You gotta make decisions, Lara. You gotta make something happen. Watch it! Watch it! Counter-punching doesn’t work for you. You don’t have the skill. Thanks, Terry. You’re welcome. Come on, Lara! Stop dancing, start fighting. Yes, girl! Come on! Nice one, Lara! You’ve got this! It’s over. Isn’t! Then get out of it! Come on, Lara! Tap out. Don’t say it. You got whupped, girl. You got whupped. Not whupped. Okay. Not whupped. Marmalized. “Marmalized”? She’s not a freakin’ superhero. Truth is, I let her… We cool? Yeah, we’re cool. Was fun actually! Thanks. I’ll get you next time. I’ll marmalize you. You’re home early tonight, right? Yup. Catch you later. Laters. Who stole my apple? Should’ve known it was you. Why would I do a thing like that? ‘Cause you can’t afford your own. Just seen you’re behind with your payments. Terry, look, I’ll catch up on the payments,
I promise. I’ll make it up to you. Get a job, Lara. Do you think I’m dressed like this for fun? I like you, Lara. I really do, but…

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