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Professional boxing draws in attention like almost no other sport and millions of people worldwide pay money to see their favorite fighters in the ring It’s not surprising that professional boxers belong to the worlds highest paid athletes to the world’s highest-paid athletes. But how much do they really earn throughout their career? In this video I present to you TOP 10 richest boxers of all time! The numbers in this video represent their earnings throughout their career and are not a reflection of their current finances. Felix ( Tito ) Trinidad kicks off this list at rank number 10. The Puerto Rican ex pro-boxer held in an 18 year spanning career between 1990 and 2008, multiple world titles in 3 different weight divisions and with 6 years 8 months and 14 days currently holds the record for the longest reign as welterweight champion. In 2000 the Ring Magazine presented him at rank 30 of the top 100 hardest punchers of all time. And 2014 he has been inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame Some of his career highlights were his fights against boxing legends such as Pernell Whittaker Pernell Whittaker, Bernard Hopkins, Oscar de La Hoya and Roy Jones Jr. He cashed in another 15 million dollars in his las fight against Roy Jones Jr. Before hanging up the gloves. His career earnings are estimated to be at 85 million dollars Rank number 9 is held by the ukrainian ex heavyweight world champion Wladimir Klitschko. For years he reigned at the side of his brother Vitaly Klitschko over the heavyweight division and was feared by most of his opponents for his incredible punching power. While his reign over the heavyweight division oftentimes gets overshadowed by the lack of quality opponents at that time Nobody can deny that he, despite these circumstances was one of the most dominant and best heavyweights of all time. Up until now, he holds the records for the most victories in heavyweight title bouts, the most victories in title unification bouts and the most consecutive defenses of his unified titles. Besides various endorsements by big brands such as Mercedes Benz, Hugo Boss and S.Oliver he was able to make another 15 million dollars in his loss to british heavyweight superstar Anthony Joshua. And his career earnings are estimated to be at 110 Million dollars. Mexican superstar Saul Canelo Alvarez holds as the youngest at the age of 29 holds as the youngest at the age of 29 rank number 8 on this list. Since turning pro on Oct. 29th 2005 he fought many high ranked names and was able to build a boxing record of 52-1-2 52 – 1 – 2 Although he was able to make 5 million dollars in his career highlight fight against Floyd Mayweather back in 2012 that’s nothing compared to the numbers hes cashing in now. 2018 Canelo Alvarez sighned a 11 fight 5 year contract with streaming service provider DAZN Guaranteeing him 365 million dollars. He cashed in on 50 of the 365 in 2 out of the 11 fights early in 2019 Currently he’s standing at earnings as high as 120 million dollars With another 215 million dollars that will reach his bank account in the next few years he is soon to be one of the highest paid athletes of all time. Naturally with that much money he can easily add a 2.3 million dollar Bugatti to his humble 8.3 million dollar car collection. If you like this video don’t forget to subscribe to the channel! Coming to rank number 7 Lennox Lewis The once undisputed king of heavyweight division fought almost every big name in the sport in a career between 1989 and 2003. In his fights against boxers such as Evander Holyfield Vitaly Klitschko, Razor Ruddock and Mike Tyson he proved everyone that he was at the top of boxings food chain. Anyone who stood in the ring with Mike Tyson could be sure that the money would be good. Tickets for his Knockout win over Mike Tyson were sold at an average price of 2400 dollars and the fight raked in a revenue of 120 million dollars. At the day of his retirement his earnings were estimated to be at 130 million dollars. Rank number 6 holds the first boxer ever to ever reach 100 million dollars in earnings Although Sugar Ray Leonard fought shortly before the really big earnings in boxing, In addition to his various fights against legends such as Tommy Hearns, Roberto Duran and Marvin Hagler he was able to make massive amounts of money with endorsements and appearances in TV Shows and as the first boxer ever surpass the 100 million dollar earnings after losing the last two of his 40 professional fights he decided to quit boxing and is still regarded as one of the best boxers of all time he retired with estimated career earnings of 161 million dollars on April 1st. 1997 Part 2 of the list at rank number 5 is started by Evander Holyfield. One of the last American heavyweight champions in the new millenium known to put relentless pressure on his opponents and never take a step back. Active for almost 30 years in professional boxing he also stepped into the ring with almost every big name that there was at that time, such as James Toney, Lennox Lewis and Mike Tyson. The Ring Magazine named Holyfield vs Tyson as