Top 10 Boxing Games

Yo, Yo, what’s up game fans, or should I say
boxing fans over the world? In this video, I’m going to be reflecting what I consider
my best boxing games of all time. Okay, let me jump on a bandwagon of the boxing hype, considering the Mayweather and Pacquiao fight is shortly approaching, I’ve thought: What
better way to reflect over the best boxing games of all time, that I have ever played?
As far as sports games are concerned, boxing games certainly bring one of the finest competitive
thrills when it comes to that genre. I have been fortunate to have been around the
majority of the best eras of gaming, so I have played a lot of boxing games over the
past 20 years, so this list is definitely competitive. I must admit though through all
these gaming eras, it is pretty difficult to pick a top ten as there would be some good,
some really bad boxing games that have been released over that period of time, so it was
hard putting this particular list together. I have tried my up-most best to stop putting
multiple games within a series to allow for a more varied list but some of the games are
so exceptional from the same series, I’ve had to put a couple in here. Anyway, no more
chit chat, let’s get to it, let’s put our gloves on and review what I consider my top ten boxing
games of all time. Taking the number 10 position is Victorious Boxers: Ippo’s Road to Glory.
For me Victorius Boxers: Ippo’s Road to Glory is an insane boxing game, it bases it’s style
on Japanese manga and therefore is extremely cartoony, as cartoony and humorous this game
is, I must admit that this is no Ready 2 Rumble and no Punch-Out, but nonetheless
it’s still an entertaining game. What I personally love about Victorious Boxer is the game mechanics
and the way the controller feels when you play, the game mechanics is just awesome,
the way the controller is set, it makes it feel like a real boxing experience, in comparison
to the big boxing games out there this is surprisingly a good look, considering that
this game was released my than fifteen years ago, back in 2000, on the PlayStation 2, it
is still a great game to reminisce over. Taking position Number 9 is Wii Sports Club: The
Boxing Game. Okay, I thought that this was a little weird putting this on the list, and
I suppose you don’t count it as a serious boxing game, but at the same time it is probably
one of the most fun you’ll get whilst trying to keep fit. Wii Sports Club: The Boxing Game,
also has a great competitive edge to it, which is essential in boxing game genres, in comparison
to the original Wii Sports Boxing that was released back on the Wii, the Wii Sports Club
version offers an online mode which I feel is a fantastic feature as you now get the
opportunity to compete with people across the globe. The whole Wii Sports Club game
is superb, but I’ll leave that for another video and another review another time. Stealing
the number 8 position is Greatest Heavyweights released back on the Mega Drive, back in the
days. This was a classic game on the Sega Mega Drive, me and my cousins spent countless
hours battling it out on the Mega-Drive. Even though this is a dated game, and was released
over 20 years ago, it still brings back some great memories. Originally I had the Hollyfield
version of the game, in this particular sport, but Greatest Heavyweight brings way more to
the table than that game did, the game played on the Mega Drive of a boxing game is just
simply superb. If you reflect on the graphics, the gameplay, the music and even just the
game mechanics from back in those days, you have to really respect what the developers
were able to do with the technology back then. I definitely respect this game and it’s definitely
a blast from the past. Taking the number 7 position is Super Punch Out on the Super Nintendo.
How on earth can I ever create a boxing top ten list and not place this classic on there.
All who ever owned a Super Nintendo, can relate just how great this game was. It is a compliment
to the original NES version which we almost agreed is a classic in itself. Super punch
out has some of the most insane opponents you will ever encounter in a game, the likes
of Piston Hurricane, Bear Huggy, Mr Sand Man, and Super Macho Man is enough to amaze you.
All in all, this game made me a proud Super Nintendo owner and will always be remembered
as a Super Nintendo Classic. Taking the number 6 position is Knock out Kings 2001, the Knock
Out Kings series certainly brought the boxing genre back to life, and for me, Knock Out
Kings 2001 was unreal. The realism of each character is what really got me for this game,
the characteristics and personalities I thought were really well conveyed. When I first played this game,
I had to take my hat off to EA as the small details was well defined, such as the arenas,
the amount of characters to pick from and the tournaments you can fight in. Graphically,
