and see how they progressed over the years. For example, I'd really like to relive some feuds (ex. Sasha vs. Bayley in NXT), how superstars and teams progressed (ex. Hell No), etc… Yes, it's easy to find matches, but I'm talking watching the feud build from it's start, how it progressed, the promo's, etc… For team Hell No, watching their "therapy sessions", their matches, etc… .

    I find it almost easier to find the progression on youtube, finding the date, the going into WWE Network so I can watch it in it's entirety. It just seems like this would be EASY to do if the content on the WWE network was properly indexed and you could link the indexes by superstar. It seems like they tried to do this, but still not very well. (Or if it is done well, I don't know how to use it.)

  4. so how long before Bayley starts wearing a blue bandanna, Showing some ink and speak with a spanish accent? Just wondering.

  5. The wwe is making the boss and bayley to turn heel from fans and makes Charlotte who deserve nothing abd becky more superior

  6. Ok Bayley, for the millionth time, stop calling me, even though you're a hot babe, I don't want to go out. No means No.

  7. Good bayley should’ve never lost the title Charlotte flair doesn’t even do anything to qualify for a title other then being the daughter of ric flair yes she’s an amazing athlete and yes she is a championship caliber wrestler but did she really earn any of her last 4 title shots?

  8. Bayley it's about damn time. Come on WWE you know how wrestling works, I don't have to tell you this. When a babyface gets stale you make them heel.

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