the fight of the year. Holyfield made 42 million dollars in his two controversial fights against Mike Tyson. Additionally, he profited from coca-cola commercials and published his own video game on the SEGA Genesis console. His career earnings are estimated to be a 300 million dollars. Rank number 4 is held by one of the most exciting boxers of all time Almost no other boxer fascinated the people like he did and no other like him was loved and feared at the same time. Mike Tyson still belongs to the biggest names in boxing and is responsible for many record earnings Where and whenever he fought, people paid money to watch him knocking out his opponents in a matter of seconds. He is responsible for a new way of betting instead of betting on who would win the fight you could bet on how long an opponent would survive against Tyson. As spectacular his fights and earnings were, his lifestyle outside of the ring was causing just as much stir and he loved to spend his hard-earned money with both hands 1995 he bought a 5 million dollar, 11.000m2 mansion in Las Vegas And multiple Luxury Cars were part of his collection. Most people have dogs or fish as pets But not Mike Tyson He had a white bengal tiger as a pet, that could move freely around the mansion In his extremely turbulent career he was able to cash in on 400 million dollars and for a long time he was the highest paid boxer of all time Comfortably on rank number 3 sits Golden Boy Oscar de la Hoya. After his lightweight gold medal in the Olympic summer games 1992 He got the Nickname Golden Boy of Boxing In his 16 year career between 1992 and 2009 he became world champion in 6 different weight divisions 1995 The Ring Magazine named him Fighter of the year and he was on rank one of the pound for pound list both in 1997 and 1998 Not only did he manage to sell out his venues but he also generated worldwide over 700 million dollars in pay per view earnings Only Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather managed years later to surpass him. 2002 while still being an active fighter he founded his own promotional company Golden Boy Promotions by which he until now is profiting from the fights of his boxers such as Canelo Alvarez His earnings in the ring are estimated to be at 450 million dollars and even today, years after his retirement he is still profiting from the sport. Rank number 2 belongs to the senator of the Phillipines and at an age of 40 still active fighter Manny Pacquiao He is the only boxer ever to win titles in 8 different weight classes and is regarded by many boxing experts as one of the best boxers of all time. Additionally, he was named by the WBC and WBO as fighter of the decade 2000s and many other Awards decorate his Career. 20 million people worldwide paid to stream 25 of his 70 fights by which he generated a revenue of 1.2 billion dollars With an income of 160 million dollars in 2015 he was rank number two just behind Floyd Mayweather on Forbes’s list of highest-paid athletes While he wasn’t very active lately he is still fighting and making money as a professional boxer. In his last fight against Keith Thurman he cashed in another 20 million dollars and reached a 525 million dollars earning in his career. The nickname Money couldn’t be more fitting. On rank number 1 and as the highest paid boxer of all time is without a doubt Floyd MONEY Mayweather The in 50 professional fights unbeaten American boxer is not only the best paid boxer of all times, but is also next to names like Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods one of the best paid athletes of all time. In his 21 years spanning career, he managed to become a world champion in 5 different weight divisions Because of his provocative personality as well in the ring as outside of the ring millions of people around the world paid to see him fight Until today he is leading the pay per view records with his most sold fights against Connor Mc Gregor 4.3 million pay per views and Manny pacquiao 4.6 million pay per views His pay per views were sold 24 million times worldwide and he generated a revenue of 1.7 billion dollars. While being the highest-paid boxer of all time even before his fight against Connor Mc Gregor He was able to make an estimated 275 million dollars with that fight That’s roughly 6.9 million dollars that he earned every single minute in the fight This fight made him the first boxer ever to earn a billion dollars 2006 he also like Oscar de la Hoya founded his own promotional company Mayweather Promotions and by doing that he was able to keep most of the money he earned in his fights. Until now he profits from the success of the boxers that he signed such as Gervonta Davis Like many before on this list he belongs to the people that love to spend his hard-earned money and live an extravagant life He owns many super sports and luxury cars and multiple mansions such as his 25 million dollar mansion in beverly hills and his 22.000qm2 mansion in Las Vegas These were the TOP 10 richest boxers of all time. If you liked the video, don’t forget to like and subscribe to the channel.

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