it was a great game and a must play for all boxing fans, the amount of game modes that
was found in this game, just amazed me. Definitely a classic, definitely a big boxing game. Stealing
the number 5 position is Rocky, I absolutely loved this game on the Nintendo GameCube.
I know it got released on a few other formats but I had this game on a GameCube as a massive
fan of the Rocky Movie playing this game brought back so many awesome memories. In addition
to the superb story mode, the game mechanics was fantastic. The gameplay was also another
thing that amazed me and how smooth and fluid this game was, was just so crazy. The training
mode is so epic and fun and I never thought auto-train would be so much fun but trust
me it feels like a sense of achievement when you’re training in this game. All in all this
is a superb boxing game and I’m glad I had the privilege of playing this game. Taking
the number 4 position is Fight night Champion, this is probably the last decent boxing game
that I have played and for this being released back in 2011, shows that we are in need of
a new fight night or even a boxing game as a matter of fact on the next gen. This game
has absolutely everything you need in a boxing game. The story mode is excellent, even through
Jack Frost was a pain in the neck in the last fight. The career mode is another fantastic
feature for those that haven’t even played this game I would suggest you would try picking
this game up even though you’re a few years late, it’s definitely still fun to play today.
This game is a compliment to the fight night series and definitely a game that you can
still have fun playing in the next 5-10 years. It’s a, trust me, brilliant game. Taking the
number 3 position is Ready 2 Rumble Boxing. No-one can deny that Ready 2 Rumble series
is the game that brought fun and excitement into the boxing game genre. The fact that
there were super finishing moves with every character just brought the game to another
level. This to me is a dreamcast classic and certainly deserves being high in the list
of all boxing games. People might not consider it as a serious boxing title but believe me
when I say as soon as the bell rings, the game gets really serious inside that ring.
The amount of combos is unbelievable and will have you playing for hours. Just talking about
this game puts me in the frame of mind when this game was getting promoed and not even
released yet as I was so ashtoned by what I was seeing by all the promotion this game
got. This is such a phenomenal boxing game and definitely worth the number 3 position in my list. Taking the number 2 position is Mike Tyson Punch-Out. It’s a bit controversial. I know that this game isn’t number 1 but at the end of the day, it’s my list and I’ve
got my justifications of why this at number 2. In terms of a classic boxing game this
is one of the first that definitely put the boxing game genre on the map for me. This
game introduced us to the beloved little mac and most true gamers will have fun memories
of playing this classic back in the days on the NES. This game will always go down in
History as a classic game back on the NES. This game was one of the pinnacle in gaming
and one of the reasons why I absolutely love the NES. What makes this game so amazing is
the fact that even though it’s old and some may say it’s dated but the game play is still
so addictive. All the characters are very memorable and the controls are superb. All
in all this is a fantastic game but still couldn’t steal my number 1 spot. Claiming
position number 1 is Fight Night Round 3. Fight Night Round 3 hands down is one of the
greatest boxing games that I have ever played. The reason why this game stole the number
1 position is because it is a two player game unlike the Mike Tyson Punch-Out. This game
was pretty much a pick up and play and definitely how fast it flows you get fully engaged into
the combat. The haye-makers are epic and when you counter and parry your opponent and spar
them. You actually the feel the impact, the amount of hours that I have put into playing
this is crazy and I still feel like I can give anyone a run for their money now. I feel
like Floyd Mayweather when I play this game. I have dished up a countless amount of beatings
around the globe and I don’t even recall ever being beaten but I guess I only have selective
memory when it comes to my defeats. The sound tracks, the gameplay, the arenas, the commentating
and everything is superb about this game and all in all definitely a classic boxing game
over the years. Anyway peeps, thanks for taking the time out to watch my top 10 boxing games
of all time. Please subscribe, like and comment below to let me know what your favourite boxing
game of all time is and definitely put it in the comments below with your list. And
I will definitely check it out and tell you what I think. Until next video people, peace out.

