Top 10 Best Boxing Gloves for Training/Sparring

Top 10 Boxing Gloves Windy Thai Style Ringside IMF Tech Twins Thai Style Venum Elite Title Gel Intense Hayabusa Tokushu Rival High Performance Fairtex Thai Cleto Reyes And Number 1 – Wining Boxing Gloves

19 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Boxing Gloves for Training/Sparring

  1. This is a very cool video! I am impressed. Although there is nothing wrong with any of these gloves, and in fact, they are all very good, there are the tried and true that have to be named. The big 3: Grant. Cleto Reyes (Listed). Everlast Pro Level (3) (These are all very expensive, but are worth it, if you are very serious). Better Value: Winning (listed), Tuf-Wear (D'Amato used these in his gym, and google Tyson training pics), Rival (listed), Title/Fighting Sports (listed, and are outstanding), Ringside (listed), Revgear (all leather, seen on too many top fighters), Lonsdale (not the easiest to find in North America, but excellent), Venum (listed), Green Hill (if you can find them used and in great shape), Adidas (leather only). There are more I can't think of, but, the video is very good! Love the special effects for a glove review! 🙂

  2. I had a few questions out of curiosity. Do you think the venum elite or title gel gloves would be best for a heavyweight when it comes to bag work and wrist support along with knuckle protection? What do you think of the lifespan of these two particular gloves? I have heard some people say they last for years and some say about a year.

  3. i don't like the title gel at all , the weight seems unevenly distributed and not natural at all , and I don't feel like im even getting that great of a protection , decent, but with those hard punches the wrist protection could be better… I have the Hayabusas mentioned and love them for heavy bag , the wrist protection is worth it but can get a little irritating if u need to take your gloves on off allot for circuit training etc. The glove itself is built like a tank and I feel like I could punch cement walls all day the padding feels great but for punching pads I have a pair of Top King I believe the 'air" ones and letme tell u they do feel like air, natural and evenly distributed , sometimes u forget they are there , and the comfort of the material and the protection is great, altho the Hayabusas have more so better for heavy bag , I feel much better with the Top King for sparring/pad work.. I had heard allot of fairtex in the past from friends and I see nothing to special about them at all .. winning s good  and also used ringside they where fairly decent as well..

  4. Hey anyone have experience with the TUFF brand gloves they have really nice art designs but seem really sketchy

  5. 10. Ringside IMF
    9. Century Creed
    8. Fiartex
    7. Windy
    6. TUF
    5. Grant
    4. Hyabusa
    3. Cleto Reyes
    2. Winning
    1. Rival

    If you've ever wore rival, you'll own a pair. These gloves are solid in every way. My husband would NEVER buy anything since he started using them. They're not very expensive either.

  6. 10.twins
    9.Hayabusa tokushu
    8.Everlast MX style
    7. fairtex bgl7
    6. Grants
    5.Cleto Reyes
    4.Rival High performance
    3.Ring to Cage C.17
    2.Ringside IMF

  7. Funny to see a couple of brands that till so far i know. Aren't being sold here in The Netherlands. Brandst like Ringside, Title Gel. But my personal favourites are Booster, Twins and Venum. Hayabusa also seems great this brand is also very upcoming for allready a couple of years in The Netherlands.

  8. I thought I was about to be attacked by the Terminator or some shit. Was getting ready to call Sara Connor and ask for some mother fucking back up.

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