Tommy | Boxer: How Do You Have A Happy Life?

Losing is a part of life. You’re going to lose somewhere along the way. You can’t avoid it. We all lose in the end. Life is one big game and you’ve just got to apply yourself every single day to the best of your ability. Of course, I worry about what is going to be this time next year but the older that I am getting the more I am understanding that I can’t change what is going to be in a year. All I can do is focus on now and every day I get up and try to be better than I was yesterday. But I am also mindful that when you lose you learn because I don’t think I have ever learnt anything from knocking somebody out or winning a fight. The first fight I had on TV with Derry Mathews I got knocked spark out in round ten. I learnt a huge lesson that night live on Sky Sports. It was a tough time. When I got beat to Luke Campbell I was extremely extremely upset because I was extremely embarrassed. He comes from the West side of the city I come from the East side of the city. We all know the same people and I felt like every time I went out people were looking at me and laughing at me. And they probably weren’t. They were probably just looking at me and saying “That’s Tommy Coyle over there.” But in my mind I was looking and thinking that people were laughing at me because I got knocked out. I thought, you know what, I’m not done yet. I was a world title eliminator and I’m going to come again so I got back in training and I refused to lose, I refused to give up and I persevered. I overcame the adversity and I started training for another fight. There have been many many nights laid in bed crying my eyes out. There have been many nights where I have been dosed up on painkillers and many nights where you haven’t got the luck of the draw, somebody else has got the big fight. But you’ve just got to persevere. How do you have a happy life? You have to chase whatever it is you want. You have to be tunnel-visioned. You have to almost accept that you’re not going to get it straight away. Surround yourself with good people. With winners. And a good woman or a good man if that’s the way your sexuality is. I’m not motivated by financial success. What I am motivated by is legacy. I want to leave a legacy. I want people to say, when I’m no longer here, you know what, he wasn’t the greatest of fighters because let’s have it right I am not. But he was a good kid. I give plenty back to a community which I am proud to be from. This community has supported me not just in victory but in defeat as well. I get tremendous amounts of support and for that I’ll go the extra mile for everybody.

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