56 thoughts on “Top 10 Boxing Games

  1. Another superb Urban Gameplay video. Keep them coming thick and fast. I loved ready 2 rumble boxing and Fight Night Round 3

  2. Great quality videos man, throught out the this video i thought u were on at least 50k subs keep this up soon ull get there.

  3. Fight Night Round 3.  However, surprisingly enough, a WRESTLING game called Fire Pro Wrestling Returns ALSO had a boxing mode as well in the game.

  4. oh man wii boxing was really fun! I found a way to barely move the controller and played all games on my couch only moving wrists XD and yeah Punchout has the most memorable characters! I think them most important for these kind of sports games is to have fluid and realistic moves.

  5. This was a great list. I remember Victorious Boxers. Evander Holyfield was my Joint back in the day! Knockout Kings was legendary back in the day when EA cared about the game more than the money! READY 2 RUMBLE was sooo HARD! We usta play it and battle crazy back in the day! PUNCH OUT set the BAR! It should always be No.1 but I respect your list! You make great vids and great editing! I subbed and liked. Much Respect!

  6. I need this old Evander Holyfield's Readl Deal Boxing & Greatest Heavyweights on PS4. Plus we need new Fight Night Round or some boxing game by 2K.

  7. honestly the newer punch out is a way better version then the original, urban since it seems your a fan of that game you should definitely check it out it was on the wii

  8. Fight Night Champion is the best boxing game I've played to date in my personal opinion ,though I still love the Mike Tyson Punchout/Punchout games respectfully

  9. Man, being that Fight Night Champion was released 5 years ago we are so in desperate need of new game in the series. Especially since the XBOX One and PS4 have been available for quite some time, EA have to release a new Fight Night game for those consoles. Here's hoping they do.

  10. Boxing Legends on the SNES! The little fighter portraits would show their damage. They'd look like zombies within a minute of the first round.
    My first boxing game was Barry McGuigan's on the Spectrum.

  11. My Top 10.
    1. Fight Night Round 3 (Xbox 360)
    2. Fight Night Champion
    3. Mike Tyson's Punch-Out
    4. Rocky Legends
    5. Ready 2 Rumble Boxing
    6. Knockout Kings 2001
    7. Wii Sports Boxing
    8. Fight Night Round 4
    9. Victorious Boxers: Ippo's Road to Glory
    10. Fight Night 2004

  12. The Punch-Out series is still my favorite after all these years. A lot of people don't realize it, but Nintendo's first Punch-Out game launched in arcades back in 1983. A Year later they launched Super Punch-Out, then Mike Tyson's Punch-Out followed as well.

  13. Hello Urban Gameplay, I wanted to tell you about a game you missed. I love boxing and grew up playing video games. Not every boxing game, but I've had a game system since 84. Started with NES, didn't play much Punch-Out until much later (sadly) but I always had a love of the sport. Then I got my SNES and started renting games from the local video store……At this point you should be thinking, This guy is rambling and doesn't seem anywhere near close to telling me about the game I supposedly missed. I grew up loving video games & boxing so your video should be a sure thing but you talked so much in the intro I clicked away. I came back of course but some people won't. They say if you don't connect with the viewer in 10 seconds you've lost them….your list starts at 1:11. My humble advice….tighten up your intro like a Tyson Left Hook!

  14. Fight night champion and round 2 on the gamecube were the best. Gamecube round 2 had super punch out. Not to mention Floyd Mayweather was last on round 2 legit so you could do paciao and mayweather

  15. You forgot Ring king(arcade). and console.
    But the #1 spot should go to Punch out Wii without a doubt, along with the original.

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